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"Where am I?" Sarah thought to herself. Through all her training and experience waking up in a strange room always made her nervous. She sat up and looked around the room. She was laying on a wonderfully plush couch, the room seemed to be a living room of sorts, with pictures above a fireplace that had a warm fire dancing on top of a bundle of logs. She smelled a combination of cinnamon and something cooking in the kitchen.

Where am I? She thought again, she had never seen this place before. It was definitely set up better then the one time she woke up in that jail cell in Jakarta, but that was ages ago.

In the back of her brain a slow pain began to creep into her consciousness, pain, remorse, dread, guilt all hit at one time. Chuck, her Chuck was dead. Her last memories hit her like a ton of bricks, seeing Ellie crying over Chucks casket as it was lowered into the ground.

Chuck was dead. She still could not believe it. After the 5 years of working together, the countless missions. The torture each had gone though in their game of will they or wont they. Those wonderful days on the train. The beautiful wedding on the same beach where Sarah asked Chuck to trust her when they first met. The honeymoon that turned into a mad dash of kissing and exploring each other before Chuck flashed on the North Korean spy. The beautiful, wonderful, fantastic grin that just turned her into a bowl of jelly, he grinned when he saw the little plus sign on her pregnancy test.

Then she remembered Casey's face when he ran into the Orange Orange on what had been another slow day. She knew something was wrong, even before he said anything. She had never seen so much pain in his eyes. "Chuck...car wreck" was all he could get out.

Sarah had opened her mouth to ask how bad, but the words just couldn't come out. She just looked at Casey till he said 2 words she would remember as long as she lived. "He's dead."

The next week flew as all the pain hit her wave after wave, not being able to see Chuck's body because of that idiot truck driver who was speeding and lost control of his rig hitting the nerd hearder head on. Having Ellie run over to her wailing how sorry she was. The anguish and guilt she felt because she couldn't even cry during the funereal. Her damn training and her jackass of a father that prevented her from even crying at the funereal. The pain in her chest that wouldn't go away when she was laying in their bed where they shared so many wonderful memories. She heard Morgans words as he delivered her beloved Chuck's eulogy. "Chuck will be missed, not because of his deeds, but because he cared more for others then himself. "

The powerful feeling of heartache as Morgan looked directly at her and said "he will be missed because he was a fantastic husband."

"Most of all he will be remembered as he was a epic Frienn..." It was in the middle of this last word that he could say no more. He just looked at the closed casket and walked to Sarah giving her a hug.

In her career Sarah had been had been shot, stabbed maced, kicked, even attacked by a guard dog, but nothing compared to the heartache she was feeling. It was during this pain a small quiet groan slipped out of her lips.

Once she heard herself she quickly swung her legs out thinking that she had to be ready to defend us since she did not know where she was. She was a spy after all right. She had enemies.

Us, why did I think us? It was then the whole picture came into view. A lone tear slid down her face as she rubbed her abdomen where Chucks baby was growing inside her. "Where am I?" She quietly whispered.

"In my home Agent Walker."

Sarah swiveled her head 90 degrees to see her boss General Dianne Beckman come out of the kitchen.

"How did I get to D.C.?" Sarah said bewildered. " The last thing I remember is Chu. the casket being lowered into the ground." Sarah quietly scolded herself. She always looked up to Beckman, no matter how many times they disagreed over the love of her life.

"I didn't say you were in D.C. You are in my home in California."

It had been a long time since Agent Sarah Walker had been so confused. Not only could she not remember how she got there, but she could never remember anyone meeting the head of the nsa in her home. What was going on? Why was she there? How did she get there? So many questions, but there was only one thing she could say. " Where is the bathroom, I think I am going to be sick!"

Sarah Bartowski looked in the mirror after her most recent bout with morning sickness, except it wasn't the damn morning. If only she could take something for this ache she felt, but just heard Ellie's voice in her head scolding her for thinking of taking something that might hurt the baby.

Well, she had delayed long enough in here, and she needed a lot of questions answered. She grabbed the door nob and entered the living room. Beckman was sitting in a chair about 5 feet from the couch she had just been sleeping in.

Sarah looked around the room, relying on training to help her get through this. She was in a complete unknown environment, which she absolutely hated, but she could think of no way out.

"Why don't you sit down Sarah, I know you're tired. " Beckman said in a soft voice.

Now Sarah was even more confused, this was not the fire-eater she had come to know. After knowing the General for 7 years now, she had never seen her supervisor ask her to do anything.

"How long have you had this house?" Sarah asked not knowing what else to say at the moment as she sat down on the couch.

"This house has been the family house for 80 years. I don't own it, it is the house my family uses whenever we need to be away from our business." Beckman paused for a second looked directly at Sarah, but not with the eyes of the head of the NSA, but with the eyes of a friend who was worried about a friend.

"I am surprised that is the question that you asked me. The old agent Walker would have tried to get as much information as possible, as quickly as possible."

"To be honest General, I am no longer Agent Walker I am agent Bartowski." Sarah said wincing at the thought of even remembering Chucks name.

Beckman looked directly at Sarah and told her, "You're name is one of the reasons we are here."

She instantly felt anger replacing the pain she was feeling. She counted to 5 before telling her boss, " What does my name have anything to do with anything."

Sarah tried to have the sternest looks she could when she finished, but what happened next caught her off guard.

"Hows the baby?"

"H H How did you know?" Sarah looked left and right, looking for an exit. There was no way anyone was going to do anything to hurt her baby. She took a deep breath and realized it was "Casey" she muttered.

"Sarah, it's OK, if you want to have a baby I will be the first person to fight anyone thinking otherwise."

Dammit Sarah thought to herself why does she keep calling me Sarah. Hey wait what did she just say?