10 Moments Left

Learn You Inside Out

"...Its like a drabble series, but with moments between Abby and Reid. All moments inspired (I think!) by LifeHouse songs. Great band, really. Pleaz R&R!"

Spencer Reid let the stranger close, knowing that this was what they both needed.

"I...I don't want to know your name. I just want to know that you'll let me talk, and you'll let me listen to you talk. I want to know about your day- to help you- but I don't want to set either of us up to get hurt." she said across from him, sipping her coffee every once in a while.

"The perfect stranger relationship." Reid nodded. "It's probably for the best."

"Why do you say that?" she asked.

"Because I don't think you'd like me very much once you got to know me." She just nodded, not seeming a bit afraid.

"You first." Reid prompted. And so the stranger started talking, as if she'd known Reid all her life...

Their venting times became a weekly event- always meeting at the local coffee shop as they talked about their days. Never once did they give names, places, occupations, or any such track-able information. Everything was kept top-secret, but they gave enough details away to help the other person get out whatever needed to be let out of their minds.

"And so my friend said that I was an idiot- blamed me for everything that happened! Like I could have stopped him from getting killed!" the girl exclaimed, wiping at tears.

As much as Reid wanted to say something, he knew he couldn't. That was part of the deal. You let the other person talk and never say a word in return. She motioned to Reid, signaling it was his turn to talk.

"He doesn't trust me anymore; I can't blame him, really. I don't deserve it, but he could at least pretend not to hate me..."

The pattern continued for months on end, until one day Reid didn't show up.

Abby Scuito frowned as she looked around the cafe; he wasn't here.

"Um, excuse me. Miss?" the young man behind the counter called. Abby shot back around to look at the man before walking over to him as he beckoned her. "A certain young gentleman called me today. He asked me to do him a favor. He told me to give this letter to the goth-looking chic that he's always in here with and give her this flower." He handed the items to Abby, who nodded a thank you to the man.

She sat down at her usual seat and examined the rose. She immediately realized that her friend had hand painted the roses black. 'I guess he was paying attention.' she thought with a smile, thinking back to the time she had told him that Alice in Wonderland was one of her favorites. She sat down the rose and opened the envelope. When she opened it, a letter laid inside:

"Sorry I couldn't join you. Don't worry, it's something you'll be hearing about soon enough. In the meantime, how was your day? Write it down and give it to the cashier. We've reached a mutual agreement.

Yours truly,"

She could see the blob of ink-out where he had scribbled out his name, most likely writing it out of habit. She smiled to herself and picked up her pen.

'Today was lonely without you...'

"...Yes, I will be talking more about their little charade in the cafe. The next one will be based off the same song, just so you know (see chap title). Pleaz R&R?"