Okay, guys... time for some news. Bad? Good? It's dramatic, at least. No, I'm not going on a hiatus, or anything like that. This... well, let's both sit down. And for those of you not interested in the rant, just skip down to the tl;dr for the actual announcement.

We need to face the facts- there is a lot about the Code Geass universe that just does not make sense. Technology, economy, logistics... there are contradictions and illogic all over the place. And that's not too much of a problem, under ordinary circumstances. The war, the economy, the logistics of maintaining an army are not really what Code Geass is about. They're the backdrops for the story that they are trying to tell about Lelouch Lamperouge. And that's fine.

But Armed Resistance... is about those things. Lelouch Gaspar's story is the focus, but we spend time discussing in depth the tactics used, the sources of funding, the nature of the combat and so forth. And when you do that, the flaws come very violently to the surface. Let's talk examples.

Considered logically, the cost of a Knightmare must be insane. They require incredibly strong metals- stronger than actually exist in our world- to hold together under the stresses that operation would put them under, they require very precise servos and controls, not to mention sensors, computers, and weaponry... when all's said and done, it would not surprise me if they cost more than five tanks. And that's for a Sutherland. And for comparison, the USA's M1 Abrams tank, which is actually a pretty old tank- thirty years old now- costs $6.21 million dollars. Now imagine what a Frame like the Guren would cost. Or the Shiva.

So then, where would you get the mindblowingly huge amounts of money necessary to run an organization like the Black Knights? They don't mention that at all in Code Geass. Here in Armed Resistance, I explain it as donations from various wealthy organizations combined with the funds provided by the wealthy citizens that Gaspar Geass'd to unknowingly donate large amounts of money. That's logical enough, I feel, but it does stretch the imagination a little. But how would you throw that kind of money around, buying equipment, without being noticed? You can't transfer that kind of money without a third party going "hang on, what the hell is this?"

And that's just the start of it. Another problem that I've been running into is air power. In Code Geass, air power basically doesn't exist. There are some helicopters, and later on we get Knightmares that can fly, as well as the flying fortresses, but we don't see jet fighters (if I'm misremembering, let me know, but I'm pretty damn sure they just don't appear) or bombers. Everything is all Knightmares, all the time. And that doesn't make any sense.

Jets are expensive, but the fact of the matter is that with reasonably accurate missile lock technology you could send jets into an area at high speeds, have them hammer Knightmares with missiles before the Knightmares could even get within a range to counterattack, and then jump out. That's fine. I have no problem writing jets kicking the shit out of Knightmares, and I in fact did just that last chapter. But then the really bug question appears-

Why has no one done this already?

It's not like it's a mindblowingly revolutionary idea. They have jet engines. They have missiles. Why has no one thought to build a low cost missile delivery platform, to fly in, fire, and leave? Why are aircraft basically completely unused in Code Geass, other than transports, and helicopters that are destroyed nearly instantly every time they engage Knightmares? And really, this is just stuff that has come up in the chapters I've been working on in the last couple of days. There are plenty of other problems.

When I started Armed Resistance, I was really, really nervous about defying canon. About just changing elements of the universe because I thought they were dumb. And, I'll be honest here, a lot of this stuff just didn't occur to me at the time. I hadn't considered why there were no jets. There just weren't, you know? But I'm trying to turn Code Geass into something else, and these flaws just aren't acceptable anymore.

tl;dr is that I'm going to be rewriting old chapters. A lot of them. And I really can't continue the story until I do so. I have two chapters here written that I was going to post, but until I address these basic issues I can't continue. I may not be getting paid for this story, but I have pride in my writing, pride in my characters, and pride in my logic. And I want to see them done justice. So I will fix this.

I still love Code Geass. I've always known it was a flawed series, and hell, I'll admit that I'm trying to take the basic substance of Code Geass and shape it into how I would have done things, had I been in charge. But though I change it, I owe an immense debt to the original creators, and the work they created. It's an amazing world they drew up for us all... but it's not without flaws. And it's kinda my fault that the way I write has brought those flaws to the surface.

On the plus side? First off, the old chapters are going to be better. I am just plain a better writer than when I started, with more confidence and a better vision, and I will be able to make the old stuff fresh again, hopefully, and make it more interesting to read. If you had problems with old chapters- logic holes, scenes that you thought should be omitted, scenes that should be added- now is the time to contact me with those suggestions. I am going to take all your feedback very seriously in fixing this story.

I love you guys, and I'm really sorry for the delay, but... well, you can't keep building your house when the foundation's falling apart. You gotta fix that bitch up first.

Oh, and do please note- editing and rewriting old chapters? That will go much, MUCH faster than writing new ones. This won't delay me for as long as you might think.