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Warnings(for this chapter): genderbending and under-aged drinking

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The meeting was dead boring as usual. I watched as Arthur and Francis bickered back and forth. They acted so much like an old married couple that it wasn't even funny. Twirling a piece of hair I just laid on the table zoning out into my own little world. My head resting upon my one shoulder and the other stretched across the table.

"Alfred you twit! Don't fall asleep in the middle of conference – it's rude,"England snarled.

I gave an unintelligent grunt and closed my eyes.

"Arthur mon ami, be nice to cher America~" cooed France.

"Oh shut up you bloody frog!"

France frowned,"Mes Arthur that isn't very nice."

"I'll show you nice!

And they started arguing all over again.

I was just about to fall asleep till I felt a poke on my shoulder. Whining I tried to shoo away whoever it was with my hand. Another poke. Okay really, the person disturbing my sleep – was gonna pay.

"What'da you want!" I shouted whirling around.

"Evening, comrade~"

I should of known.

"Yes, Russia?"


"...what do you need,Russia?"

He smiled,"Just wanted to speak with my comrade, да Amerika?"

"Whatever." I mumbled.

My eyes began to close again till I felt another poke. Oh Braginski your a dead man.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

I growled turning around to glare at the older man.

"Ah~ Your awake now,да ?"

I frowned,"Unfortunately."

"You come with me for a chat, да comrade?"

"I'd rather sleep really."

He grinned,"That was not a question, Amerika."

I started at him. Russia could be a creepy,deranged,terrifying freak when he wanted too. When this happens, it is usually best to go along with what he wants. Usually. Unless he is all 'be one with me' – then you book it.

"Um...where would we be going?"

Suddenly Russia grabbed my hand and dragged me out the door. Or more correctly described dragged me – skipping out the door. The man is the definition of weird I tell you. As we exited the building he pushed me into a car; then slid in beside me.

"Russia." I tried again.

He shoved a finger to my face,"Shush Amerika."

My eyes narrowed – no one told Alfred F. Jones to shush! I am America – a powerful nation – not some child to be bossed around.

"You did not ju-" before I finished a hand clamped over my mouth.


I wiggled trying to pry his hands from my face as he told directions to the driver. After a while he released and let me go – wait no – Russia got tired from upholding my amazing strength – um yeah...that's it.

"Finally!" I gasped for breath. "What were you doing, trying to kill me?"

"Nyet. Though I might if you don't remain quiet, да?"

I rolled my eyes and turned to the window attempting to figure out where we were. Nothing really looked familiar to me, and it wasn't like I could asked – seeing how I'm stuck with a crazy Russian. Slowly I began to drift off, I've been doing that a lot lately. Watching building after building blur past could get dreadfully boring, why do people like to drive again?

"We are here, да~"

Why god, why? I groaned as he practically pushed me out the door and into some building. There were flashing lights from every corner. Music blasted from above and many people ran around nosily. It

took a moment for my brain to process, but I knew exactly where we were.



"This is a bar," I told him.

He smiled,"да, I know."

"I'm nineteen."


I sighed turning to face him,"I'm not old enough to drink yet you stupid commie!"

"They don't know that."

My eye twitched. Stupid. Stubborn. Russian.

He walked along disappearing into some room.

"H-Hey! Wait up!" I whined running after him.

I bumped into a few people mumbling apologies as I went. Soon I found the door that he entered and reached for the handle. Quickly I followed only to collide with some huge object, which caused me to fall back onto my butt.

"Be more careful, Amerika."

I pouted, checks flushed red,"W-well maybe if your fat butt wasn't in the way!"

"You ran into my chest," he pointed out."Besides, how would you know my butt is 'fat'?"

"I-I-I – that's not the point!" I stammered."Your fat anyways so you would have to have a-"

"Amerika," he purred cutting me off.

"Um – yeah?"

He leaned in,"What we're saying?"

"'re a perfectly fit person?"

Russia smiled ruffling my hair,"You're too kind, Alfred~"

I grunted as he walked away to sit in an old booth. The room was empty unlike the previous one before it.

"Why is it so..."

"It's used for business only, да?"

I blinked,"What are we doing then?"

"Why talking of course you silly American!"

I rolled my eyes and sat down beside him. Russia began to poor drinks and handed one to me.

"I'm not-"


I began to sip at the beverage trying to ignore his heavy gaze. The guy needs to seriously learn how to take no for an answer. After I was half way done everything seemed to feel a little weird.

"Wha..." my tongue slipped."What is it?"

he was drinking out of a bottle already more than half way gone. As he pulled away the Russian gave the same old smile.

"Vodka of course, Amerika."

Groaning my head felt a little fuzzy when the whole glass was gone. He slowly poured some more into my glass until it was full once more.

"This is fun, да?"

"... да"

"S-Soooooo he s-sayss 'Americaaaa y-you're s-such a wanker!' what does t-that meannn a-a-anyways!" I shouted.

Russia nodded pouring a little more for me and drank a few cups full himself.

"H-he always t-treats me like a c-c-child!" I whimpered leaning against the other.

I felt an arm slip around my waist,"England can be a bit...sure of himself at times, да?"

"Mmmmmhmmmmm..." I grunted resting my head on his shoulder.


I giggled,"Wha?"

"Seems that you're a bit drunk, да?"

I grinned,"Maybe, I am."

Russia raised an eyebrow as I grew an inch from his face. I only smiled leaning to kiss him straight on the lips.

"You're...wasted, comrade."


My head throbbed soon as the light hit my eyes. Sitting up I notice once thing. It was really really cold. Why was it so cold? I looked down – oh – that's why.


I screamed.

"Something wrong, Amerika?"

"O-Of course something is wrong!" I howled. "Where are my clothes?"

He handed me wrinkled mess of a pile and quickly as possible I put them on.

"W-Why didn't you – you let me – why – ugh!"

Russia smiled brushing a few hairs from my face,"It is not proper to disturb a lady in her sleep"

I groaned burring my face. Sleep sounded so much better at the moment.

"Amerika~"he purred."Don't cry – I can keep a secret, да."

I sniffed,"Wasn't cryin'!"

He only smiled pulling me closer,"Oh course not."

"Clothes!" I squeaked pushing him away."Put some clothes on!"

He reached for the scattered outfit below," да, sorry."

I watched hi pull on some pants, quickly looking away when our eyes meet. Checking for all my clothes I grabbed the jacket laying on the floor holding it close to my chest.

"So..."I mumbled.

He looked at me, warping the scarf around his neck.


"What'da you want..."

He titled his head,"I don't understand comrade."

"You said you would keep it a secret – what do you want!"

"Ah. Only one thing."

Oh lord what could he want, my mind was racing.




Or maybe even-

"A date."

I stared at him,"W-What?"

"Go on a date with me, да?"

"You gotta be..."I trailed off."Fine."

He giggled clapping his hands together,"Good, good Amerika!"

I knew I was so going to regret this later.

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Translations - in order(now please forgive if I'm wrong but these are from the internet and you can't really write countries without use a little bit of their original language)

mon ami - my friend

cher - dear

Mes - my my

да - yes

Nyet - no