A/N: Hiya! Just a random ten/rose oneshot. Or Maybe a two-shot. Or possibly a 3-shot. I don't know. Let me know what you think lol :D

Will the Universe Implode?

She stands up from her chair angrily and puts two pieces of bread in the toaster. She looks at him, and he looks back at her with a bewildered expression. She turns around and stares pointedly at the kitchen wall.

"Will the universe implode?" she murmurs quietly, without really thinking.

"What?" he replies, confused about the left turn their conversation just took, and why she is acting so cross with him all of a sudden.

"Will the universe implode?" she repeats, a little louder. "Will the Sun stop burning? Will the sky stop being blue?"

"What?" he replies, thoroughly perplexed. Technically, some suns don't burn, and lots of skies aren't blue. But he senses that he shouldn't say that. He thinks she might hit him if he did. She's Jackie's daughter, after all. He winces at the memory of that particular incident.

"Will you cause a paradox? Will you cause an intergalactic war? Will you regenerate?" she asks, spinning back around and walking towards him slowly with an angry stance.

"Rose, I have absolutely no idea of what you're - "

"- Will the TARDIS refuse to move?" she interrupts. She glances to the toaster, then at their mugs on the table. "Will the toast burn? Will the tea go cold?"

"What? What are you going on abo - " he begins. He briefly thinks she may be losing her mind. But no. Not his Rose. She's too good. Maybe she's possessed, though...?

"- Will something bad happen, Doctor?" she interrupts again, her knees brushing his as she stops walking and stands in front of him.

"What do you mean?" he asks, before swallowing nervously when she pulls him by his suit jacket's lapels to stand up in front of her.

"If you..."she begins, her eyes staring up into his imploringly.

"What?" murmurs, his voice wavering.

"If you kiss me."

"Oh. Well, I suppose that depends on your perspective. From my point of view - "

This time, she interrupts him by crashing her lips to his. His eyes widen and his hands find her hips, but he's devoid of all other movement, such is the shock she's given him. He thought she had been teasing. Flirting. Harmless, fun, doesn't-mean-anything flirting. You know. Like they always do.

But then, it's never really not-meant-anything, has it? Not to them. This had been inevitable for so long now. It was simply a matter of one of them making the first move. And now Rose has. And he's just standing there, not in any way reciprocating the kiss. Her tongue flicks across his lips but he doesn't part his lips. Doesn't let her in.

He's completely shell-shocked.

She has a feeling that she shouldn't have done that. When she's fairly sure that she needs to inhale some oxygen, and he hasn't even responded to the kiss, she pulls back. She lets go of his lapels, and takes a few hesitant steps back, misjudging the distance and crashing into the kitchen wall. Figuring she probably can't escape the kitchen now anyway, after what she just did, she stays there, leaning against it for support.

He just stands there for a few moments. Staring at her. His eyes wide. His mouth now hanging open. His hands hovering in the air where Rose's hips had previously occupied.

Woah. Wow. Woahhhh. Why didn't kiss her back? That was wow. Wow. That was different. Oh no. Why did I let her pull away? It was nice. Really nice. Would've been nicer if I'd properly snogged her, though. Why didn't I? I've wanted to for so long. Blimey. I get the chance and I blow it. She initiates it, after all those times I've wanted to, she initiates it, and I don't take the opportunity? What am I? A complete idiot? Oh no. Maybe she'll never do it again. No! Maybe I'll never get another excuse to kiss her. Rassilon! Why aren't I kissing her now? I should be...is all he can think.

She's panting heavily, her hands shaking, leaning against the wall, watching him watch her.

Oh god oh god oh god why did I just kiss him? Why? We don't do that. He...he doesn't do that. Not with companions. Not with me. He's the Doctor. He's an alien! Oh no. No. No. He's going to send me home. Oh god. He's going to ask me to pack my bags and leave. No. I don't want to go. I can't leave him. What have I done? Please let him laugh it off. Please let him pretend that that didn't happen. I want to stay. Oh shit, I've gone and ruined it all...Rose panics internally.

He calculates that three minutes have passed. And they are still in the same positions. Neither one of them has moved. Their hearts are still beating twice as fast as normal, and they're just looking at each other. Their breaths are still unsteady and shaky, and they're just looking at each other. Oh dear. Three minutes standing there silently staring each other down doesn't feel very productive. Someone needs to speak. Break the tension. Dissolve the atmosphere.

But neither wants to.

Partly, because they're both so unsure of what to say, as they have no idea what the other is thinking.

Mostly, because as long as they don't say anything, there's that gorgeous feeling of electricity in the air. Which they both rather like. A lot.

I should go to her. I should go to her and return her kiss. It's only polite. It's only fair. Yes. Yes. Then, if she is just messing around, we can call it even and laugh it off. Yeah.

He frowns contemplatively. He takes a hesitant step forward.