Chapter 15

Visiting the Dead

I wondered if vampires could go into shock. Because for the last three hours, the only movement that came from this large group of vampires, was when Alice would move from having her head in her lap, to leaning it on the back of the couch. She kept her eyes closed, and every once in awhile she would let out a grunt of frustration.

After she claimed Edward had disappeared from her visions, all the vampires had come back to the living room. Jasper and Carlisle hovered around her, asking impatient questions.

"What do you mean disappeared? What happened? Is he in danger?" Carlisle asked franticly.

"Can you see a trigger Alice? What was he doing? Who was he speaking with?" Jasper pressed.

Esme and Irina held on to each other's hands as they looked at Alice. Emmett was holding Rosalie, they stayed standing by the door. Tanya and Kate were crowding around Alice as well.

Still blinking a mile a minute Alice answered, "He came across a coven in…Brazil."

"It could have been Zafrina and Senna." Carlisle said.

"Whatever they spoke about intrigued him." Alice continued. "He was considering going to Peru, until he found this coven. He decided to head to Germany and he was completely happy and hopeful, then…nothing."

Nobody had a response for that. Alice's gift had never faltered when it came to vampires.

I was consumed with worry. My heart was heavy and my eye stung with the sensation of holding back tears. I was glad I was here. I would never have known any of this had Alice never come. Confusion was running throughout my head. What could have happened? What could have been said that would erase Edwards's path from Alice's mind. And more important, what's in Germany.

I tried my best to stay awake, hoping Alice would have new information. But my heavy eyes were getting the best of me as the hours ticked by. Esme came from her place standing by the books and grabbed my hand.

"Bella, my dear, let me take you to a bed. It's no use trying to fight your sleep. Alice will get you at any moment if something new happens."

I wanted to argue, to say that I must stay up just in case of anything. But I would just end up sleeping here if I didn't go now.

"Sleep well Bella. We will all try and come up with a plan tomorrow." Carlisle said as I left the room with Esme. No one else said a thing or moved an inch.

She walked me to the 'bedroom hall' and opened the first door to the left. It was a grand bathroom, probably the size of my bedroom. Esme showed me where the towels were, and then led me to the door next to last at the end of the hall.

"This is the room Edward would keep when we come here. Make yourself comfortable, we'll see you when you wake." Her cold lips kissed the top of my head then left me to myself.

I eyed the piano in the corner of the room and imagined Edward sitting there, making music with his finger tips. The image in my head made me sigh. I miss him so much it hurt. I had really looked forward to a resolution, but everything is as complicated as ever.

The bed was nothing extraordinary, a thin twin size bed. Since no one here had a purpose for it, I could understand why it was so mediocre compared to the rest of the furniture. As I laid my head down, there was not even a moment to gather my thoughts, I was fast asleep.

Such an odd thing for me, when I woke I realized I hadn't even a flicker of a dream. I could see through the window, the sun shown bright. I assumed it must be afternoon already.

My bags were sitting on the floor near the door. I quietly walked over to them and retrieved the small book Charlie had given me. It had felt like such a short amount of time since Sam and Emily's wedding, yet so much had happened. I thought those few days ago would make a good place to start.

Pages filled up effortlessly, and I stopped when I got to this point in time.

I had no idea what kind of weather to expect here in Alaska during July. Jeans and a long sleeved cotton shirt would have to suffice. I grabbed my bathroom bag and headed for the rest room. When I was done I left my bag on the counter.

The house was very silent as I made my way to the living room. As I walked in the room, I noticed Carlisle, Alice and Jasper, Esme, Emmett and Kate sitting at the large table. There was a large world map sprawled out across the table.

Carlisle was at my side in a moment. "We have some news. I'm sorry; we didn't want to wake you. But an hour or so ago Edward returned to Alice's sight. His distant future is still gone; black I guess you could say. But his very near future is showing that he is on his way to Chicago."

I knew Chicago is where Edward was born, raised and died. "Why is he going there?" I asked.

"Tombstones. That's all I can see." Alice chimed. She was looking straight forward, eyes wide, with both index fingers on her temples.

"Yes, I believe he is going to visit his parents' graves. He still will not answer his cell phone. Rather than take a plane, he decided to run. That's the decision that came to Alice this morning. But when he is done in Chicago, his mind is still set on going to Germany. That's where it all goes blank again." Carlisle mused.

"Any idea what's in Germany?" I wondered out loud.

"No!" Alice growled "I've been trying to see that, but nothing is there for me to see! It's all black!"

"I think if we head to Chicago, leave soon, we may get there at the same time as him." Carlisle suggested. "Since he's running from South America, he should be in about Texas by now."

"He's in Monterrey, nearing the US border." Alice said, keeping her attention on whatever she seen coming from Edward.

"Alice, do you see anything else from him?" I asked.

"Yes! You. He starts thinking about you and the more he does, the faster everything disappears. All of his decisions seemed to be based around you."

Was that supposed to be tragic or relieving? He's basing his conscious decisions around me, but they are causing his future to fade away. I couldn't comprehend what this could mean.

"Well who is all going? We don't need to make an entire family trip just to see if maybe we can find him." Emmett said.

Esme spoke up. "Carlisle and Alice of course. And Bella absolutely. The rest of us would just be too many."

"Esme's right." Carlisle said. "If too many of us go it would just slow us down. Could you be ready in an hour Bella?"

"I can be ready in five minutes. I haven't unpacked anything."

"Good. Ill book us a flight, we will be off to Illinois in to time."

I was over whelmed with nervous, familiar butterflies. The anxiety of possible seeing Edward soon, was crippling.