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It was the night of Kuno's bachelor party and the whole of the male crew were in fine, drunken spirits when he generously fit the bill. Kuno was now twenty one and was to wed Nabiki Tendo the next day. Much had happened to the young martial artists, Kuno had discovered that Ranma was his Pigtailed Girl and had chosen to court Nabiki instead. Akane had made it clear that she was not interested in him and he had listened for once. Mousse had won the heart of Shampoo and they had married earlier that year and Cologne had turned over the ownership of the Neko Hanten to them. Ukyou finally gave up on Ranma and accepted Konatsu's suit, they soon closed up shop and moved to another city for a fresh start. Kodachi met a nice guy at a dance club that loved her to death and thought her whimsical behaviour to be cute. Akane inherited some money that her mother left her when she came of age and announced that she was leaving. She didn't want to be railroaded into a loveless marriage, Ranma had become like a brother to her in the four years that he lived with her family. So she'd gone traveling and according to her last letter, she met someone and followed him to his home in Canada to meet his parents. That left only Ranma and Ryoga unattached as Ryoga had long since left Akari because he couldn't stand her pig fetish.

The boys had gone to the obligatory strip clubs to watch pretty girls parade their untouchable wares before them. All had declined a lap dance as their various spouses, girlfriends or fiancées were all jealous women and would have killed them. Then it was on to male bonding over playing poker where the rich man won the pot, but generously donated it to cover their drinks. They ended the evening at a cigar bar where they all choked on a cigar which they shared amongst them as they had one final drink of sake before calling it a night. They had gotten not stupid drunk, but silly drunk and were toasting to anything that they could think of.

Kuno stood up and swayed slightly as he said "Here's to Ranma. If I hadn't been pursuing your female side, I would have never realized how cute Nabiki is"

This got a laugh from the other revelers as they all clinked glasses, then Mousse stood up "I agree, here's to you Ranma. If you hadn't suggested to Shampoo and I that trying to defeat each other was stupid and if we wanted to marry, all we had to do was register it at the courthouse, I would still be chasing her" he added.

"How did you manage to get her to agree to forgo the marriage of defeat law?" Ryoga asked.

Mousse just raised his eyebrows at the lost boy "Let's just say that I managed to convince her" he said vaguely, this caused the lost boy to blush. Everyone laughed and clinked their glasses again.

Ryoga watched Ranma was he laughed along with the rest; he'd been worried about him lately. After Akane had left, he'd become more silent and seemed to glitter less, not that his martial arts prowess was any less effective. Ryoga and he had eventually stopped fighting and had started talking again. It was nice to have his friend back, in some ways Ranma was the best friend that Ryoga had ever had. Ryoga had noticed that people always seemed to be drawn to Ranma; there was just something about him that made people want to be near him. He was a natural leader, a diamond in the rough with a heart of gold that he liked to keep hidden under a quick temper and teasing manner. 'Plus his female side was really cute' Ryoga thought with a blush, he was glad that it didn't show in the dim light of the bar.

They had another round and Ranma, the inexperienced drinker put his head on the table and was soon asleep. "Want any more of this?" Kuno asked Mousse and handed him the cigar that they were struggling to finish.

The Chinese martial artist looked distinctly green around the gills at the thought "No thanks, I promised Shampoo that I would be there to help her with the breakfast rush. I should actually call it a night" he said.

"I suppose we all should, after all I'm getting married tomorrow and don't want my best man and groomsmen to look horrible" Kuno said. "Speaking of which, is someone going to wake Ranma?"

Ryoga reached over and shook the sleeping boy; he just muttered but remained stubbornly asleep. He lightly slapped him and got the same results "I think he's done for the night. Perhaps we should carry him?" he suggested.

"Make him smaller so that he will be easier to carry" Kuno suggested.

"Huh?" Ryoga said.

"Use his curse, if it were you or Mousse we would turn you into your cursed forms to make you easier to transport. Make him into a girl, it would look better carrying a drunken girl than guy" Kuno suggested.

"Good idea" Ryoga said. "Miss, can we get a glass of cold water?" he asked the waitress.

She was surprised when Ryoga flung it over his friend's head and scooped up a petite redheaded woman where once sat a young dark-haired man. "Is it magic?" she asked in awe.

"In a manner of speaking" Ryoga responded, gave her a shy smile and went out to join the others.

"We should split a cab" Kuno suggested.

"I'm surprised that you didn't book a limo" Mousse remarked.

Kuno grinned "And have my dear Nabiki find out that we went to see strippers? She has better contacts than the FBI" he explained as he flagged a cab.

"Sorry pal, there are five of you" the cabdriver said apologetically as he pointed out that he only had four seats available.

Kuno pulled of his wallet and started counting out yen notes "Are you sure you can't help us? We're not going far and our female companion's small and can sit on her boyfriend's lap"

Ranma's 'boyfriend' opened his mouth to protest this suggestion just as the swayed cabdriver said "hop in." Ryoga grumbled slightly and refused to meet the other's amused eyes as he climbed into the back and set Ranma on his knees. He carefully cradled her so that her head was on his shoulder. While everyone else made drunken observations, he found himself studying her sleeping face. She'd matured just like the rest of them and her rounded, baby features had leaned to make them more that of a woman's than a girl's. But she was no less adorable than she'd been as a newly cursed sixteen-year-old. She still wore her flame bright hair in its customary braid; this uncovered her delicate fox-coloured eyebrows and eyelashes, baby cheeks, button nose and pouty soft pink lips. For a second, Ryoga was tempted to kiss her awake like in a fairytale and blushed at the thought. She sat on his lap with her head nestled onto his shoulder while his arms held her in place. He could feel her breathe whisper-soft upon his neck. He gulped at his desire to touch her petal soft cheek and kiss her. He was happy when the cab pulled up in front of the Tendo house and he maneuvered his small burden out and whispered goodnight to his friends. They ribbed him good-naturedly and drove off into the night to seek their own beds.

Ryoga used his key to let them both in; he'd been given one for when he stayed over as guest. He tiptoed through the slumbering household, slid open the screen to Ranma's room and deposited her on her futon. He picked up his pack and despaired that he hadn't arranged for a place to stay because now he would have to drunkenly set up camp somewhere before he could sleep.

"Ryoga?" Ranma said.

"Now you wake up after I had to carry your rear end home?" Ryoga said in amusement.

"I fell asleep? Guess I'm not much of a drinker" Ranma said. "Where are you going?" she asked.

"I need to find a place to stay" he said pulling the straps up his arms.

"Stay here, the other futon is free now that Pops moved home" she said and stood up and wiggled out of her clothes, almost falling in the process. "Guess I'm still drunk" she said sheepishly as she flopped back onto the futon in her undershirt and boxers. She was asleep before Ryoga could thank her for letting him stay.

Ryoga slipped off his shirt and lay down in his pants. He undid and removed his bandana, ran his fingers through his thick hair to smooth it before settling back on the futon and tugging the blankets up around him. He was soon asleep as well.

He was awoken a few hours later by soft sobs "Ranma are you okay?" he whispered.

"I'm fine" said a sad voice.

"What's wrong?" Ryoga asked in concern and turned on the lights to find Ranma huddled into her pillow.

"I just felt depressed all of the sudden" she said.

"Well alcohol is supposed to be a depressant" Ryoga said and walked over to her futon. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.

She turned over; tears glittered on her long eyelashes like diamonds. Ryoga thought she looked sad and painfully lovely at the same time. "I just get sick of it, everyone falling in love and getting married when there's no one for me" she said with repressed sobs in her voice.

"Is this about Akane?" Ryoga asked.

"Yes, no, maybe. I didn't love her, but I was comfortable with her and would have married her as a friend. I've never loved anyone!" she sobbed.

"Liking someone isn't reason enough marry them, Akane knew that, that's why she left" Ryoga said. "She didn't love me either" Ryoga pointed out.

"I'm never going to find someone to love" Ranma said, the pain in her voice made Ryoga look at Ranma as not being just a man in a woman's body, but as a person who needed comfort. He sat on the futon and drew her to his so that her head lay on his rock hard chest. Their tops were pressed together, while her legs were curled to her left side. She finally admitted to someone how miserable she was as his large hands stroked her small back and shoulders through her undershirt. She knew that she should be weirded out at being held so intimately against another man, but somehow it felt natural to be held by Ryoga this way. She could feel his steady heartbeat and it helped to sooth her pain while her sobs dwindled. Finally she leaned back embarrassed and looked into her friend's velvety brown eyes. There was such tenderness and understanding in them that it made her feel better, here was someone who understood about the pain of loneliness.

Ryoga silently wiped away a stray tear from her face and looked into her watery blue eyes; the male Ranma had slate blue eyes, while the female had vivid blue. Touching her cheek the way he'd wanted to in the cab only confirmed his belief that her cheeks were baby soft. She was still cuddled into him and he noted how well her small frame fit against him.

He waited for her to speak, but she kept on looking at him with teary blue eyes. As if of its own accord, his face move forward and closed the distance between them to claim her lips with his own. He gave her little more than a ghost of a kiss and pulled back to study her features. She looked surprised but moved forward in time with him as he went to kiss her again, as if they were a pair of irresistible magnets. Her breath was sweet and her lips curled beneath his so smooth and plait. Her arms snaked around him and her fingers buried themselves in his thick, dark hair. His arms tightened around her, her kiss electrified him; igniting passions that he never knew existed in him. He couldn't believe that just a kiss could make him feel so alive, he felt positively giddy!

It was over far too soon and Ranma snuggled against him and placed her head on his shoulder. Ryoga held her while he struggled to get his breathing back to normal as his cheek nuzzled against her soft red hair. Ryoga soon realized that Ranma had fallen asleep, lulled by his body warmth and pondered what to do. He didn't wish to wake her up by pulling away, but he was really tired. He held still for a few minutes and then eased her back; taking her with him, until she lay cuddled into him while he arranged the blankets over them both. Considering he'd never slept with someone this way, it should have been awkward for Ryoga, but he fell asleep immediately and didn't move for the rest of the night.

Ranma woke up and wondered who was holding him, she opened her eyes and quickly deduced that he was a she and it was Ryoga's chest that she was pillowed on. She blushed a bit and wondered what had happened the night before, then relaxed when she remembered that he had only held and kissed her. She wondered why that didn't bother her and then realized that she didn't want to move; she felt so cared about and safe being held by Ryoga. She snuggled back into his neck to block out the sunlight, his arm tightened around her in his sleep and she drifted off smiling at the memory of their kiss. She could still taste him on her lips.


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