The loud music and the beat of the speakers, this was my new scene, my new club. Human Rave. Edward was gone and good ridden, I didn't need him. He broke my heart. Screw him. My life was all sex and alcohol. Skimpy dresses fit my body perfectly. I didn't go to college. I didn't finish high school. I was living the life of a drop out and I loved it. Tonight was opening night of Human Rave and I was wearing a black dress with high pumps. The dress ran down my cleavage and on the straps it had diamond accents. The dress stopped close to mid thigh not even.

The new DJ blared the music and the whole structure shook. I had both male and female strippers on each side of the club and in the middle was the light up dance floor. The alcohol was at the entrance way. My bartenders were there wiping down the counter and the bouncer had just walked out of the club outside to let people in. I stood at the bar waiting for people to show and soon enough they all started to pour in. Human Rave was up and running.