Here it is, the end if my epic tale. Hope you enjoyed it. I dedicate this whole story to my friends: Arkham Apoc (Stephen),FeamleJestser1212 (Jessica) MyLoveForYou (Sophie), LUKEthelemonking (Luke) and my girlfriend, Forgotten Rozez (Haley, whom I love with every fiber in my being). Enjoy the conclusion!


Aboard the Chosen Chariot, a blue, glowing gateway appeared in it's heart. At first, there was no activity, then it spat out eight different beings and closed itself behind them, growing smaller, until it was gone. The beings in question all landed in a heap on the floor, pulling themselves out of undignified positions and standing up, stretching off and making sure that nothing was broken.

"I swear it was more gentle on our trip through," wondered Li'thicka, as she waved her tail.

"Well, you got lucky, didn't you?" came Ko'skarr's sarcastic reply, checking his wings as he did.

"Time travel without a capsule, that's a killer!" Dan said, creaking his neck back into place and looking about. "Good to be home," he followed up with fondly.

"I never thought I'd be so glad to see this place!" cried Ko'skarr, bounding around and scaling the walls.

"Now then, on to business, eh sugar?" said Nightshade, looking at Clanker and batting her lashes at him. He nodded, and they moved to the portal machine. Clanker equipped his wrist guns and fired rapidly at it, stood back and gestured at the wreck.

"Your turn," he told her graciously.

"Please, let me show you how a lady wrecks somethin'," she teased him. She flexed her fingers, stepped towards the mangled mess and activated her lightsabre. She it cut into three pieces and used the Force to crush the pieces like a trash compactor.

"Why did you smash it?" asked Lu'saa curiously.

"It's caused us more trouble than it's worth. It's better to leave things like this alone," Clanker responded wisely. "It was fun building though."

"Well, here's somethin' more fun," Nightshade said slyly. Before he could twig, she pulled him in close and kissed him full in the face. They stayed like that for 20 seconds, before breaking apart, Nightshade grinning broadly and Clanker looking like someone had cracked him over the head.

"Yes, that certainly was... fun." He chuckled slightly, before dropping to the floor with a 'clank.'

"Well, that wasn't the reaction I was expectin'," Nightshade giggled. She then turned to Dan. "You think we did the right thing?" she asked him.

"What, smashing that or kissing him?" He waited after she stopped laughing before replying: "No, you did. Clanker's right, time travel one of those things you should leave alone. We shouldn't be given the responsibility for this kind of power. It's too dangerous and too unpredictable. Unless you're prepared to suffer the consequences."

"That's deep, sweetie," Angela said to him.

"Woah, did I just say that?" Dan asked, as if waking up from a daze. He pressed the crest on his chest and his armor folded away, revealing his smiling face.

"Ugh..." Clanker's voice came slurred and slow. "Anyone get the license plate on that truck?" No sooner had he got up, Nightshade pulled him in close, placing his hands on her waist and putting her arms round his neck.

"Uh... Nightshade..." he started, but she put a finger on his vocal emitter and gave a quiet 'sshhh', then leaned in and whispered:

"Just go with it, sugar. Just go with it." She held out her hand and used the Force to trip the ship's sound system, turning on the music. As the music started, they began to dance the tango together.

Over and over I look in your eyes

you are all I desire

you have captured me

I want to hold you

I want to be close to you

I never want to let go

I wish that this night would never end

I need to know

"May I have this dance?" asked Ko'skarr to Lu'saa. Her response was to put a rose in her mouth and hold out her hand as she led him to the dancefloor

Could I hold you for for a lifetime

Could I look into your eyes

Could I have this night to share this night together

Could I hold you close beside me

Could I hold you for all time

Could I could I have this kiss forever

Could I could I have this kiss forever, forever

The Wolf was watching the dancers, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Li'thicka, shuffling her feet and her eyes looking at anywhere but him.

"Um... Wolf," she stammered shyly. "I was... er... wondering... if uh... you know... you'd like... to... dance?" she finished, unsure and quiet. The Wolf was caught off guard by the question, but as the song picked up, he thought, why not?

"Sure," he replied, holding out an arm. "I think you can cut in."

Over and over I've dreamed of this night

Now you're here by my side

You are next to me

I want to hold you and touch you taste you

And make you want no one but me

I wish that this kiss could never end

oh baby please

"Hmm, that android has good taste," Dan said looking at Angie, who grinned.

"Let's boogie on down, baby!" she cried and ran with him to dance.

Could I hold you for a lifetime

Could I look into your eyes

Could I have this night to share this night together

Could I hold you close beside me

Could I hold you for all time

Could I could I have this kiss forever

Could I could I have this kiss forever, forever

"This what I love about being in the Chosen Ones," Ko'skarr said, as he danced. "By day you're fighting undead monsters and by night, you're dancing with your girl to Enrique Iglesias."

"Amen, my Xeno brother," replied the Wolf. "Amen to that."

I don't want any night to go by

Without you by my side

I just want all my days

Spent being next to you

Lived for just loving you

And baby, oh by the way

"Do y'all think we'll ever see the end to the weird shit that happens to us?" asked Nightshade to the group, as Clanker threw her up in the air and caught her.

"Uh, let me think," said Angela. "Probably not, but who cares, right?"

Could I hold you for a lifetime

Could I look into your eyes

Could I have this night to share this night together

Could I hold you close beside me

Could I hold you for all time

Could I have this kiss forever

Could I could I have this kiss forever, forever...

The music stopped and so did the dancing. But Ko'skarr and Lu'saa didn't seem to think that the party was over yet. A quick tap on the stereo from one of their tails and a new tune started, softer and lower.

"Oh pauk, not this song," the Wolf groaned, his head in his palm. He felt a sharp pain as Nightshade hit him.

"Be nice, punk!" she told him sternly. "Let 'em have their moment."

Ko'skarr: Once in every show

There comes a song like this

It starts off soft and low

And ends up with a kiss

Oh where is the song

That goes like this?

Where is it? Where? Where?

Lu'saa: A sentimental song

That casts a magic spell

They all will hum along

We'll overact like hell

For this is the song that goes like this

Yes it is! Yes it is!

Ko'skarr: Now we can go straight

Into the middle eight

A bridge that is too far for me

Lu'saa: I'll sing it in your face

While we both embrace

Both:And then

We change

The key

Lu'saa: Now we're into E!

Ko'skarr:*hem* That's awfully high for me

Lu'saa: But as everyone can see

We should have stayed in D

For this is our song that goes like this!

Ko'skarr:I'm feeling very proud

Lu'saa:You're singing far too loud

Ko'skarr:That's the way that this song goes

Lu'saa:You're standing on my toes

Both:Singing our song that goes like this!

Lu'saa:I can't believe there's more

Ko'skarr:It's far too long, I'm sure

Lu'saa:That's the trouble with this song

It goes on and on and on

Both:For this is our song that is too long!

"I love songs like this!" squealed Lu'saa, holding her mate close.

"They could shorten it a little though," he pointed out, wrapping his wings round her body.

Lu'saa:We'll be singing this til dawn

Ko'skarr:You'll wish that you weren't born

Ko'skarr:Let's stop this damn refrain

Both:Before we go insane

For this is our song that ends like this!

"I love you!" they both cried as the song finished.

"Good, now can we stop acting like some Broadway musical?" Clanker asked. "My power cells need recharging and I'm sick of all this sing-" he stopped as Nightshade kissed him and he once again fell to the floor.

"Ain't never gonna get bored of that," she said, smiling as she and the others left to get some well deserved rest, dragging Clanker behind her.

The end! I hope you enjoyed reading this story. I would like to thank all who took the time to read and review this and I'll see you next time!