"Shut up, Aven!" hissed the great God of the Earth, Caius, through his teeth. Ignoring his demand, Aven, Goddess of the Air, continued to idly pick her nails and mumble on about how some little up start by the name of Achilles was ignoring her advances.

She continued: "I mean really now, here I was about ready to give him the gift of flight, do you know how many people I have given flight to? None, that's right, none. And what does he do? Spurns me to hang out with some other mortal, here I am, abandoned for someone five thousand years younger."

With a sigh Caius tuned her out and returned to the task at hand. He was constructing a city, a great city, in the middle of the freaking Amazon. Not the easiest thing to do. Especially given that the water to land ratio seemed to be a million to one. Nevertheless he we determined, Kiandra, his other sister and Goddess of Water, had to be stopped! Ever since humans had begun to show and interest in sea travel she had been throwing fits, causing storms and tsunamis, and just wreaking general havoc. Therefore it had been decided by Aven, Brant (God of Fire), and himself that she should be locked away for her own good and the good of the rest of the world. And while Aven and Brant we all for the plan, all of the heavy lifting fell on Caius' own shoulders. Thankfully the city was almost done. Now it was just a matter of luring her here. He had been toying with the idea of sinking her favorite city, Atlantis. With any luck, such an act would provoke her into seeking him out…

"Come on Caius, how long does it take to make a pit?" Obviously Aven had gotten bored with his lack of responses.

"Last time I checked earth was rather heavier that air. But please feel free to help"

"Bah, I just got the earth out from under my nails, why would I get them dirty again?"

"Then shut up." Besides he was almost… "Done!"

"Finally, I was beginning to think that you were actually serious about wanting my help."

"No, I would never ask for you to help," replied Caius, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"Good, glad we understand each other!" Said Aven as she jumped from the tree she had been perched in. "Now all that's left is its future Queen; any ideas on how to get her here?"

"I have just the thing." Caius murmured. And with a malicious smile they both vanished.