Since everyone wanted a second part to this (including my friend) I made a part two. Enjoy :)

Warnings: Lemons and cussing

There were two things that came to Seto Kaiba's mind as he blinked open his eyes and came back to the world of wakefulness. One; the sky outside was pitch black and the moon's ghostly sheen shone through the window across from him. Two; Joey Wheeler was curled up in his lap like a cat.

The first thought that entered the CEO's mind was to roughly push the blonde duelist off of him. However, images of what happened before they fell asleep came flooding back to him and he sighed, quickly shoving away any thought to dislodge the sunburned puppy.

His legs were falling asleep though…

"Puppy…puppy wake up." Kaiba said in a hushed tone, shaking the hazel-eyed duelist gently so not to upset his irritated skin. Hazy eyes slowly opened, not completely focused on the brunette he was curled up against. However, once he was, the reaction was nothing less than amusing as a yelp was sounded and Joey fell onto the cold tiles.

Kaiba raised an eyebrow before a smirk graced his lips. "Good evening mutt. How was your sleep?"

It took Joey a few seconds to respond due to the dull pain that erupted from his still chaffing skin. Once the whimpers died down, he glared at the CEO. "You're such an asshole!"

Kaiba tsked, shaking his head mockingly. "Such language, little puppy. I will not tolerate such harsh cussing in my mansion." The blonde stared at him as if he grew a third head.

"What da' hell richboy? What are ya talkin' 'bout?"

Blue eyes gleamed. "Not even 10 seconds after I warn you and you're already flapping your snout. I think you need to be punished."

The blonde's eyes widened a bit. "W-What?"

A feral grim formed on Kaiba's face as he suddenly stood, towering over the curled up blonde on the floor. "I think my disobedient puppy needs some punishment."

A squeak erupted from Joey's lips as he scrambled off the floor and limped down a hallway. The blue-eyed CEO merely shook his head, a rare spark of mischief present in his steel orbs. "Running will not help you puppy."

"N-No! Kaiba! Let me go! Let me go!"

The CEO ignored the whining and crying from the blonde he had thrown over his shoulder. He walked back to the sofa he and Joey were on and let him go, watching with amusement as the hazel-eyed duelist tried to run away again.

"Ah ah ah little puppy. You're not going anywhere." Kaiba said, sitting on the couch and placing the squirming blonde on his lap, back up. Joey could easily see where this was going and cried out in desperation.

"No Kaiba! Please! Damn it, I said please! Don't do it!"

The CEO was a little surprised at the blonde's outburst but it did not faze him. Leaning down until his lips were inches from his ear, he whispered, "Will you behave then?"

Joey whimpered before nodding numerous times. Satisfied, the blue-eyed brunette swiftly flipped the blonde over, chuckling when another dog-like yelp came from the hazel-eyed duelist's mouth. "There, is that better?"

The blonde looked surprised for a minute before his lips twisted into a pout and he crossed his arms. However, this action caused him to whine in discomfort when his red skin twisted painfully.

The CEO let one had stroke the inflamed skin in delicate touches, trying to soothe away any burn. "Relax puppy. Don't move as much and it will stop hurting."

The blonde cooed when Kaiba continued to stroke his inflamed skin. Closing his eyes, he leaned into the CEO's body and nestled his head on the brunette's shoulder. "Mmmm…Kaiba…"

The blue-eyed duelist smirked. "You're too easy to manipulate puppy. Like putty in my hands…"

Joey wasn't paying attention to the CEO's snide remarks. He was focusing on the pleasure from the feather-light touches along his shoulders and chest. Kaiba seemed to notice this and eyed the elastic waistband of the blonde's jeans. Slowly gliding his hand down the hazel-eyed duelist's front he stopped at said waist-band, taking Joey's chin so that their eyes locked.

"Puppy, do you remember what we did before you fell asleep?"

It took the blonde a few seconds but once he remembered, he began to blush hotly. "I-I…u-uhhh…"

The CEO snickered. "I'll take that as a yes."

Joey glared defiantly up at the brunette. The CEO merely shook his head before placing a gentle kiss on one of the blonde's rosy cheeks, said blonde letting out a soft sound of surprise. "Did you enjoy it?"

If it was anymore possible for the blonde's face to get any redder…

The brunette smirked. "Another yes I assume."

Finally gaining some self-control, the blonde glared up at the CEO. "Now hold on a minute richboy! I can't control my body when ya do something like-eeek!"

Mostly to shut the duelist up, Kaiba planted his lips on top of Joey's, forcing his tongue inside the blonde's hot mouth. Pulling back after a few seconds, he snickered at the look on the blonde's face. "When I do something like what, puppy?"

Joey let out a cry of frustration. "Damn it Kaiba, ya know what ya did!"

"What, you mean this?"

The blonde cried out as the CEO started to rub at hazel-eyed duelist's jean-covered crotch. The pleasurable feelings soon resurfaced and he bucked his hips up to get more contact.

"Oh so my puppy does like it." Kaiba said, smirking evilly but Joey could care less. He panted softly, wiggling his hips so he could get more friction.

However, the CEO's rubbing stopped and the blonde whined in annoyance. His whine silenced when he felt the brunette start to pull his pants down. He looked up into blue orbs, eyes wide.

"K-Kaiba? What are ya…doin'?"

The look in the blonde duelist's eyes was enough to stop the CEO's advances. Was the little puppy afraid?

"Do you want this puppy?"

Joey's hazel eyes blinked. Kaiba was asking him if he wanted…that. Did he want it? Did he want it with Kaiba?

He was torn from his thoughts when he felt a slender hand start to stroke his golden locks. "Tell me pup. I won't do anything unless you want it."

It was his choice now…and he knew what he wanted.

"I-I want you to be my first."

That shocked the CEO. Wait, first time? The mutt wanted him to be his first time? Did that mean that his little puppy was a….

Joey seemed to read his thoughts for he blushed hotly and turned away. "Yea yea, laugh it up, ya bastard."

"What did I tell you about language puppy?"

"No…wait Kaiba-eeep!"

Almost immediately, the CEO had the puppy turned around, the blonde's erection rubbing against Kaiba's leather pants. The brunette laid one hand on the blonde's smooth bottom.

"I did warn you, didn't I puppy?"


The brunette smirked. "Discipline is one of my favorite things to dish out on people, pup. You should feel fortunate it's not a harsher punishment."


Joey cried out as Kaiba's hand came in contact with his sensitive skin. "K-Kaiba! Stop it! I-I'm sorry, I won't cuss anymore-"


"Gah! Kaiba! Please!"



The CEO snickered at his puppy's pleading but could see that his poor, little bottom was getting red. He didn't want to wear it out just yet…

"Alright mutt. I think it's time for me to pay some realattention to that small little ass of yours." After those words had been spoken, three fingers found their way up the blonde's tight passageway, massaging the inner walls.

Joey arched up immediately, the pain too great to ignore. "Ahhh! Kaiba! It hurts!"

"Shhh. I know it hurts puppy. Just hold on a bit longer and it won't hurt, I promise." As he was keeping the puppy distracted with soft kisses on his sun burnt limbs, the fingers were removed and in their place something much bigger was added.


"Stop acting like a girl."

The CEO did wait until his little puppy adjusted, however. He gently stroked the porcelain face and in-flamed neck soothingly before kissing Joey's forehead softly, smirking when hazel eyes looked up at with hazy pleasure.

"Ready now pup?"

Slow nod.

Kaiba nodded in return and started to thrust in and out of the blonde at a slow pace, the withering duelist under him mewling in pleasure. "K-Kaiba! Move f-faster! P-Please!"

"Aw, listen to the puppy. Does the little mutt want more from his master?"

"Yes! Yes, master! Please."

Kaiba licked his lips. Oh the little puppy did not know how turned on he was by this. Gently kissing Joey on the lips again he started to thrust, slow and smooth. Joey began to pant and wiggled around to try and get the CEO to move more.


"Hush puppy."

The blonde cried out as the thrusts started to speed up a bit. However, the CEO started to thrust himself in different angles inside the hazel-eyed duelist. The feeling was no different though…

"Kaiba, what are you-Ahhhhh!"

The CEO smirked. "There it is."

The thrusts started to speed again, this time brushing against that special spot inside of him. Joey squealed every time his sweet spot was touched, bucking his hips up for more friction.

Kaiba was starting to feel the need to pound harder and relieve the torturous pressure in between his legs but knew that he would be hurting his puppy if he did that. Hurting Joey was not what he wanted.

However, his self-restraint was slowly melting away. One little thing could send his spiraling off the edge…

"Ohh Kaiba-ugh! K-Kaiba! Please!"

Self-restraint; broken.

Joey cried out again as the CEO pounded mercilessly on his sweet spot. Each time it was hit, he got closer and closer to the edge. His panting had increased in volume and his withering had escalated to thrashing. Gripping the sheets in a tight grasp, he arched his back and bucked his hips even more, desperately trying to get more of the delicious friction.

Seeing his puppy so close to the edge, Kaiba leaned down, his mouth barely touching the blonde's ear. "Do you want to release?"

"Yes! YES! Kaiba! Oh God, KAIBA! Please!"

Taking the answer as a yes the brunette fisted the blonde's weeping erection, the red swollen manhood that was begging to be touched. Stroking up and down he created as much friction as he could.

Tears seeped out of the corners of Joey's eyes as the pleasure became too unbearable. With a final scream he fell over the edge, his seed spilling onto Kaiba's hand and down his stomach. The way the blonde's muscles clenched around the brunette's erection when he came brought the CEO release as well.

Kaiba looked down at his blonde, a rare spark of adoration in his blue eyed. Joey looked back up at him, clearly exhausted. The brunette gently brushed back a few blonde bangs from his puppy's sweaty forehead before placing a chaste kiss there.

"Did you like it?"


The CEO smirked before gathering Joey up in his arms and laying them both down on the teal sheets. The blonde sighed contently, nuzzling his face in the crook of Kaiba's neck. The brunette pulled the blonde's closer; happy he wasn't pushed away but instead brought closer because of the warmth.

"Did we wake up just to have sex?"

Kaiba shrugged, unconsciously stroking the in-flamed skin on Joey's back soothingly. "I don't know. Did you want to have sex with me?"

Joey blushed. "Well…I-I…Uhm…"

The CEO smirked before gently kissing the blonde's hairline. "Go to sleep puppy. I'll deal with your ramblings when I can sleep straight." The blonde didn't argue and sighed once again before lying still, the only thing moving being his chest.

Joey's steady breathing and beating heart finally allowed Kaiba to fall into blissful slumber, a small but peaceful smile gracing his lips.