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I half expected for him to get up and start strangling me or something. Damn my paranoia. I shook my head to push the thoughts away. All he did was stare at the ceiling and tap his feet. I bit my lip considering if this was a good sign or a bad one. He was expecting me to start the contestation. Like I knew anymore than he did!

"I don't know!" I snapped. "We just need to…talk."

He played with his scarf a little, "To begin with…are you…mad at me?"

"What?" I asked a little loud and he jumped. "I mean…why would I be?"

Ivan sighed tugging on the fabric more before gesturing to my stomach, "Well…you are…pregnant now."

"Yeah it's not like you knew or planned it…I mean…you didn't plan this, right?" I narrowed my eyes.

He jumped, "No…No I didn't I mean… but a baby sounds…and," he trailed off mumbling and pulling the scarf up.

"Ivan…I can't understand you," I pointed out.

Russia sighed, "Having a child would…be nice…if you're gonna keep it that is."

"…Yes…I'm totally gonna be the type of person to not keep the baby," I said sarcastically. "Are…are you going to stick around and help? Or should I tell Mexico that he can because I can assure you he'd be…more than happy to help."

Ivan growled at that, "When is he going to leave? This is none of his business! This is my child and-"

"Our." I snarled. "Don't you even think you can just walk off with the kid or I'll blow your entire nation up."

He winced, "I am sorry…I did not mean it that way…it can be our little baby да?"

"Hmph. You stayin' or what?" I asked.

"I would love to stay…if it does not bother you." He sighed, "I had just figured…you were angry with me."

I laughed, "I thought you were angry with me! We didn't know it would happen. Why would I?"

"The cold war-"

I remembered the dream, "The war is over! Over! I don't know why everyone...just…damn it."

Basically I broke down sobbing and covered my face before curling up. Ivan was cussing in Russian and I'm pretty sure he knocked down the chair or something. He tugged at my hands trying to pull them away from my face.

"Come on Amelia…please do not cry? I am sure several people would have my head," he chuckled nervously. "Did the war bug you that badly?"

Dropping my hands I looked at him. Looked at him exactly how I should. Like he was fucking insane.

"Did it…Of course it did!" I screeched. "Y-You would think after how good friends we were and then you being all 'I'm gonna blow you now да?' would be a little traumatizing!"

"I never said it like that…" he mumbled.

"You could of! Actually - it would have been a lot easier if you did!"

Ivan sighed and I tried to recoil up again, but his hands were keeping mine from moving. I stubbornly tugged for a moment but gave in when his grip tightened.

He patted my head and stood, "The times were…difficult. I never really…"

Ivan trailed off after that. He seemed to give up on words because he just picked me up and walked into the living room. I sniffled and nuzzled into his scarf…it smelled all girly. I would have to save that question for later. When he was about to drop me on the couch I clung harder. So…Ivan sat down and I made myself comfortable.

"I'm bein' annoying' as Mex," I mumbled into his neck.

"I do not mind really," he shrugged and stuffed his nose into my hair.

"This has not been a good few days," I whipped my eyes before looking at Ivan. "A-and I cried 'cuz of stupid hormones."

He only smiled and laughed quietly into my hair.


Russia shifted so we both were laying down. Yawning, I closed my eyes and listened to the washer hum in the background. Between it and his heartbeat I was already falling back asleep. The silence continued for a moment before I could tell he was going to say something.

"What do you think…they'll.." he began and stopped.

I turned to look up at him, "Well…a boy would probably be a mini-Russia but with my awesome personality."

He rolled his eyes and said, "I was hoping the big ego was part of the acting for Alfred."

"Nah. It's still there. Just not as…full blown," I mused.

Ivan snorted, "What a shame."

"Come one, you wouldn't of hung around when I was younger if I was that bad. You've love my personality~!"

He raised an eyebrow, "Do you think that?"


"Well, you were quite nicer back then…"

"You sound like Iggy!" I pointed out.

Ivan made a face of disgust, "Oh I hope not."

"Well - you do~"

Ivan gave me this very strange but familiar look and I huffed, "Don't you dare start 'kolkol'ing me Braginski."

"What makes you think I was going to do that?"

I rolled my eyes, replying sarcastically, "A lucky guess I suppose."

"Lucky guess of - oh mi dios!" Mexico let out a girly scream.

I looked up at him, "When did you?" I looked at Ivan. "We aren't.."

I gave up and hid my face as Mexico started on a rampage how Russia was molesting me. Ivan getting irritated pushed me off and I fell to the floor. And you know did I ever tell you that floor are hard? Because they are.

"Ow…" I whined sitting up.

Russia frowned and tired to say something but Mex shot off several insults his way and ran over to me. He helped me up to my feet and then dragged me off into the kitchen.

"What did he do?" Mex snapped.

"Nothing," I sighed. "Let me go Tito."

Alberto paused and then stepped away - surprising me really. Usually he would be more…prescient.



He watched as Ivan brought the groceries in and sat them on the table. Mexico glared, fists clenched.

"Yes, Mexico?" He smiled innocently.

Alberto shook his head and focused on me, "I meet up some of the other nations when I was out…they are coming here soon."

"W-What? Damn it Mex!" I shouted.

Before either could answer I stormed off to go change. I could never find a break - not just once, could I?

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