Midnight Memories' Music Shuffle Meme:

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

1. In The Shadows – The Rasmus

Neji couldn't sleep at all. The past few days had been a repeat of this as well. Thoughts bothered him during these hours. He was worried about someone. A certain someone that went by the name of Tenten. She had just gotten back from another mission and was currently staying with Hinata for a while.

The mission had gone well but Tenten had been hurt and needed someone to take care of her. Therefore, during the day Hinata would take her out to the gardens and help her with what she needed. Neji would be walking around the household when he would spot the two out the window.

He would watch Tenten for ages. He knew she probably couldn't tell but he did. He was waiting. For that day when he could finally tell Tenten how he felt. When the sun arose, he decided. Today was the day.

2. Naruto Soundtrack – Neji and Tenten's Theme

Tenten had always loved to play the piano in any of the spare time she could manage. She would make her own music most of the time, not caring for playing other artists work with her skilled fingers.

Sometimes Neji would watch her as she played, in her living room with a cup of tea. He always had a soft smile on his face as he watched the girl play. She said most of her ideas for them came from nature and it showed in her songs.

Tenten had decided one day to make a song that reflected her. Neji thought it did very well indeed. It fit her perfectly but there was one thing missing.

He had known how to play the piano for some time, and decided to make this theme into theirs. So he sat down to play with her, it became their theme.

3. Memories – Within Temptation

To this day, they were still remembered as one. No, they had not died, nor had they parted from each other. They were more known if you would like to put it that way.

They were married, one of the best ninja duos the Leaf could offer and they were made for each other. Young children looked up to their sensei, Tenten as others looked up to their teammate Neji, who was currently enrolled in ANBU.

They had made great achievement over the years and everybody respected them and looked up to them. Especially their children.

They had a young girl and an even younger boy, still just an infant. They were one and it would always stay that way, as for everyone to remember them.

4. Where'd You Go – Fort Minor

The rain rolled down the window of Tenten's apartment. She was still sitting in the window seat, waiting for him to come back. He had left for the Sasuke Retrieval mission and wasn't back yet. She worried everyday but still kept her hope up. She knew he would return.

He had told her he was leaving and when the time came, he gave her a warm embrace, then left out of the village gates.


Tenten picked up her phone. After a few moments, a half smile broke on to her face. She grabbed her coat and ran out the door, to the hospital. She waited for hours, for Neji's surgery to be over. Four traumatizing hours.

When she was allowed to see him, he was awake, barely. She ran over to him and kissed him full on the lips. He smiled and so did she. He was home.

3. Think Twice – Eve 6

Oh, Neji was more than steaming. Damn that Shiro! Yes, he was at a bar. No, it was not filled with drunken bastards, who would swear profusely, it was actually quite acceptable to his tastes. But oh that Shiro! How dare he flirt with his Tenten! 'Ehem...'

Neji had it. Time for some payback. He jumped up on stage, after having a little word with the DJ. The DJ smiled knowing full well what was about to happen.

Surprisingly enough Neji had a wonderful voice, deep and hypnotizing.

"Think twice before you touch my girl, come around I'll let ya feel the burn, Think twice before ya touch my girl, come around, no more."

And Shiro was not heard from after that. Oh and of course, Neji did get his girl.

4. Fairy Tales And Castles – Lifehouse

"Neji! Come on. Wake up and smell the pansies!" Tenten yelled quietly if that was even possible. Neji looked at the smiling girl.

Tenten was currently giving him a lecture about his fate obsession. As she had so bluntly put it, she was 'Tired of all this crap.'

"Well if you believe in fate so much, what does fate say about… your love life lets say?" Tenten smirked while raising and eyebrow. He was about to answer when the answer left his lips. "Exactly" She said as she leaned over to peck him on the check. "Bet fate didn't see that comein'."

"Trust me Neji, fate is just a fairytale."

5. Welcome Home – Coheed and Combria

Let's just say Tenten had an obsession with her guitar as well. After her break up with Shiro (Damn! He's back again!) She resorted to cover songs. More specifically: Welcome Home by Coheed and Combria. For some reason, some of the words just spoke to her in a sense.

Neji had heard her play it many times, and loved it when he able to persuade her to sing as well. He knew about the break up. He felt sad for Tenten, mainly because he cared about her. Other than that, it was pretty much a party for him. Now he could tell Tenten how he felt.

But instead he decided to let her just handle the present for now, the break up he meant which Tenten was taking rather well. Actually better than any girls he knew would have.

Instead, he decided to just watch her sing her song as her fingers strummed across the strings of her guitar and only once did he let it slip that he liked her. After that, Tenten smiled.

6. Our Solemn Hour – Within Temptation

Konoha was under attack, that Neji was sure of. He was still in the medical center when he heard the explosions. He felt well enough to leave his safe area to try to find his teammates.

When he found Lee, he decided he was safe in the medical center where he once was. The same was with Tenten and when they were both there he used the ninjutsu he had learned to wake them up. Lee right away, wondered where Gai sensei was, meanwhile Tenten just looked around wincing when she heard an explosion. They wouldn't openly admit it but they were slightly disturbed. More like afraid. They sat in each other's arms in a pile of mattresses and blankets in the corner of the room. An old past time for them which would consist of them in sleeping bags huddled together during missions.

Tenten occasionally winced hearing the never-ending explosions while Neji had his arm around her as Lee had his hand on her shoulder. They would just wait it out together. Because together they could survive anything.

7. Learning To Breath – Switch Foot

"Neji you hardly ever smile. Come on it's not that hard is it? I know it isn't for me. Or Lee. Defiantly Lee." Tenten continued with a finger stuck to her chin in thought.

"I only smile when I feel the need to." He replied as her watched her sitting across from him.

"Like when?"

"Like when I'm with our team. Also–"He trailed of into a mumble.

"Like when Neji?" Tenten was curious.

"Like when I'm with you." He said as he smiled. He reached over to peck her on the cheek. He smiled when she blushed but smiled also.

"You look good when you smile Neji." Tenten leaned over to peck him on the cheek earning her another smile from the Hyuuga.

8. One More Time – Daft Punk

Oh how Neji Hyuuga disliked parties. He was currently situated in one, sitting on a couch lazily with a little kiddy party hat on his head, courtesy of Lee.

Only when Tenten ran over to him and smile on her face and laughing with excitement did he smirk. She made him want to laugh when she pulled him up to dance to some funky techno music. He wasn't one for dancing but was surprisingly good with Tenten's help. Moreover, of course when the techno just decided to become soft and slow, he wrapped his arms around her waist lightly pecking her on the forehead.

Celebrations aren't so bad. As long and he has Tenten and some techno that had a mind of it's own.

9. Whispers In The Dark – Skillet

Now Neji wasn't one to be dark, especially around Tenten. However, when Shiro came back again, he just had to this. Once again he was flirting with Tenten, who he just happened to meet at the movie theaters with Neji at Tenten's side.

He pulled on Tenten's hand as he saw the frown come to her face. He bent over to her when they were out of Shiro's earshot, and whispered into her ear. "Don't listen to him. There is someone who loves him a lot more than he ever could." When he pulled back, she hugged him.

After, Shiro couldn't walk for days after a little 'run in' with the Hyuuga when the movie was over.

10. Lip Gloss – Lil Mama

Neji could tell something was specifically different about Tenten today. No it wasn't her clothes, or her fighting style. A distinguished scent was around her. Faint yet he could still smell it. It was a sort of strawberry smell, maybe a different berry but anyhow.

Then he noticed it. Her lip-gloss was the scent. He had a thought.

He walked over to Tenten and when she raised a kunai to throw at him, currently in the middle of a spar, he lightly took a hold of her had and put it down. Leaning over he kissed her on the lips getting a taste at her lip-gloss.

Pulling back and smiling. Yep Strawberry.

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