Okay. I don't traditionally write fanfiction. I read it, but I don't typically write it, only because I've never gotten so into something that I think I can do justice to the characters and their personalities. However, this idea came to me while I was looking on the internet for a fic where Ahsoka turned to the dark side of the force, but not because Anakin did and thus, this fic was born… conceived really. I hope you enjoy it. I write novels myself so I don't know how much time I'll be dedicating or spending on this, not to mention school drains my creative genius (ugh!). I do intend to finish it though, whether it takes me two weeks or two years (hopefully not that long.

This fic takes place after the Battle of Coruscant I guess and Ahsoka is sixteen. I hope this is believable but please bear with me. I don't really keep up with the clone wars series much, but I do think Ahsoka is a nice character with a lot of potential. So in case the characters seem a little OOC, that's why and I think I did okay compared to some others.

Oh and typical of my writing style, the chapters start off short, but progressively get longer as I get into the story. Oh yeah! I haven't had this betad yet so there might be a few typos. This spans through RoS, but I may do I sequel later.


Chapter 1

Ahsoka was impatient. It had been months since she had last seen her master. The last time she saw him, he was headed to the outer rim and the council had deemed her mature enough to handle a solo mission. She still kept in touch but not being about to talk to him face to face was agonizing. Not being able to see his face, his smile, the way he frowned and rolled his eyes when he had lost patience…

The young padawan shook her head as she snuck out the temple and got to her speeder. She was sure her master was at the senate building. Everyone had heard about the great battle raging above Coruscant and as soon as Ahsoka heard, she wanted to race up there and help her master, protect him if she had too. Ahsoka sighed and tried to release her feeling into the force. It was wrong for her to feel that way. She was jedi or training to be one anyway. Attachments and love was forbidden. It was no use though. She had been combating these feeling for the last year and quite honestly, she didn't know what to do with herself. She carefully guarded her feelings of course when her master was around, but that didn't make them go way.

Ahsoka loved her master. She always had, but not like she did now. She was in love. She wanted him, desired him, every aspect of him. She blushed at the thoughts and them became angry. She hated her master for making her fall in love with him without even trying, knowing that there was a chance that he might never love her back… However, there was that small chance that maybe, just maybe one day he'd return her feelings. And so she clung to that hope and released her anger into the force. Anger was a natural reaction to things, but holding on to it and letting it dominate her thinking led to the dark side.

She parked her speeder and ran to the senate building. Carefully she cloaked her presence in the force. She wanted to surprise her master. She stood a far ways off in the shadows and watched her master jump off the transport and exchange a few words with Master Obi-Wan.

She wasn't concerned about that though. All that mattered was that he was back, handsome as ever and unfortunately her feelings for him hadn't diminished like she had hoped a long separation would. In fact, her feelings for her master had intensified.

Ahsoka was barely aware of what he was saying to Senator Organa. When he looked back and stopped, saying to the senator, "Excuse me." She thought he had somehow sensed her and smiled in anticipation, until she noticed another person standing behind a pillar waiting.

Her master ran to the woman and embraced her. He spun the woman around and kissed her. Ahsoka narrowed her eyes, and silently pleaded with the force that this wasn't what she thought it was.

"Oh Ani," she gasped and Ahsoka realized it was Senator Amidala.

"Padmé," he whispered into her hair, breathing in her scent.

"It's been so long. If the Chancellor hadn't been kidnapped I don't think they would have ever brought us back from the outer rim," Anakin added.

Ahsoka glared and used the force to enhance her hearing.

"There were whispers that you had been killed," Padmé obviously shaken by just the mere suggestion.

"It's alright," he said trying to kiss her.

Padmé pulled away. "Not here."

"Yes," Anakin said. "I don't care if the council finds out we're married.

"Don't say things like that," Padmé said sighing. They both had a duty to the republic and unfortunately it had to come before their love for each other, no matter how much they hated it.

Anakin pulled back and stared into Padme's eyes. "What's wrong? You're trembling."

Padmé looked away and then met his eyes again. "Ani, something wonderful has happened… I am pregnant."

Anakin was taken aback, obviously not expecting this. Then he smiled.

"That's wonderful."

"Ani, what are we going to do?"

Anakin shook his head. "We're not going to worry about that right now. This is great news. The happiest day of my life."

The two embraced again and Ahsoka huffed. She wanted to walk out the shadows and make herself known, to let her master see her displeasure. But disciple and thinking was bred into her. So she resisted the urge and instead quietly found her way back to her speeder and sped away.

Dozens of emotions coursed through her, most prominent sadness, hurt and betrayal, and shock. Sadness because now there would never be a chance that her master would return her feelings for them. Hurt and betrayal because not only was he breaking the code, but with the senator from Naboo no less. Her master breaking the code was one thing, but the senator should know better and think for both of them. She was senator and he a jedi. Both their careers were at stake like this. At least if he would be with her and she became pregnant, there was the chance that she could protect his career by saying it was by another man.

As she thought about it though, Ahsoka didn't know why she was shocked. The signs were subtle but obvious. Whenever the senator was in danger her master made it his sole focus to protect her even though he always made it seem like it was for the good of his mission. She had also seen the way they always stole glances at each other when they thought no one was looking. Of course, the only reason she noticed was because of the stolen glances she took at her master. She supposed it was denial and blind hope that made her turn a blind eye to it instead of trusting her instinct. She had known there was something between them all along. It still didn't take the edge off the fact that they were in a relationship and that the senator was pregnant.

Ahsoka frowned. If she didn't love Anakin so much she'd run to the council and report what she'd seen, but maybe he'd tell her and maybe it wasn't as deep a relationship as she thought. It could be just some fling. It didn't seem like something Senator Amidala would get into, but she was a politician. They could fake anything

The more Ahsoka thought about it, the more she realized she could use this to her advantage if she played her cards right… She arrived at the temple and went to her quarters where she was sure her master would come to see her later as she contemplated what she could do.


Palpatine scowled. He had not anticipated the sudden shift in the force. Something had changed. He touched the force to see the future of the boy, his future apprentice and growled in frustration. Just a few days ago he could clearly see Anakin Skywalker's turn to the dark side. In his desperation to save his wife, he would turn and betray the jedi, not knowing that turning would seal his wife's fate. He would then become his most powerful and loyal servant to the dark side and his sith master. Now it wasn't so clear. Something had changed and he wanted to know what.

Palpatine manipulated the force to show him what it was and he saw Skywalker and Senator Amidala embracing in the senate building behind the pillar. Palpatine scowled. That woman was his greatest weakest and the sooner she was dead the better. However the angle changed and he saw someone spying on the couple as they embraced. It was Skywalker's padawan and apparently she was displeased by what she saw, betrayed even, but it had nothing to do with the code or the jedi. She was jealous… Suddenly Palpatine had a new vision, a vision of the Totruga pledging herself to him in return for the death of the senator and Skywalker's affection.

Palpatine came out of the vision and tapped his fingers. This was certainly a welcome development. Maybe he wouldn't be able to use Anakin's wife to turn him to the dark side completely. Unfortunately, he had forseen that he might never be able to let her go, but if he could turn his padawan and use his padawan to destroy the senator and turn Skywalker to the dark side… He smiled. Yes… That would work and in the end he would have the chosen one as his apprentice.


Author's Note: I'm sure Ahsoka seems a bit hypocritical in this a little and it was all done intentionally. She's going to wrestle with that and her feelings throughout this story. Please Review.