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10 Moments Left-Epilogue

Sick Cycle Carousal

About Two Years Later

Dr. Spencer and Abby Reid lived in a two-story house made of dark brown and blue bricks in the middle of Virginia's suburbia, conveniently located almost exactly the same distance between the BAU and NCIS Headquarters. Abby was three months pregnant and happier than ever. Her team was doing well, but nothing much had changed in the NCIS building.

In the BAU, on the other hand, much had changed. Prentiss and her boyfriend had set a wedding date, and she planned to quit the BAU to help grow his 'going green' business. JJ had gotten a job with more manageable hours than the BAU. She worked for the local police department making just a little less than she had at the BAU, but she was so much more happier. Kevin and Garcia had broken up, but she was now in a steady relationship with the BAU's very own Derek Morgan.

After cases, Abby and Garcia had a tendency to 'magically' show up at the bar or restaurant where the BAU had gone to relax after cases. No one on the team minded, though, because they helped the team get through the case. Abby was glued at Reid's side, whispering comforting words or trying to distract him from the case. He was grateful that he had Abby to help him through the rough patches that he faced with his jobs, and Morgan was just as glad that he finally had Garcia for himself.

"Hey, how are you doing?" Abby asked one day after a particularly rough case. Young children were being kidnapped and murdered, and the BAU hadn't managed to save the last child- a young boy by the name of James.

"I'm…..managing" Reid sighed, offering Abby a very fake, very forced smile. "It helps having you here to talk with me about it. Us both being in law enforcement helps in situations like this, you know. We both understand just how demanding our jobs can be, and it helps to know that we can talk about it with each other and we'll both understand." Reid added.

"Yeah, I like that perk about our relationship, too." Abby agreed before placing a small kiss on Reid's cheek. She, like Reid, had used their little 'perk' on more than one occasion, but neither of them mind. They both understood the emotional toll working in law enforcement could take on a person, and it was nice to be able to talk to someone privately about it that didn't go through the same cases everyday and have that constant reminder of the hurt a certain case had caused staring at you all day and asking if you were okay. With talking to it with a lover who worked in a similar field of work as yourself, you could help work through things much more privately and still have the same understanding.

For the rest of dinner time, everyone was silent. Abby and Reid stayed where they were, hand-in-hand, as the rest of the team finished eating.

The next week, Abby was two months to being due. They were going to have a son, a nameless son. The name of their first-born was still up for debate for the two of them, and neither of them were pushing any names until they saw their son. They had a few names in mind, though-such names as Jasper, Jason, Edward, Marshal, and about ten other names. "Like I said," Abby had explained, "I want to keep an open mind about this. I mean, what if we get too set on naming him something specifically, but when we see him, he ends up looking like another name? Like, what if he has one blond strand of hair on his head? You don't name a blond kid Jasper or Marshal-well, that's what my parents used to say."

"I know Abby, I know." Reid would laugh. After sharing a quick look of understanding, they were carry on doing what that had been before they had been driven off-topic.

A week before Abby was due, Reid got a call-from a hospital in Colorado. Apparently, Jason Gideon had passed away the night before due to an undiagnosed cancer. They believed he had had the lung cancer for at least six years, but due to too-quick and too-rare doctor's appointments, it was never caught. The day after the call had came in, Abby gave birth to their first child- Jason Michael Reid.

Three years after the birth of Jason, Reid and Abby were still working at their rightful federal offices. Rossi and Gibbs had both retired, though, but other than that, very little had changed. Later that third year, Abby became pregnant with their second child- a daughter they would come to name Alex Marie Reid. The Reid house hold moved a year later to another two-story house that had two extra rooms and a bigger back and front yard.

The rest of their lives were somehow happy and much more peaceful than the years beforehand. As their children grew up, so did Abby and Reid. They learned more about life and love than they ever had before, and they couldn't have been more happy. Reid retired from the BAU at age 59, Abby from NCIS at 57. Their house paid-off, their children grown up, they lived in suburbia with an unsettling silence that had entered their lives after their children had moved away. For the major holidays and the occasional weekends they would come back and visit, but their visits were too infrequent and spread apart for their parents' taste. Abby and Reid understood though, knowing that they now had lives and responsibilities of their own. A few years after their youngest child left home, Jason stopped by for a surprise visit with his wife Mary and their twin sons Daniel and David. Two years after their visit, Alex stopped by with her husband Grayson and her son Jasper. Jason and Mary came along with Alex, announcing that they were going to have a third child they would come to name Maribyle Jackson.

Throughout the years, Abby and Reid enjoyed visits from their children and grandchildren, smiles on their faces and hands in each other's hands. Once a month, Abby and Reid would meet up with their teams for a late dinner, a time that they always treasured. Their lives had turned out well, too.

A year after their last grandchild, Maribyle Jackson, was born, Abby and Reid decided it was time to move. They settled in at their new house along a running river in a less-crowded part of Virginia. They were a few miles away from Quantico, but they were much happier in their newest and final home. They would live in the small white house for the rest of their lives, dying at an old age in each other's arms.

Even though the beginning of their lives had been filled with danger and challenges, their lives had become very peaceful and relaxing as they aged. They laughed as they shared stories and memories, their troubles placed aside. In the end, fate had been on their side.

And they couldn't have been happier.

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