Chapter 1

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(The time is sometime between the first and second times that Naruto saved Gaara)

Temari finished cooking and set the food on the table. "Hey, Kankurou!" she called. "It's time to eat."

Kankurou came in. "Where's Gaara?" he said.

"Probably in his room still," Temari replied. "I'll go see if he's eating." She went and knocked on Gaara's door. "Hey? Gaara? Are you going to come eat?"

"I'm not hungry," he replied. Silence, and then, "Have you seen Sen?"

"No," Temari replied. "No I haven't." I was hoping you'd seen her today...she thought.

"Oh, well, like I said, I'm not hungry."

"Alright," Temari replied. She went back to the kitchen and sat down to eat.

"What? He's not coming?" Kankurou asked.

"You know how he is," Temari answered. "He hardly ever eats unless she's here. Heck, he hardly ever talks unless she's around. What do you expect?"

Kankurou rolled his eyes. "I'm just glad that Uzumaki kid managed to get through to him. At least he's not threatening to kill us every other day."

Temari gave a wry smile. "True enough, but I wish he'd eat something at least," she sighed. "Oh well, guess there's nothing to be done."

They ate in silence until a shout issued from upstairs, followed by the sound of a rather large object being thrown.

"Oh, great," Temari muttered. "That's all we need..."

Sen leaped through the trees as quickly as possible. "Damn, I'm late," she muttered. "I was supposed to be there an hour ago..." She neared the Kazekage's home when a shout reached her ears. "Oh, shit," she said and sped up.

Temari got up and was running to the stairs when she heard a knock on the door. Maybe it's Sen. Oh God, I hope so. She opened the door. "Oh, hey Sen!"

"Hey," Sen said distractedly. "Sorry I'm late it's ju-"

Another yell cut her off. "I told you no, dammit!"

Temari said, "It doesn't matter, just, can you try and calm him down? I think it's a"

"Shukaku outburst," Sen finished for her. "I think so too." She pushed past Temari quickly and ran upstairs. Opening the door to Gaara's bedroom revealed papers thrown everywhere, a chair thrown into the wall, luckily neither the chair nor the wall was harmed, and Gaara crouched in the middle of the mess, clutching his head as if it were about to split apart. "Gaara-kun!" Sen cried as she ran to his side and wrapped her arms around him.

Feeling Sen next to him, Gaara looked up. "Sen," he said weakly.

"It's alright," she whispered. "I'm here now. Was Shukaku threatening you again?" she said as she helped him to sit down and lean back against the wall.

"Not me, you," he said. He rubbed his temples. God, Shukaku could be bitchy sometimes.

"Oh," Sen said quietly. She sat down beside him and laid her head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry."

Gaara put one arm around her waist when he felt her head on his shoulder, earning himself a scolding from Shukaku.

Why won't you kill her dammit? What does the bitch meant to you, ne?

She means the world to me,Gaara countered. Nothing you can say or do will change it. You can't make me kill her.

We'll see...

"Argh!" He grabbed his head again. Damn Ichibi, it might not be able to make him kill her, but it could give him a migraine.

Sen winced as Gaara doubled over in pain in front her. She reached out and rubbed his back gently. The only thing they could do was sit this out. Shukaku would leave him alone after a while and Gaara's life could go back to normal. Or, at least, as normal as it could be when you're the host to the Ichibi and it wants you to kill your lover and you refuse. Yeah, that affects things too.

Kankurou looked into the living room about half an hour later. "Is it safe?"

Temari snorted. "Is it safe?" she mocked. "What are you, three? Do you hear anything, baka?"


"No, I thought not," Temari snapped. Before he could say a word she continued. "And that means one of two things, one: they're having a private conversation and they want to be left alone, or two?"

"Two: they're spending time together and they don't want to be disturbed."

"Exactly. Now, if you're willing to deal with the sand to check on your brother, be my guest. I'm staying here," Temari said acidly as she went back to her book.

Kankurou flopped down unceremoniously beside her.

Temari glared at him but ignored him and went back to her book. Baka, she thought to herself.

Gaara was sitting cross-legged on his bed, leaning back against the wall. "Thank you, Sen," he said quietly, looking down at her.

Sen, who was laying on her stomach next to him, said, "You don't have to thank me, Gaara-kun. I do it because I love you."

"I'm not just thanking you for earlier," Gaara replied. He didn't meet her eyes; even with Sen this was difficult, to figure out what his emotions were, to recognize them and express them, without hurting the other person.

"Gaara." Sen sat up. She knew Gaara was struggling with his heart. Not trying to figure out if he loved her, or if that was merely Shukaku's lust for blood; they'd figured that out a long time ago. No, even now, he struggled with his heart, trying to unravel these mysterious things called emotions. She reached out her hand and touched his cheek gently. "Gaara..."

Feeling her touch him, and the tingling it sent through him, Gaara looked at her and the tender, concerned expression on her face. Was this love? Or lust? Or, with Sen, was it both? He took her face in his hands and kissed her.

"Oh." The kiss took her off-guard, but Sen wrapped her arms around Gaara's neck and deepened the kiss. She loved him, and if this was how she could prove it to him, she would.

Gaara broke the kiss gently and wrapped his arms around Sen's waist. "Sen, what if, what if this is just Shukaku's bloodlust?"

Sen sighed and nuzzled gently against his neck. They'd been over this already, dammit. "Fuck Shukaku," she said stubbornly.

"I'd rather fuck you," Gaara said and then blinked. Did he just say that?

Sen leaned back and raised one brow sceptically. "Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves?" she said. Although I feel the same way...

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