Chapter 16

Third Stone

The rain was pouring down on the city of Chicago as our flight descended. We had a long flight from Alaska. In the end, Carlisle and Jasper came along with Alice and I. At any given moment, each of us was consumed with Alice's every move.

As Edward ran north, his decisions were few. He only thought of seeing a cemetery and then disappearing. Carlisle and Jasper were baffled as the racked their brains for a possible explanation to the mystery. Not one of us had a clue what could be blinding Alice. Although we were sure Edward was not on a path of self destruction. He was completely happy with the unknown abyss of his future.

Shortly after we landed, Alice said he was close to his destination. She wasn't sure what cemetery he was going to, and surprisingly, Carlisle had never learned that information either. So Carlisle was calling city serves to find where Edward Sr. and Elizabeth Masen were buried. They were part of Chicago's early 1900 upper class, so he was positive their final resting place would be recorded.

I sat in the back seat with Alice; her head in her hands. Jasper drove while Carlisle was on the phone.

Over the past two days, I had some what buried the pain in my chest; not sure of what to do with it. But now, as we drove through these busy unfamiliar streets, I had a faint hope. If we could just meet up with him before he made his way to Germany, all our worries could be dissolved. And I could be whole again.

I could be whole, but not complete. Jacobs absents already feels like a shadow, lingering over my shoulder, I do desire his happiness more than my own. My mind drifted back to LaPush. How is Jake feeling? Is he missing me like I miss him? Has he and Corena developed a real relationship? I'd have to call him the next chance I get.

My attention was pulled away from my thoughts when Carlisle turned to face the back seat. "We are going to have to travel quite a ways out of the city. The Masens were buried near Elizabeth's home town, in McLean County.

As Carlisle spoke I felt Jasper accelerate the gas.

In about an hour we came upon a small town. It reminded me a lot of Forks. It was so small, just one main street, one school house, and a small cop station. The only difference was, instead of large mossy green trees, they had tall wheat and corn fields.

Alice sat straight up, with a brilliant smile upon her face. All she said was "perfect timing!"

Instantly, those two words made my heart race in a sprint and I felt a cluster of butterflies swirling around my stomach. I was about to start hyperventilating, when Jasper sent a heavy wave of serenity through me. I sat back in my seat, with a smile that matched Alice.

"About a half mile west Jazz. Then take two lefts and a right. We will arrive about a minute after Edward." Alice chimed.

My love is only a half a mile away. All these months without him seem so insignificant now. I'm only minutes away from his scent, his face, his voice. Knowing he loves me, I can only hope he whisks me off my feet, tells me he wants to spend eternity with me, and gives me immortality.

As Jasper took the final turn from Alice's directions, I seen the gate to the entrance of Saint Mary's cemetery He followed the road inside the cemetery until it ended right in front of a gigantic concrete cross. My eyes searched franticly around the area. This place seemed like the emptiest place in the world. I didn't see any cars or a single person around. I got to my knees and looked out the back window.

There he was, in all his glory, standing at the far north end of the cemetery. He stood in the rain with a coat in one hand and roses in the other. He was staring down at three large head stones. His body was utterly still, as if he were one of the cement head stones, plastered permanently in the ground.

I clutched at my heart, feeling it pound harder than ever before. It felt as if it were kick started. A chocking sob escaped my mouth, and my eyes were washed up with tears. Alice rested her cool hand on my back, and I got the chills from her icy touch.

"I'd like to speak with him alone for a moment first please." Carlisle asked. "I hope you don't mind." He told all of us. Nobody objected, and Carlisle swiftly got out of the car. As soon as his door was opened, Edward snapped his head in this direction. Clearly he had caught his thoughts. Moving at a blinding speed, Carlisle was immediately by his side. I watched their every move still on my knees.

Alice was leaning forward, whispering into Jaspers ear, I paid them no mind.

My hand stayed at my heart. Every beat felt stronger than the one before. I wonder if he can scenes the rhythm of my heart?

Seconds take what feels like hours to pass while I watch the two of them talk in the rain. Edward brought his hand up to his chest, in just the same way as I had. Carlisle puts a hand on his shoulder.

I clear my eyes of tears.

After a few blinks, Edward was looking towards the car. His hand remains a fist over his heart.

They stayed talking, Alice and Jasper are still whispering. I can't hear a sound from either of them. I realized I hadn't been breathing; I inhaled deeply through my nose.

Sitting in this car, just watching them was killing me inside. "Can I go out there?" I finally asked Alice.

She looked over at me, a despite look I've never seen on her was embedded in her darkening eyes. "I don't know." She whispered. "Wait for Carlisle to come back."

I looked over her features for a moment. "What is it Alice, what's wrong?" I said, grabbing her face on both sides.

"I don't know." She nearly cried as if it were possible. "I don't know what they're talking about. But…Carlisle…is fading. Not like how Edward just went black. But he's going to make a change, or something. I don't know!"

I didn't understand what she was saying. How could he be fading? He was standing just right outside.

I looked back out over the grave sites. Edwards now kneeling down, Carlisle stared at the ground in the other direction. Just then, Edward looked up to his adopted father. Carlisle nods and walks toward the car at human speed.

Once he got in the car, Alice, Jasper and I say his name simultaneously.

"Bella." He says turning to look at me. "Go. Go see him."

All I want is to get out of this car and race to him. But I'm frozen, tears on the brink of a water fall. I'm speechless, staring at Carlisle's dark gold eyes. I can't read the emotions or expression on his face at all.

"He wants you." He stated.

My shaky hand finally reaches for the door. As if I were in slow motion, I open the door and step out.

He is still kneeling down. As bad as my heart wants to run to him, my mind is making me take small careful steps towards where he is. It took me longer than I wanted, but finally I reached him. Edward stood and turned to me.

Oh how I missed that glorious face. His eyes were a burning buttery gold. My favorite crooked smile slowly spread across his face. The white button up shirt he wore was translucent from being soaked with rain water. I could see through the shirt as it clung tight to his rock hard body.

Edward walked to me, at human speed. And with every step my heart beat faster and faster. I cried out his name when he was directly in front of me. He came at me slowly and put his hand on my heart and his face to my neck. He inhaled deeply. The tip of his nose glided up my throat, over my jawbone and into my hair. I could feel his every breath. Then he whispered so softly "Oh Bella."

My tears could not be held back then. They felt as if they were dropping fast and heavier than the rain. He took me in his arms, pulled me off my feet until our lips met.

The taste of him on my lips was intoxicating. Goosebumps popped up all over my body. His cold hands were all over me. I could feel the passion, the electricity in every touch. In that moment, I could have ripped off all our clothes and even thought we stood among the dead. I didn't care.

Soon I was out of breath, and my heart felt as if it were going to pound its way out of my body. He set me back on my feet. We stared into each other's eyes for a long moment.

"You love me." I stated.

"I do. I love you a million times more than every star in the sky." His velvet voice was music to my ears.

I wanted to ask him a million questions. I wanted to continue kissing his stone lips. But before I could speak again, he grabbed my hand and turned me around. I knew he had come here to visit his parents grave, but I was taken by surprise when I noticed who else had a resting place here.

In the middle was, Edward A Masen Sr. His tomb read, "Beloved son, husband, and father. Born December 1, 1874. Passed September 2, 1918." A single rose lay in front of his stone.

To the left was his mother. "Elizabeth B. Masen (Fredrick) Devoted daughter, wife and mother. Born April 12, 1879. Passed September 24, 1918." She had a whole bouquet of red roses on her resting place.

The third grave stone to the right had no flowers. It read "Edward A. Masen Jr. Beloved only son. Gone too soon. Born June 20, 1901. Passed September 25, 1918."

"I've never come here." Edward said. "I never wanted to see my name on this stone."

"Who's buried here? It's obviously not your body." I asked puzzled.

"There are no bodies here. Just three grave stones."