Ugly Betty Virtual Series

Eppy 13- Expecting the Unexpected

After an amazing night, Betty opened her eyes. Her gaze immediately fell upon the gorgeous man, sleeping beside her. There was part of her that still couldn't believe that he wanted her, loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

In less than 4 weeks, she would be married to her best friend. She would be Mrs. Daniel Meade and they would officially begin their lives together, as husband and wife. It was something that she was sure that neither of them could have even imagined, 4 years ago. To be honest, neither of them could have imagined it, even a year ago.

As Betty laid there next to her future husband, she wondered what the future would hold for them. There were so many questions that brewed in her head. What would their life look like in 4 years from now? Then, she realized that it really didn't matter. She was content in the unknown, whatever lied ahead for them. She was okay with it. She was sure that they could handle anything that came their way.

Then, it occurred to her. She remembered something that totally forgotten about last night. In the heat and passion of their encounter when she got home, she had neglected to take her birth control pill, which she usually always took at the same time every day.

She then tried to slip out of bed to take the missing pill, when she felt an arm wrap around her waist, keeping her from going anywhere. Betty giggled, as she felt the warmth of Daniel's breath on her neck, followed by the feeling of his lips on her skin.

"Good Morning," Daniel said, with seductively. "And where do you think you are going, Ms. Suarez?"

"You can't have any energy after last night, Mr. Meade," said Betty.

"Sounds like a challenge," said Daniel, as Betty turned into the circle of his arms, facing him. He really could stay here all day. "Believe me. I have plenty of energy left when it comes to you." He smiled.

"I love you," said Betty, suddenly.

"I love you too and I can't wait to marry you," Daniel whispered into her ear.

"Well, I can't wait to marry you either," said Betty, as she gives him soft kiss. Their foreheads rest against each other, as he wrapped his arms around her tighter.

"How about we stay right here all day?" said Daniel.

"You know we can't do that," said Betty. "There are huge list of things that have to be done at work….for the wedding…and you have classes to attend."

"Just for one day," Daniel pleaded. "The next few weeks are going to be just crazy. Both of our families will be here in three weeks to help get ready for the wedding. I know we won't get much time alone with everyone around."

"Well, it will just be that much better when we get to the honeymoon," said Betty, with a giggle. "Where are we going anyway?"

"It's a surprise," said Daniel.

"Can I have a hint?" said Betty. "I'm not going to know what to pack."

"Nope. I am not going to tell," Daniel said, affectionately.

"You haven't made any plans, have you?" Betty teased him.

"I didn't say that," said Daniel. "Anyway, I think clothes are not going to be needed. It's not like we are going to be leaving our room."

"Daniel," said Betty. She blushed.

"You are so cute," said Daniel, giving her a quick kiss.

"What am I going to do with you?" said Betty. Daniel chuckled.

"Well, I can think of a few things," said Daniel, as he proceeded to pull her closer, as he kissed her neck, and pull the covers over them.

"Daniel, I'm going to be late for work," said Betty, with a giggle.

"Well, I guess it helps that you are the boss," said Daniel, as he continued to distract Betty, with his wandering hands.

"Ok! I guess another 30 minutes…uh…wouldn't hurt…" said Betty, breathlessly, as he kissed her neck.

A few days later, Amanda and Tyler prepared for their trip back to New York. Tyler had a feeling though that Amanda wasn't going to be able to make their flight, as he heard the sounds of vomiting in the bathroom.

He got up and walked over to the door. He softly knocked to make sure she was okay. "Amanda, are you okay?"

"Uhhhhh," said Amanda, "Yeah. I'll be right out."

"You don't sound good," said Tyler. "Open the door. Do you need me to get you anything?"

"I'll be out in a minute," said Amanda, from behind the door.

"I can reschedule our flight," said Tyler, from the other side of the closed door. "It doesn't sound like you are any shape to be flying." He heard Amanda's cell phone ring, as it sat on the nightstand. "Amanda, your phone is ringing."

"Oh! Answer it. It's probably Marc," Amanda mumbled.

Tyler quickly made his way across the room, and picked up the phone.

"Amanda's phone," said Tyler, as he listened to the moans and sighs of Amanda's misery.

"Well, hello there, Tyler," said Marc. "How's South Carolina?"

"Hello, Marc. By the way, it's South Dakota…not South Carolina," said Tyler, as he closed the suitcases. He knew there was no way they were going to be going anywhere today.

"Just calling to see what time you two will be coming in," said Marc. "Troy and I are going to meet you at the airport."

"I think we are going to have to postpone our trip," said Tyler.

"What?" said Marc.

"Amanda's sick," said Tyler.

"That's impossible," said Marc. "Amanda never gets sick."

"Well, she's in the bathroom throwing up her breakfast as we speak," said Tyler.

"Let me talk to her," said Marc. "She's probably just hung over."

"We haven't been drinking. I'm a recovering alcoholic…remember?," Tyler reminded him.

"Oh yeah," said Marc. "Maybe, she ate too much. Did you upset her again?"

"No! Everything is great," said Tyler.

"Let me talk to her. I will find out what's going on," said Marc

"She won't even let me in," said Tyler, as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"She must be sick then," said Marc. "I guess there is a first time for everything."

Amanda finally emerged from the bathroom. She looked like hell.

"Could you call my mom and tell her that we will be there in a couple days?" said Tyler. "As soon as this flu…or whatever blows over."

"Sure!" said Marc. "But you need to get Amanda back to New York as soon as possible. I need help getting things together for the trip to London for Daniel and Betty's wedding." Suddenly, Amanda ran back into the bathroom and slammed the door. "What was that?"

"Amanda just got sick again," said Tyler. "Listen. I have to go."

"Tyler!" said Marc.

"What?" said Tyler.

"Do you think that Amanda could be pregnant?" said Marc.

"Marc…I have to go," said Tyler, as he hung up and wondered if it was possible.

The following week, Daniel looked down into the jewelry case, while he waited for his and Betty's wedding rings. He glanced down and saw a bracelet that he knew she would love too.

She knew that she hated it when he spoiled her, but figured that she better get used to it. After all, he wanted to spend the rest of his life, spoiling her.

When the sales girl returned with the wedding rings, he asked to see the silver bracelet with an infinity symbol on it, from the case. She handed it to him.

As he glanced at the delicate bracelet, he sensed someone watching him. He turned to see Sofia Reyes standing near-by.

"It's very beautiful," said Sofia.

He handed it back to the clerk. "I'll take this also," said Daniel to the clerk. The clerk took the bracelet, rushing off to wrap it.

"It's not your usual," Sofia remarked. "That must be a very special gift for someone very special." Daniel wasn't going to give her answer. His life with Betty was none of her business.

"What are you doing here, Sofia?" said Daniel, as he cringed at his former fiancée unexpected appearance.

"I just happen to see you come into the store," said Sofia. "I thought that I would say hello."

"I meant in London," said Daniel. Not that he really cared.

"Business," said Sofia. "I have a really great opportunity here. I am probably even going to be moving here."

"Well, I'm sure that we won't be having dinner," said Daniel.

"Daniel, I'm just trying to be nice," said Sofia.

"What do you expect, Sofia?" said Daniel. "We haven't exactly talked since the day you broke our engagement on national television."

"I'm sorry, Daniel. I was a fool," said Sofia. "Can we start over? I want to make it right."

"There is nothing to start over," said Daniel, as he looked around for the clerk. "I've moved on." Why was that clerk taking so long?

"I know. I heard about your engagement to Betty," said Sofia. "Congratulations."

"Uh…" said Daniel. He gave her a suspicious look. "Thanks." He didn't know if she was being genuine or not. His guess was not.

The clerk returned with Daniel's purchase. He took the wedding rings from the counter. "That must be a gift for Betty."

"It is," said Daniel. "Just a little pre-wedding gift for the love of my life." He emphasized. "….and our wedding rings."

"When is the big day?" Sofia asked, curiously, even though she was well aware of the time and place of the upcoming wedding.

"About 3 weeks," said Daniel. He looks down at his watch. "I'm sorry. I have to go. I have to meet Betty for lunch."

"It was lovely to see you Daniel," said Sofia, as she watched Daniel make a quick and hasty exit.

As she watched him leave, she looked down in the case to see an identical bracelet that Daniel had purchased for Betty.

The clerk walks over. "I would like to purchase that bracelet, please," said Sofia.

Bobby was in a battle that he knew he couldn't win. He tried to pull the zipper up. It just wouldn't go any further.

"What's taking you so long?" said Hilda, as she stood there in the gown for Betty's wedding. "It's not rocket science."

"It's not zipping… up," said Bobby, as he continued to try.

"It has too," said Hilda.

"Well, there isn't enough material," said Bobby. "I think you need to lose a few more pounds." Hilda spun around and glared at him.

"You did not just tell me that I need to lose weight," said Hilda.

"Calm down," said Bobby. "You just had a baby. Plus, I'm not complaining at all."

"Why did Betty have to pick now to get married?" said Hilda. She heard the baby cry from down the hall. "Justin, could you please check on your brother?" She yelled down the hall.

"Betty and Daniel deserve to be happy," said Bobby.

"I know," said Hilda, as she got a little misty eyed. "I just can't believe my little sister is getting married."

"Before you know it…Chipmunk will have some little chipmunks of her own," said Bobby, as he saw a tear run down his wife's cheek. "You okay?"

"Yeah. I just wish Mom could be here," said Hilda. "I wish she could have met Joseph. I wish she could have seen us get married…and I wish that she could have met Daniel and been here for Betty's wedding."

"She knows," said Bobby. "She's watching over all of you. She was a very special lady."

"She hated you," Hilda chuckle.

"Well, I wasn't exactly a good example back then," said Bobby.

"I think she would have liked the man you've become though," said Hilda. "I am so lucky to have you."

"I do my best," Bobby grinned.

"You are," said Hilda, as she wiped a tear away. She shook her head, as she tried to stop her tears. However, they just kept falling harder and faster. Bobby wrapped his arms around Hilda. "I just wish that the whole family was back together. London is so far away. I miss Betty. I miss having my sister here."

"You can call her anytime you want," said Bobby.

"I know. It's just London is so far away," said Hilda. "Emails, video chat….it doesn't make up for having the real person there. Daniel and Betty are going to make this brand new life together….an ocean away. They are going to have children that we are only going to see during the holidays and an occasion summer vacation. "

"I'm sure they will come back some day. New York is still their home, Hilda," said Bobby.

"I hope so," said Hilda, as she dried her tears.

Daniel swiftly walked through the Dunn Publication office, headed for Betty's office- her lunch in one hand and a Tiffany's bag in the other.

As he approached her office, he glanced at the name plate on her door. Betty Suarez-Meade. He just grinned.

"Did we get married and no one told me?" said Daniel, jokingly. Betty looked up from her work and gave him a big smile.

"Yeah!" said Betty. "I was surprised too. Mr. Dunn had it replaced this morning. He said there was no need to delay the change, since that will be my name in the next issue." He shut the door, placing her lunch and the bag on her desk. "I didn't think I would see you this soon."

"I couldn't stand to be away from my beautiful fiancée for another minute," said Daniel. He made his way around to the other side of her desk.

She quickly popped up, giving him a kiss. "You are in a good mood." She wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him another kiss.

"I'm just happy to see you too," said Daniel, between kisses. "I brought your lunch for you." He nodded toward the salad on the edge of her desk. "I figured you wouldn't have time to get away. You sounded swamped on the phone."

"You are amazing," said Betty. "And yes…. I have so much work. I don't think I'm ever going to see the light of day."

"Do you need some help?" said Daniel, looking down at the pile of paperwork on her desk. "I have a little bit of time before I meet with Mr. Dunn."

"I'll be fine," said Betty. "You are meeting with Mr. Dunn?"

"Yeah," said Daniel. "He said he had some business to discuss about the company…and since I'm a consultant. I guess, that would be my job."

"I guess, it would," said Betty, with a giggle. "Now, I think I can handle most of this on my own. I'll call you, if I need you."

"Okay!" said Daniel, planting another kiss on her cheek, before he prepared to let her get back to work.

"Oh…did you make the hotel reservations for our family for the wedding?" said Betty, as pulled him back gently.

"Done," said Daniel.

"Well, at least something is done," said Betty. "Now, it seems that Hilda needs some alterations to her dress. So…I think Christina is going to need to get here a few days early for alternations. I'll need to get her a plane ticket."

"I'll take care of that after I get out of class," said Daniel.

"I also got a call this morning and they told me that there is a conflict with the location of the wedding," said Betty. "They said we were going to have to find another location for the wedding."

"What? How can that be? The wedding is in 3 weeks," said Daniel. "Do you want me to call them?"

"No. I can handle it," said Betty. "It's just it seems like everything that can go wrong, has. It's like the universe has turned on us…or something."

"We can find another place to get married. I don't care, if I marry you in our flat or right here in this office….just as long as I marry you," said Daniel.

"Well, that might be our only option," said Betty, playfully.

Then, she looked into his eyes and then glanced down at the bag from Tiffany's. "Did you pick up the rings?" said Betty, with a huge smile on her face.

"As a matter of fact, I did," said Daniel, charismatically. He took the rings out of the bag, opening the case.

Betty gently touched the rings with her fingertip, and sighed. "I can't believe that soon, we are going to be married."

"Not soon enough for me," said Daniel, as he pulled her closer. "I have an idea."

"What's that?" said Betty, smiling sweetly.

"Let's just elope. Your name is already on the door. I think that's a good excuse to make it official….right now," said Daniel, as he quickly took her hand and tried to pull her towards the door.

She giggled. "We can't do that. Our family would kill us."

"They would never have to know," said Daniel.

"Yeah…like we could keep it a secret," said Betty. "For the rest of our lives."

"It just feels like 3 weeks is eternity," said Daniel. He took a deep breath. "I want to start our life together right away."

"It will fly by," said Betty. "I promise."

"I got you a gift," said Daniel, as he removed the gift wrapped box from the bag on her desk. "Just a little pre-wedding gift."

He placed it in her hands. "Daniel, that's so sweet," said Betty, as she carefully un-wrapped the beautifully wrapped box. She placed the torn gift wrap on her desk. She opened the box, which revealed the silver bracelet with the infinity symbol. "It's beautiful." She glanced at him, before removing it from the box.

"As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to get it for you," said Daniel, as he helped her place it around her wrist.

"It's too much," said Betty.

"No, it's not," said Daniel, genuinely. "It could never be too much. I love you and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life, spoiling you…loving you." He kissed her hand. "Building our future."

Then, she kissed him. "I love you too." As she pulled away, all she could manage to do was look in his eyes, standing there in silence, enjoying the moment together.

Through the window, they were being watched.

As Matt made his way to his meeting with Sofia, he kept thinking about the moment that he had witness between Daniel and Betty, as he placed the bracelet on her wrist and the way she kissed him, repeatedly. It was pretty obvious that Betty was happy and in love with Daniel Meade.

At the moment, Matt was feeling a twinge of regret for getting tangled up in Sofia's plan to sabotage Daniel and Betty's big day. However, he had helped put the wheels in motion. Now, there seemed to be nothing to do but sit back and wait for the wreck that was bound to happen.

Matt looked through the crowd, until he saw Sofia sitting at a corner table. He made his way through the crowd, sitting down in the seat across from her.

"Is everything taken care of?" said Sofia.

"Yes!" said Matt. "The final paperwork will probably take a few days. The money should be transferred over by the end of next week."

"Great!" said Sofia. "However, that really doesn't give us much time."

"It's the best that I could do," said Matt.

"You could do better," said Sofia.

"Did you see Daniel this morning?" said Matt.

"I did," said Sofia. "He wasn't very happy to see me….but he will come around. I also paid off the venue to cancel their reservation for their wedding, saying there was a scheduling conflict. Now, they are without a place to get married."

"Is this really a good idea?" said Matt. "I mean, I just saw Daniel and Betty while I was meeting with Mr. Dunn. They looked like they were very happy. I don't think a scheduling conflict is going to keep them from getting married."

"I thought you wanted Betty back," said Sofia. "You and Betty belong together."

"I do love Betty," said Matt. "I made my choice though. I am the one that left and she obviously found happiness with Daniel."

"Betty and Daniel are too different," said Sofia. "We are saving them from making a huge mistake. I belong with Daniel and you belong with Betty. It's that simple, Matthew."

"I don't think it is going to be that simple," said Matt.

"Listen. By next week, we are going to own Dunn Publications," said Sofia, adamantly. "Once we take over, we are going to have 2 weeks to break up their wedding."

"What if I changed my mind?" said Matt.

"You can't change your mind," said Sofia, as she handed him an envelope. He opened it. Inside, there were photographs of him, kissing Betty.

"How did you get these?" said Matt.

"I'm not stupid," said Sofia. "I had to have some insurance. You are famous for not following through with a plan."

"You tricked me," said Matt.

"Matt, you gave me exactly what I wanted," said Sofia. "You are such a fool."

"I want out of this," said Matt. "I'm not going to help you break them up. I know a thing or two about broken hearts. If Betty is in love with Daniel, then she needs to be with him. I want her to be happy."

"Well, you can't get out of this," said Sofia. "You are stuck. If you tell Betty or Daniel about the plan, I will show Daniel the photos. The wedding will be off. She will find out about your betrayal and probably never speak to you again." She paused. "However, if you stick to the plan, you and Betty will be able to be together. She never has to know what you did."

"But I will know," said Matt.

"The choice is yours," said Sofia. "If you tell her, she will be broken hearted, twice over. If don't, then she will be broken hearted once…but you can be there to pick up the pieces. You deserve to be happy. You will have your Betty back…and I will have Daniel back. It's just a matter of time."

It was in that moment that Matt was sure that he was in over his head.

The following week, Daniel and Betty came into the office together. At Daniel's meeting with Mr. Dunn, he had been informed by Mr. Dunn that he was retiring and that Dunn Publication had been bought out. The new owner wanted to meet with everyone on Wednesday.

It had made Betty at nervous wreck for most of the week, as she waited for more details of the new owners and what their intentions were.

"I just can't believe this is happening," said Betty, as she took the coffee cup from Daniel's hand. He slipped into the chair beside her. "It just doesn't make sense. Why would Mr. Dunn retire so suddenly?"

"Well, the publishing business is rough right now," said Daniel. "He found a way out. I have no doubt that they made it worth his while. At least, that's the impression that I got."

"He didn't say who it was," said Betty

"He was very vague about the whole thing," said Daniel. "I don't know. There is just something feels off about it."

"What about jobs?" said Betty. "Are people going to lose their jobs?"

"He assured me that wouldn't be happening," said Daniel, reassuringly. "It's going to be fine, sweetheart."

"That's easy for you to say. My magazine is the newest. It would be the first to go," said Betty.

"If it comes to that, we will just go back to New York," said Daniel, un-phased.

"You make it sound so simple," said Betty.

"It is that simple," said Daniel, as he took hold of her hand, and squeezed gently. She smiled, happy that she had him for support. "Your job is the only thing keeping us here."

"You have your classes," said Betty.

"I can do that back in New York," said Daniel.

"Well, I guess we will cross the bridge when we have too," said Betty. "So, did Mr. Dunn give you any idea who the new owner was?

The door of the conference room opened. Betty couldn't believe what she saw before her. It was Sofia Reyes, looking stunning, in a tight, revealing black dress.

"Good Morning!" said Sofia. Everyone started taking their seats. "My name is Sofia Reyes. I am one of the new owners of Dunn Publications." Every muscle in Betty's body tensed up, as she looked over at Daniel, who seemed just as shocked at the recent revelation. She suddenly felt like she and Daniel had targets on their forehead and Sofia was aiming right for them.

The following day, Betty was ordered to Sofia's office. She prepared herself for anything because with Sofia. She knew that anything could happen. Betty knocked on the door of Sofia's brand new office door. She spun around in her chair, seeing Betty standing there.

"Good morning, Betty," said Sofia. "Please come in."

Betty was unsure whether she wanted to enter. "You wanted to see me," said Betty.

"Yes. I wanted to meet with you yesterday," said Sofia. "You left so suddenly, after the meeting."

"Well, I wasn't feeling well," said Betty. "Daniel took me home. I'm sorry that I wasn't available to meet with you."

"Aw…That's Daniel. He's always taking care of the women that he loves," said Sofia. The sight of Sofia made Betty feel ill again, perhaps it was all the perfume that she had on. Her stomach continued to churn, from the stench. "Daniel seemed to have really pulled himself together. He has really turned into quite a capable man…makes me wonder how I could possibly have let him slip through my fingers."

"Well, your loss is my gain…I guess," said Betty, as she brushed her hair out of her face. Betty's bracelet caught her attention.

"That's a beautiful bracelet," said Sofia. "I have one just like it." Sofia showed Betty the silver bracelet on her wrist.

"It was a gift from Daniel," said Betty, as she wondered whether this was a usual gift for the women that Daniel was engaged to. She quickly dismissed it.

"He's so thoughtful," said Sofia. "How are the wedding plans going?"

"I don't think you called me in here to talk about wedding plans," said Betty, as she hovered near the door.

"Please have a seat. We need to discuss the future of your magazine," said Sofia, as she gestured to the chair in front of her desk. Betty takes a seat.

"Are you shutting us down?" said Betty, bluntly.

"No!" said Sofia. "Why would I do that? Your publication has potential. I just think you need a little help to get things going."

"Oh!" said Betty.

"I have chosen a co-editor to work with you," said Sofia.

"And what if I don't want a co-editor?" said Betty.

"Then, you will be out of a job," said Sofia. "You really have no power here."

Betty felt herself cave for a moment. She sighed. "I guess, it wouldn't be all bad. There is so much work, enough for more than one person. Plus, I'm getting married in less than three weeks. Things have just been crazy."

"I can only imagine," said Sofia. "Can I ask you a question?"

"I guess," said Betty, as she braced herself.

"I just can't imagine why you would be getting married now. You have your whole future ahead of you. You could do so many things in front of you, Betty. Why are you settling?"

"I'm not settling for Daniel. I love Daniel," said Betty. She stood up.

"Are you sure?" said Sofia.

"Of course, I'm sure," said Betty, adamantly. "Who do you think you are asking me that?"

"Well, I had some security footage brought to my attention yesterday," said Sofia. "It was you and your former boyfriend, Matt Hartley, kissing in your office."

"What?" said Betty. She shook her head. "That was a mistake. I thought he was Daniel."

"It sure didn't appear that way," said Sofia. "Maybe you should postpone the wedding….think things over. Maybe you should explore your feelings for Matt. It looks like there could be something there. He obviously has feelings for you."

"Matt and I are friends. That was a mistake. He knows that I love Daniel," said Betty.

"Betty…I really think you should call off the wedding," said Sofia. "Especially after what happened with you and Matt, it's not fair to Daniel."

"I'm not going to call off the wedding," said Betty.

"I would really hate for Daniel to find out that his precious Betty has been having late night flings with her old boyfriend in the office," said Sofia. "You know. The truth always comes out."

"I'm sure you would be more than happy to tell him," said Betty. "I told you. It's not like that." She held her ground. She was not going to let Sofia win.

"Well, you and Matt are going to have to work together from now on," said Sofia. "Lots of late nights. It's not going to look good at all."

"What?" said Betty.

"Matt Hartley is your new co-editor," said Sofia.

The following morning, Betty walked into her office to see Matt waiting for her. She let out a sigh.

"Good Morning!" said Matt, as he watched her make her way around to her side of the desk, sitting down. For a few moments, Betty just sat there, checking her email. Furious, clicking at her mouse, deleting emails….

"Are you trying to ruin my life?" said Betty, directly. She was mad.

"Ruin your life?" said Matt.

"Why did you have to kiss me?" said Betty.

"I think you kissed me," said Matt.

"It was a mistake," said Betty. "I'm sorry…but it was."

"I know it was," said Matt, regretfully. "Have you told Daniel?"

"No!" said Betty, softly.

"Why?" said Matt.

"I'm just afraid that he'd hate me," said Betty. "You know like you did when I kissed Henry."

"I see," said Matt. He leaned back in his chair. He looked around. He got up and closed the door, looking back at Betty. "Daniel is not me."

"I'm aware of that, Matt," said Betty, as she looked down at her engagement ring.

"I do know one thing," said Matt. "As much as I hate to admit it, you and Daniel belong together. I saw the way he looks at you."

"Really," said Betty. "You mean it."

"I think I saw it a long time ago. Remember the U.N shoot?" said Matt.

"Yeah!" said Betty. "I still can't believe Daniel punched you. I mean, he shouldn't have done it."

"He was protecting you, even then," said Matt.

"We weren't together," said Betty. "Then…."

"I know," said Matt. "It doesn't change the fact that you were there for him. He was there for you. He loved you…even, if it was just as a friend." He sighed, as he tried to gather up the strength that he needed to let her go. "My point is that you need to tell him. I think it is going to be ten times worse hearing it from someone else."

"You are right," said Betty, as she leaned back in her chair. "Uh… you are so right."

"You didn't do anything wrong, Betty. It was just a misunderstanding," said Matt. "But….there is more to it. At least, from my end."

"What do you mean?" said Betty.

"Sofia is trying to break you and Daniel up," said Matt. "I am the one that helped her get her hands on Dunn Publications." He admitted.

"You didn't," said Betty. "Matt!"

"Sofia contacted me in Africa," said Matt. "She told me about the wedding. At the time, I was hurt. I didn't want you to marry Daniel."

"So, you thought you could just make me change my mind," said Betty.

"But, I did change my mind. I saw how happy the two of you were together…here in your office the other day. I know that you really had moved on. I knew that you were happy," said Matt. "I'm really sorry."

"Let me guess. She had something to do with the venue for our wedding having a scheduling conflict," said Betty.

"You guess it," said Matt.

"What am I supposed to do now?" said Betty. "Sofia owns the company. I'm going to have to deal with her every single day now. She's going to my life a living hell."

"Well, not exactly. Let me take care of Sofia," said Matt. "The most important thing is that you go talk to Daniel, before Sofia does."

Daniel sat on the couch, with the note pad in hand, finished up the vows for the wedding. He couldn't believe how difficult it was to put into work how much Betty meant to him and how lucky he felt that he was going to get to spend the rest of his life with her. He knew there was nothing that was going to get in the way of that.

"Hey, Daniel!" said Tyler.

"Hey," said Daniel. He placed the note pad on the table. "How's South Dakota?"

"Great!" said Tyler. "Amanda and I just got to New York. We are flying over with mom for the big day."

"Betty and I can't wait to see you guys," said Daniel. "You know this is the first time that all of us have been in the same place at the same time."

"Yeah!" said Tyler. "Mom can't wait."

"So, what's new?" said Daniel. "We haven't talked much since I came to London."

"Well, I'm married," said Tyler.

"You're what?" said Daniel. "Could you repeat that?"

"I'm married," said Tyler. "Amanda and I just got married, a few days ago."

"Wow! That's…uh, pretty sudden," said Daniel. "Unexpected."

"I just wanted to call and give you a heads up," said Tyler. "Neither Amanda or I wanted to take away from you and Betty's big day with our news."

"No…No…I understand," said Daniel. "Wow! I just can't believe this."

"Well, there is more," said Tyler, took a deep breath. "Amanda's pregnant."

"This family is just getting bigger and bigger," said Daniel. He laughed. "So…how do you feel about it?"

"Well, I'm a nervous wreck," said Tyler.

"So, how did mom take the news?" said Daniel.

"She's thrilled," said Tyler. "And surprised. She figured that you would give her a grandchild before I would."

"I think Betty wants to wait a while," said Daniel, with a chuckle.

"Things happen unexpectedly sometimes," said Tyler. "Trust me."

"We will have to celebrate when you and Amanda get here," said Daniel. He heard the front door open.

"Sounds good," said Tyler.

"Betty's home," said Daniel. "I need to go. I'll talk to you soon."

"Well, give her my best," said Tyler. "We'll see you guys," He looked down at his wedding vows lying on the table, in front of him. Daniel hung up the phone.

"Hey, Sweetie," said Daniel. Betty put her bag down on the table, followed by her lap top case. "You are home early."

"Yeah!" said Betty.

He could see that things had not gone well, by the expression on her face. He made his way over to her. "You okay? You feeling okay?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah!" said Betty, as she felt his arms slip around her waist, pulling her closer. "It's been a really tough day…and it's not even lunch time."

"Let me guess….Sofia?" said Daniel. Betty nodded. "What did she say to you?"

"What didn't she say to me?" said Betty. He leaned and kissed her gently. "Who was on the phone?"

"It was Tyler," said Daniel. "He had some pretty big news."


"He and Amanda got married," said Daniel.

"Amanda and Tyler got married," said Betty. "Are you serious?"

"Yep," said Daniel. "And she's pregnant."

"What? "said Betty. "Pregnant…"

"It's crazy, isn't it?" said Daniel.

"I have a really hard time imagining Amanda pregnant," said Betty.

"I don't think there is going to be a junk food stash safe anywhere for the next 8 or 9 months," said Daniel.

"True," said Betty, disheartened.

"Are you sure you're okay?" said Daniel. "It seems like something is bothering you."

"I think I'm just tired," said Betty. "But I do need to talk to you."

"I knew that something was wrong," said Daniel. "What's wrong, Betty?"

"I have a new co-editor," said Betty.

"I know," said Daniel.

"You know?" said Betty. "How?"

"Sofia came to see me this morning," said Daniel. "She seemed pretty eager to tell me about Matt Hartley."

"She did?" said Betty. Daniel nodded. "She told you."

"How do you feel about that?" Daniel asked.

"I'm not really upset," said Betty. "I don't hate Matt. It's just I don't want you to think that I would ever…"

"Betty," said Daniel, as he placed his hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes. "I trust you. I know that you are it for me. Okay?"

"But…Daniel, she's trying to come between us," said Betty.

"And…we are getting married," said Daniel. "There is nothing that Sofia or Matt can do about it."

"There is something I need to tell you," said Betty. He quickly silenced her with a kiss.

"Its okay, Betty.," Daniel whispered. "I'm not going anywhere." He said this in such a reassuring and confident tone. "Okay."

She nodded gently.

"Have you finished your vows?" Daniel asked her.

"Yeah!" said Betty, softly.

"Then, I need you to pack your suitcase," said Daniel.

"What?" said Betty. "Why?"

"We are going to New York," said Daniel.

"Why?" said Betty.

"Because I know what Sofia is up to," said Daniel. "She's trying to keep us from getting married. I talked to a few people about our scheduling conflict and found out that she was behind it."

"Matt told me. He confessed everything," said Betty. She sighed. "I just…." Daniel took his hand, lifting her chin, so that he could look directly in her eyes.

"Betty, I don't care if you kissed Matt," said Daniel. "Well, I do care…but not enough to throw away what we have together."

"How?" said Betty. "How did you know?"

"Sofia seemed more than happy to show me the pictures, which made me, think that they are in on this together. It got me thinking." He pointed at the envelope on the table.

"I thought he was you," said Betty.

"You were set up," said Daniel.

"How can you be so calm about this?" said Betty.

"Betty, you know that I'm not perfect," said Daniel. "You know all my faults and you love me anyway. I would be a fool to get mad over something that I know really doesn't matter. I would be a fool to throw our love away…because I love you so much, Betty. I fell for Sofia's scheming once. I'm not going to let it happen again."

"So…you want to elope?" said Betty. He caressed her cheek, as she looked up at him. She couldn't believe that she had kept this from him, but she was so thankful that he was so willing to forgive her.

"If you want to," said Daniel.

"What about work?" said Betty.

"Well, I guess we are just really lucky that you have a co-editor to take care of things for you, while you are away," said Daniel, with a chuckle. "I think you could call in sick, let Matt take care of everything with Sofia, while I whisk you away for a quick wedding with our family."

"What about our wedding that we planned?" said Betty.

"Well, if we go to New York, everyone won't have to come here," said Daniel. "We were going to have to find a new venue here anyway, which is going to be impossible at this point. I think this just proves that we need to go back home to get married."

"This is crazy," said Betty.

"Come on," said Daniel. "It's perfect. There is a plane leaving for New York in a few hours. We can get our marriage license and be married on Saturday."

"Well, give me a few minutes," said Betty, with a smile. "I need to pack."

"Let me help you," said Daniel, seductively. He kissed her softly, and then deepened the kiss. Finally, Betty broke away.

She giggled, as she made her way to the bedroom. "If you help, we might never make it to the airport."

"Oh, My God!" said Claire, as she hung up the phone. She entered the living room where Amanda and Tyler were watching a movie.

"What?" said Tyler, looking at his mother.

"That was Daniel," said Claire.

"I just got off the phone with him," said Tyler, "Like 20 minutes ago."

"He and Betty are headed for the airport," said Claire. "They want to get married this Saturday."

"This Saturday," said Amanda, with a spoon full of ice cream in her mouth.

"Yes!" said Claire. "This Saturday!"

"He didn't say anything about that when I talked to him," said Tyler.

"I've got to call Hilda," said Claire.

"I'll call Marc," said Amanda, as she reached for her cell phone.

"We don't have much time," said Claire. "We have two days to put a wedding together."

"What's the hurry?" said Amanda. "Did he say why?"

"No. They were in the cab and said they would explain everything when they arrived," said Claire. "Right now, we have a lot of work to do."

Daniel and Betty made their plane for New York, with a few minutes to spare. They hesitantly packed, hoping they didn't forget anything.

"Did you get our wedding rings?" Betty asked.

"Yes!" said Daniel. "I have them in my pocket for safe keeping."

"I called Christina," said Betty. "She is going to be on a flight first thing in the morning with my wedding dress."

"Mom is taking care of everything else," said Daniel. "We just need to get our marriage license."

"How did your mom take it?" said Betty. "Was she okay with the rush wedding?"

"I don't think she really cares," said Daniel. "She just wants us married."

"I called Matt and he said that he would take care of Sofia…and hold her off," said Betty.

"Once we are married, there is nothing that she can do about it," said Daniel.

"Exactly," said Betty. She leaned over and kissed him.

Matt was swamped. He was doing everything possible to cover for Betty, since he got the call that she was going to be out for the rest of the week. He knew he had to do this to make up for the damage that he done. He needed to do this so that Betty and Daniel could pull this off.

"Have you heard from Betty?" said Sofia. "I checked her office and it doesn't look like she has been in today."

"She called in," said Matt.

"Well, she was ill the other day," said Sofia. "

"She's probably going to be out for a few days. She sounded horrible when I talked to her," said Matt.

"Well, that just throws everything off," said Sofia. "Maybe I could call Daniel and see if he wants to have lunch and discuss some business, since Betty is so sick."

"I think he is taking her to the doctor," said Matt.

"Well, don't forget," said Sofia. "We have to finalize all the paperwork with Mr. Dunn tomorrow afternoon."

"I'll be there," said Matt. Sofia quickly walked away. With Daniel and Betty safely on the way to New York, he knew that he just had to hold her off a bit longer. Then, he would be rid of her for good. After this, she would know that she should not mess with a Hartley or someone that he cared about.

Daniel and Betty arrived at the mansion, with the bags in hand. They walked through the door. The long trip was one that was worth it. It also made them realize that London may not be where they were mean to be. Having to jump on a plane to see the people they loved was getting to be too much. Every trip home made them miss New York more.

"Betty!" said Amanda.

"Amanda!" said Betty, as she was enveloped into a hug by Amanda. "Uh…Amanda, I can't breathe."

"Oh! Sorry!" said Amanda, as she finally released her. "I wouldn't want to hurt the babies."

"Babies?" said Betty.

"My baby and your baby," said Amanda. "I can't believe it."

"What are you talking about?" said Betty. She looked over at Daniel, who just shrugged his shoulders.

"You aren't pregnant?" said Amanda.

"Pregnant?" said Daniel. Claire and Tyler stand back and watch, in amusement. "Betty's not pregnant."

"Uh…of course I'm not," said Betty.

"Well, you are just glowing," said Amanda. "It must be the excitement of getting married."

"Then, why the rush?" said Tyler.

"Sofia was trying to sabotage our wedding," said Daniel.

"Sofia?" said Tyler. "Who's that?"

"She's Daniel's former fiancée," said Amanda. "She totally humiliated him on national television. It was horrible and I beat the crap out of her for it."

"You did?" said Tyler.

"Uh…yeah," said Amanda.

"Thanks for the recap, Amanda," said Daniel. "It's ancient history. Anyway, she took over Dunn Publications with the help of Matt Hartley."

"My brother," said Tyler.

"Yeah!" said Betty. "But, he is helping us now. Keeping her distracted why we come back here and get married."

"Well, we better get some rest," said Daniel. "We are both exhausted and it's been a long day…and we have a lot to do tomorrow."

"Yes! We do," said Betty, as she followed Daniel upstairs to their room.

Betty emerged from the bathroom, in her pajamas. She saw Daniel already in bed, waiting for her. She crawled into bed next to him.

"I can't believe that Amanda thought you were pregnant," said Daniel.

"Well, it is pretty easy to draw that conclusion," said Betty. "I mean, that is one of the reasons that Tyler and she got married."

"It's not the only reason," said Daniel. "I think they are going to be really happy together."

"I know," said Betty.

"And so are we," said Daniel, pulling her closer.

"In less than 48 hours, we are going to be husband and wife," said Betty, beamed. She took his hand, entwining her fingers with his. She snuggled up close to him.

"I'm so glad that we are doing this. Getting married here," said Daniel. "It just seems right."

"I know. We should have done this in the first place," said Betty. "Planning a wedding an ocean away from everyone we love was crazy."

"You know. Betty, I've been thinking," said Daniel. "We don't know what is waiting for us back in London. It is going to be almost impossible working for Dunn Publications with Sofia, in charge."

"I was thinking about that too," said Betty.

"I don't want you to have to deal with her," said Daniel. "I know you would be professional, but I don't think she would be."

"Matt said he was going to take care of it," said Betty. "He promised."

"Sofia is capable of anything," said Daniel. "I think we know that. I think we should come back to New York."

"It's an option. I guess," said Betty.

"I know how much you miss being with your family," said Daniel.

She nodded. "I do. I just feel like if I come back. If I quit, I'll be a failure."

"You are not a failure," said Daniel. "You are amazing." Betty smiled.

"But…how about we just deal with it when we get back? I just want to concentrate on the next step in our personal lives….not our professional ones."

"Okay!" said Daniel. "I can deal with that. But…" said Daniel. Then, Betty shut Daniel up with kiss. After all, this was the last night they would be spending together until after they were married.

The look on Sofia's face was priceless, as he watched her from across the table. She flipped through the paperwork that he had handed to her.

"My name isn't on any of these documents," said Sofia.

"You don't own anything," said Matt.

"What do you mean?" said Sofia. "We had a deal."

"Well, you didn't exactly make things easy for me," said Matt. "You thought you had power over me. Well, you showed me your hand…before the paperwork complete or the money was transferred. With the help of my father, I had a few things changed."

"What about the photos?" said Sofia. "Betty is going to find out what you did."

"Betty and Daniel know everything," said Matt. "You really underestimated me…and even Daniel for that matter. Daniel didn't care about that kiss. He knows that Betty loves him."

"I thought you loved her," said Sofia.

"I do love her," said Matt. "I also know that when you love someone, sometimes you have to let them go. Betty and Daniel are happy together. As for you, you will never be happy."

"You are such an idiot," said Sofia.

"No, you are the fool here," said Matt, as he looked at his watch. "Daniel and Betty are in the process of preparing for the wedding….in New York."

"That's impossible," said Sofia. Matt laughed.

"I did my homework," said Matt. "It seems that the only reason you wanted to get your hooks into Daniel Meade was for his money. It seems that you owned a lot of money to a lot of people when your last publication failed."

"I don't know what you are talking about," said Sofia.

"Ahh…well," said Matt. "It really doesn't matter. I played your game. I won. Now, I suggest that you pack you things and get out of my building before I have security kick you out."

"Your building?" said Sofia.

"Yes!" said Matt. "I own Dunn Publications now."

Marc, Justin and Troy were rummaging in The Closet, looking for a few things to take back to the mansion.

"Amanda needs some shoes," said Marc. "Could you grab those pink ones?"

"Can't Amanda buy her own shoes?" said Troy. "She is married to Tyler now, whose mother is Claire Meade."

"Like there is time for that," said Justin. "Christina has to do alternations on 3 dresses by the end of the day. I don't think Amanda, my mom or Betty are going to be able to escape." Justin continued to look through the racks of clothes. "Oh….We need shoes for Aunt Betty too."

"She and Amanda are the same size," said Marc. "Troy, go get those white shoes on the shelf over there." Troy walks over to grab the shoes.

"What is going on in here?" said Wilhelmina, sternly. The three froze where they stood.

"Nothing," said Marc, as he holds the shoes behind his back.

"I don't believe you," said Wilhelmina, giving him a skeptical look. "I know when you are up to something."

"What makes you think that?" said Marc.

"Well, you haven't been in your office all morning," said Wilhelmina. "Plus, I haven't been able to reach Claire. She seems to be missing."

"Nope…she's not missing," said Justin. "She's…."

"She's in a meeting across town," said Marc. "A really long meeting."

"You are lying to me, Marc," said Wilhelmina. She then looks over at Justin. "Also, shouldn't you be in school."

"It's a holiday," said Justin.

"What holiday would that be?" said Wilhelmina. She looks back at Marc.

"Fine…." Marc spilled. "Daniel and Betty are getting married tomorrow. They just wanted to keep it quiet. They are getting married at 2:00 at the Meade Mansion…do you need the address?"

Wilhelmina just smiled and left the room, without another word.

"How does she do that?" said Marc. "She always knows how to get the truth out of me."

"It's a gift," said Justin.

Daniel walks her to her bedroom, where she will be staying the night before the wedding. They were still in shock about the news being leaked about their wedding. "I can't believe that our wedding is all over the news," said Betty. "Who do you think leaked it to Suzuki?"

"Who knows?" said Daniel. "It doesn't really matter. They are going to know soon enough. Anyway, there is no way they are getting inside here tomorrow," said Daniel. "It's just family and friends." Daniel leans in and kisses her. His arms wrapped around her waist.

"I can't believe that in the morning. We are getting married," said Betty. "I'm really glad that we didn't wait."

"Me too," said Daniel.

"Daniel…." said Betty. "I love you so much."

"I am going to be the best husband to you," said Daniel. "And the best father to our children…when you are ready."

"Well, it's funny that you bring that up," said Betty, with a shy smile. "I think I'm ready."

"What?" said Daniel. "Really? I thought you weren't ready for that."

"Amanda got me thinking the other night," said Betty. "Plus, you know that I haven't been feeling very well at all."

"What are you saying?" said Daniel.

"I'm already pregnant," said Betty.

"How?" said Daniel.

"With everything going on," said Betty. "I….forgot to take my birth control a few times. I know that's not like me at all. I never forget things like that….but there has been so much going on. I just hope you aren't mad at…."

"Betty!" said Daniel. "You're rambling." He smiled, as he looked in her eyes.

"Sorry!" said Betty. "I'm just nervous."

"Betty, I could never be mad at you," said Daniel. "You are having our baby." He smiled.

"I'm so glad," said Betty, as a wave of relief swept over her. "I just thought you wanted to wait until we were married."

"Well…we will be in about 12 hours," said Daniel. He looked into her eyes. "Not everything in life is planned, Betty. I never expected you to come into my life. I never expected for you to change my life completely the way you did. I never expected to fall in love with you, or that you would love me back. Life is full of unexpected surprises. I think this is a pretty great one."

"I love you," said Betty.

"I love you too," said Daniel. "Have you told anyone yet?"

"Just Hilda and Christina," said Betty. "I made them swear not to tell anyone, until we tell everyone…..after the wedding."

"Probably a good idea," said Daniel. "If you told Amanda, then half of New York would know."

"Well, we should get some sleep," said Betty, as she back up to the door. Daniel gently pressed up against her.

"Are you sure that I can't stay with you tonight?" said Daniel, as he kissed her on the neck. "I believe we need to celebrate."

"We will get plenty of celebration later," said Betty. "I promise." Then, he kissed her one more time, before they finally managed to say good night.

The next day, Daniel stood at the in the end of the aisle, waiting for Betty. He looked around at their friends and family that were gathered to watch as he and Betty took the next step and began a new chapter in their lives together.

When he saw Betty appear at the end of the aisle, he felt his heart race. She was so beautiful in the dress that Christina had designed. As Ignacio walked her down the aisle towards him, he couldn't help but to think of all the moment that had led them to this one. The good times and the bad times.

As they recited their vows, they promised to love each other for the rest of their lives. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Daniel and Betty exchanged rings and were pronounced husband and wife.