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(3rd person)

Finally, the destined day has arrived- the time when Hinata gets the freedom she deserved. As all the lights went out along the castle and only snores could be heard, Hinata snook out and helped Naruto shove their luggage into the carriage. Naruto made her wear a blindfold the whole journey so she had no idea where they were going. Suddenly, the carriage stopped and the sound of the hoves of the horses ceased. Hinata removed the blindfold and stared at the little cottage by the beach.

" Oh Naruto, it's amazing! How did you find it? " she asked.

" I love coming here to listen to the sound of the waves and to feel the serene breeze. One day, I found this abandoned shack and fixed it up with whatever I had or found. "

" Well, thank you for everything, my beloved! " Hinata said and she kissed his cheek.

Naruto helped her as she happily unpacked all of their belongings. Hinata folded the clothes and put them in the correct draws. Then, Naruto fed the horses and led them to the stable.

-Hyuuga Manor-

The next morning, the maids had realized that Hinata was not in her room. Frantically, they informed the king that the princess was gone.

" GONE? What do you mean "gone"? " Hiyashi shouted.

" When we went into Hinata-sama's room, she was nowhere to be found. We checked everywhere we thought she'd be at- the Flower Fields, the back garden, the library, Konoha...she's missing! " the young maid said.

Hiyashi pounded his fist against the desk with a hard thud. "Guards! Call Neji and tell him to go search for Princess Hinata! Gather the knights and tell them to search too. You, come with me..." he said, signalling for the remaining guard to follow him. There was still one person he had to interrogate.

Upon arriving at Naruto's cell, King Hiyashi stuck the key into the key hole. However, to his surprise, the key broke in half. " A decoy! " he thought, grunting.

" Hand me the keys! " Hiyashi said sternly. The guard that was stationed at the dungeon hurriedly raced over and opened the cell. Sure enough, Naruto (or at least he thought so) turned around.

" Yes, your highness? " 'Naruto' said, bowing. Suddenly, he felt Hiyashi punch him in the stomache. Poof! He disappeared.

" What the hell? A SHADOW CLONE? " Hiyashi yelled in anger.

-The Cottage-

" I guess they realized that we're missing. " [ the real ] Naruto thought.

2 weeks later...

Hiyashi continued his search, but still couldn't find Hinata.

" Hinata-chan, I'm going to the town nearby to buy some more food! " Naruto called.

" Okayyy! Please make sure you don't run into any of the guards that my father sent! "

" I know...I should be saying the same to you, my princess. " He replied as he hopped on the horse's back. As he departed, Hinata watched on as she continued dusting the shelves and sweeping the floor. 2 hours later, she heard the clatter, clatter of a horse's hooves. " Naruto? He's back early..." She looked out the window and recognized the insignia on the flag that a group of men had. " Oh no! I have to escape! "

There wasn't any time for her to run into the hidden shelter underground. Timidly, she hid inside a large chest. " Hello? Does anybody live here? We're looking for Princess Hinata of the Hyuuga kingdom! We're coming into the house to search for her! " the guard announced. Then she heard the hinges on the door snap and dishes smashed against the floor. She heard the shifting of the furniture and a crash as the table was flipped over.

For a moment, the commotion stopped...until she heard the footsteps of a knight open tthe chest she was in. " Hinata-sama, we found you! Your father is worried about you. Now come with us. " the knight said, holding out his hand. When she hesitated, he held her up and threw her on his back.

" LET ME GO! Let me go! I don't want to go back! " Hinata shouted, thrashing and struggling to break free of the man's grip. In the distance, Naruto had just finished shopping when he heard a loud cry. " Damn it...they found her! I have to go save her! "

Naruto made his horse speed up when he saw a group of men loading Hinata onto a carriage. " HINATA! " Naruto screamed, desperate to stop her from being kidnapped.

" NARUTO! HELP ME! " she screamed back. Before Naruto could run after her, a knight elbowed him in the chest. Holding his stomache area, Naruto stared helplessly on the ground as the carriage sped away from him. Once again, he has lost the most valuable person to him.

-At the Castle-

Hiyashi slapped Hinata harshly. Her cheeks grew dark red after about four impacts and her face was tear stained. " Uncle, that is enough. You're hurting her! " Neji said, looking concerned.

" Very well then, your punishment is over. Get her out of my sight, nephew. And Hinata, if you dare try to leave, you'll be spending a year in the dungeon. I'll even ask my guards to treat you like a slave. Do you understand? " Hinata nodded weakly.

" You're dismissed. "

Neji rushed over and put Hinata's arm around his shoulder as he carried her into her bedroom. " How cruel of uncle. " he thought, feeling pity and regret.

" Hinata-san, are you okay? " Neji asked.

" Y-yes, for the most part. W...was Naruto c-captured too? "

Neji punched the bed with his fists.

" He's what got you into this situation and yet you still think about him? Why don't you just stay away from him? "

" B-because Neji...I...l-love him...he's the most important person to me... "

A look of shock showed on Neji's normally calm and collected face.

" Y-you should be a-able to understand, Neji-san. I have s-seen that genuine smile y-you show when T-tenten-chan is around. " Neji paused and looked down, trying to hide his blush, then , surprisingly , he smiled.

" I guess you have caught me. However, Tenten is not a member of the royal family nor hails from a wealthy family. She is but a commoner. "

" Neji-san, I am also going through the same situation so please don't feel like you're alone. It's true that she is a commoner but let's just look at it like this: do you truly love Tenten-chan? Do you love her so much that you would accept her for who she is, instead of what she isn't? "

"...I do. Even if I broke my legs or arms or both, I would still crawl to the ends of the earth to be with her..."

" I also feel that way about Naruto-kun. "

" I see...You should rest, Hinata-san. I will be leaving now." Neji slammed the door behind him. Small tears fell from his eyes.

" Why is it that I am such a coward? Hinata-san bravely refuses to listen to her father and even in a beaten state, she still cares for Naruto and shows concern for him..." he thought. " Maybe my views on love were wrong after all..."