Will the Universe Implode? – Part 3

He can sense that Rose is about to wriggle away. She shifts, and he stops her from moving too far by swiftly grabbing her wrists and pinning them to the wall either side of her head. She gasps and looks at him quizzically, an eyebrow raised, doubting that what she thinks is happening is actually happening.

Okay. I officially have no idea what is possessing me to do this. She just looks so lovely and I can't let her get away now. Not when this moment is here, ready and waiting. There have been so many moments like this that I've simply wasted by thinking too hard about the reasons why I shouldn't kiss her and all those stupid, important consequences blah blah blah.

No. This time, I simply cannot and will not resist.

With the gentlest pressure, he rests his forehead against hers; his hands slipping from her wrists to intertwine their fingers, still positioned either side of her head against the wall.

This isn't...is this...is this real? Oh god. Why won't he just talk to me! Tell me what he's thinking inside that big, stupid Time Lord brain of his. On second thoughts, no, 'cos I bet he's thinking about something really Doctor-ish, and not at all sexy. Like transdimentional physics equations or something.

Now that would be typical of him! Getting me all flustered and aroused and anticipating something fabulous and then he'll go and whisper something like 'I met this lovely chap once, Einstein his name was, and I taught him a thing or two about physics, let me tell you, Rose Tyler!' and then he'll let go of my hands that he's holding so wonderfully and pull his forehead away from mine and step away and say 'Ooh, I know where to take you next, Venus Five! You'll love it! Blah blah blah!' and then he'll drag me into the console room. In an entirely different way to what I'm envisioning right now.

Which will be totally unfair. Because how can he expect me to get excited about Einstein and Venus Five when he's wearing so many clothes and not doing that delicious thing I know he knows I'm hoping that he's about to do involving his tongue and my mouth and well. My entire body. Oh god...

"Rose," he murmurs, his words ghosting over her lips lightly. Teasingly.

Okay. That's a good start. A least I've said something. And it's rather a lovely word too. But it's not enough. I need to say more. But what? What can I tell her? That I think about her all the time? That she's consuming my mind, my senses, my feelings by just being here? It's all about her now. 'Will she like to go there, meet that person, see that time?' It's all I ever think. 'What would make Rose happy?' or 'how can I make her smile today?' or 'when is the best moment to just give in and kiss her?'

Rassilon. I want to just...can I just...I'm just going to...

His eyes flutter closed and he breathes shakily. Quickly, before he can change his mind, he captures her lips with his, and he wonders if anything could ever be better than this. Kissing Rose Tyler. She responds eagerly, parting her lips, and he invades her mouth quickly, not wanting to miss a moment's opportunity. His hands leave hers to lose themselves in her blonde hair, cradling her head, keeping her there. She brings her arms down and pushes her hands past his jacket to grasp his shirt tightly, pulling him up against her.

Oh. Ohhh. Oh wow. This is real. This has to be real. This...this is amazing. God, I love him.

All other thoughts cease to exist at this moment in time.

He presses his body into hers and she's trapped between him and the wall and it's all rather delightful. His hands leave her hair and travel down, fluttering over her skin like a butterfly, down to her hips, those lovely hips, and then further, grasping under her thighs as he hoists her up. She wraps her legs around his waist instantly, and relishes in the feel of being so close to him.

And then Rose pulls her mouth away to breathe, her hands remaining in his hair. She bites her lip, looking at him in utter awe and fascination. He's got the same bewildered expression adorning his face, as he holds her against him, his hands having wandered to grasp her bum.

She opens her mouth as if to speak, then pauses, sniffing.

"What is it?" he whispers, bemused at her expression.

"Do you...do you smell burning?" she asks him.

Then there's a loud pop as the toaster pings out her toast, and makes Rose jump. Her movement causes him to lose his grip on her...he tries to keep his balance...and that's when they end up on the floor in a heap.

"Ah. The toast burnt, then. Bet the tea's gone cold, too," he murmurs into her hair.

She giggles. "Yep! Let's hope the universe isn't imploding outside the TARDIS doors."

He chuckles back at her. "Is is bad...that I don't really care if it is?" he asks her seriously.

She lifts her head from its position on his shoulder to gaze at him. "Very, very bad," she says gravely, before promptly bursting into a fit of giggles. "It's all 'self, self, sel - "

She forgets to finish her sentence when he rolls her over and looks at her intensely. Then, he lowers his head and kisses her again, his hands pushing the hem of her vest top up slowly, caressing her stomach. "Yep. I'm very selfish when it comes to you, Rose Tyler. But actually," he comments lightly, pausing to press a kiss to her neck, "I can be..." a kiss to her shoulder, "Very..." a kiss to her stomach, "Very..." he makes short work of undoing the button on her jeans, "Selfless, when I want to be, too..." He looks up at her astonished expression, smiling gently.

"Oh yeah?" her voice croaks out.

"Yep!" he responds enthusiastically.

"Show me," she grins.

And he does.

The End :D

A/N: Hope you liked it. Really sorry if the end is a bit...suggestive for peoples' liking. I just couldn't quite resist lol ;D

Much Love x