"I'm not sure about this" Ranma said nervously as she looked at herself in the mirror, reflected back at her was a beautiful redheaded woman wearing a red satin cheongsam with gold Saruka blossoms on it. Her hair was done up in an elaborate updo with two gold Chinese hairpins in it, from which red beads depended. She wore on her feet a pair of red slippers with kitten heels. She looked both feminine and alluring at the same time.

"You look so beautiful, you could give any Amazon beauty a run for her money" her friend said encouragingly.

"You don't think that it's a little much?" Ranma asked.

Shampoo stamped her foot "Asian women are about ornamentation and beauty, there's no such thing as too much. You look like an angel, if Ryoga were here he would drop to his knee and propose to you and he's never even sampled your goodies" she said wickedly. "Which is good, those are always sweeter on the wedding night"

Ranma blushed at this, "did you and Mousse wait for your wedding night?" she asked nervously.

Now Shampoo blushed "this isn't about us; some secrets must remain between a husband and a wife" she said primly. She looked at Ranma again, "I've worked at dressing you up for hours, but it would only take a few minutes to put you back to normal. Are you sure you want to through with this?" she asked her.

"It's time that I come out and let our friends know that I like men." Ranma said with resolve in her voice. There was a party that night at the Tendo residence to welcome Akane back for a visit. Ranma planned to use it as her night to come out of the closet so to speak...and felt like she was wearing the closet in question. She'd asked Shampoo to dress her up in a style befitting a woman in love with a man and that she had. Ryoga had been missing for two months.

"I wish you would dress up with me, I would feel less conspicuous if I had someone else there dressed this way..." Ranma almost pleaded.

Shampoo glanced down at her baby bump "I would love to Ranma, but I outgrew my hotcha momma clothes a while ago. Chinese clothes are not meant for pregnant women." she said in sympathy.

"What do Chinese women wear when they're pregnant?" Ranma asked curious.

"An ugly Chinese cloth sack that the men never see until we are safely married to them and pregnant" Shampoo said with a laugh. She set her hands on Ranma's shoulders "you look so beautiful" she said simply. "If you will call the other non-pregnant girls, I have a suggestion"

Ranma suppressed her feelings of panic as she called each girl in turn; it warmed her heart when they all agreed to Shampoo's suggestion.

Mousse and Kuno had been surprised when their wives had been whisked away at the door. "What's going on?" Kuno asked.

"I don't know, Shampoo has been rummaging through her closet all day long and hinting about a surprise" Mousse replied.

"Women stuff I guess" Kuno said dismissively. "Have you heard from Ryoga lately?" he asked the Amazon male.

"Yes he called to say that he received his invitation to the party, it has been following him around since Spain apparently. He said that he'll be here tonight, I say Monday" Mousse said knowing his directly challenged friend all too well.

"You never know, the GSP app on the cell phone I bought him works pretty well, I have the same one" Kuno argued.

"Yes but its Ryoga, if it was to tell him to go straight down the street to the store, he would take a right, then a left and keep on doing that until he ended up in Ohio" Mousse said.

"Great, text him and tell him to bring me back some corn" Kuno said facetiously. "He'll be here; he says he has big news for us"

They were interrupted when Shampoo came out holding a mike. "Your attention everyone, we have a special presentation this evening" she said. "We would like to present the four season's Asian style. The first is spring where Mother Nature covers her barren branches and paints her carpets a beautiful green color to revived and awaken the land after a long rest" she said. Kasumi came out wearing a lovely jade green satin cheongsam with matching green slipper, her hair was done up with Chinese hairpins and she looked radiant as she stood under a match parasol. She turned a few times and then stood beside Shampoo. Everyone whispered how cute it was when Dr. Tofu's and their young son's glasses fogged up to see her looking so pretty. "Summer has the hottest months, summer mean vacation time, freedom from school and freedom to love" Shampoo said and Akane stepped forth dressed identically to Kasumi, but the beautiful brunette wore a yellow satin cheongsam, yellow slippers and a carried a yellow parasol. She did similar turns and stood beside Kasumi. Everyone clapped, enjoying the party entertainment. "Just as spring heralds summer, fall heralds winter, it lets Mother Nature know that it's almost time to tuck the world under her frosty white blanket for rest. However before she does that, she wraps her handiwork in vibrant colours and really puts on one final show" Shampoo said. There were audible gasps when Ranma came out in her outfit and parasol, she was nervous as all heck, but marched boldly and twirled beautiful. There was confused murmuring when she came to stand beside Akane. Akane herself gave her a squeeze on the shoulder for reassurance. "Now its wintertime, the time of ice and show, Christmas time, warm coats and fun time spent beside a cozy fire. Mother Nature has had a hard year and now is her time for rest" she said and Nabiki came out wearing a white satin cheongsam with white slippers and parasol. Everyone clapped at the finale, but still looked confused at Ranma.

Akane handed Ranma a drink and she gulped it nervously before joining her two friends. "Mousse, Kuno I have something to tell you" she said nervously.

"I guess you do" Kuno said dazed.

"It's not easy for me to admit this" she said.

"Is that really you Ranma?" Mousse asked.

She took a deep breath "I like men" she said.

"Us?" Kuno said.

"No not to the two of you in particular" she assured them. "Well what you do think?" she asked them.

"I think I should have dated you when I had the chance if you looked this good" Mousse joked, cracking a smile.

"After me" Kuno said.

"Seriously" she said.

"I think its great you finally decided what you like" Mousse said. "No coming on to me though, I'm a married man"

"Congrats Ranma, you're going to make a guy really lucky someday" Kuno said slapping her on the back in a still masculine way. "Love the outfit, but it won't be good for guy's night, now girl's night, that's a different story..." Ranma took their gentle razing with good humor, it was official she was out!

Ryoga turned right when his GSP said left; he sighed in frustration and wondered why the stupid phone wasn't working. He'd been trying to get back to Ranma's place for months now and hoped she hadn't lost interest in him. He stopped and listened to the robotic voice trying to get him to reroute, and then turned the opposite way. He was just about to walk forward when something caused him to stop. There on her doorstep was his and all of the water cursed individual's nemesis: the little old lady with her bucket and ladle. He held up his hands, "please don't splash me, this night could be the most important one of my life. If you do you could ruin a future that I desire for myself" he cried passionately. She was confused but paused in her watering her doorstep to prevent dust and waited until he passed. "Thank you" Ryoga said humbly and bowed to her after she allowed him to pass.

He realized that he'd just managed to prevent a stupid accident that he never would have as the bumbling teenaged boy he'd been. He was a man and men don't get lost a few blocks from their destiny. He put on his GPS app and this time followed it correctly. His stride was purposeful as he was admitted into the Tendo house. For the occasion he wore a black suit, with a snowy white shirt, his bandana and a matching tie he'd bought. He touched the small box in his pocket and said in as soft, challenging voice "Saotome you are mine" as he searched for her.

His eyes lit up when he saw her; she was a vision of loveliness as she did shots with Mousse and Kuno. He'd never seen her look so beautiful, this time he said it louder "Saotome you are mine!"

"Ryoga?" she said softly. "What do you mean?"

"You owe me five hundred yen" Kuno said snidely to Mousse.

He took her hand and drew her in front of the entire party "everyone, I would like you to meet my girlfriend Ranma" he called and kissed her in a possessive manner as a couple of glasses were dropped in shock.

Ranma blushed as he stood back from her "I love you Ranma Saotome, I was a fool for thinking otherwise" he said tenderly to her and got down on one knee. He opened the ring box to show her the dainty diamond that he had chosen to express his love for her. "Yes I am a fool, but I'm your fool if you'll have me. Marry me Ranma and I'll spend the rest of my life making this up to you" he declared.

Ranma looked nervously around the room she had just come out in; Mousse's and Kuno's eyes were bugged out of their skulls at this revelation. She looked at all the happy couples that she knew, all of the females nodded encouragingly. "Yes" she said finally.

Ryoga was stunned "just like that? I thought you were going to make me sweat a bit first" he said.

"Nah, I got sick of missing you" she said with a grin. "I love you Ryoga" she whispered as he slipped the ring onto her finger. It was the perfect fit, just like them.

"I love you Ranma" Ryoga said, this time their kiss left them both breathless and they didn't want to stop.

"Now now lovebirds, you get to make whoopee with her when you put a wedding ring on her finger" Shampoo cautioned and pulled Ranma away from the disappointed Ryoga.

Kuno raised his glass "to Ranma and Ryoga" he cried and their friends all toasted them.

Two Weeks Later

It was a beautiful wedding everyone thought, it was a beautiful day and the garden they had chosen to marry in looked enchanted. People were surprised that the bride had chosen to wear a full occidental wedding gown with a veil and bouquet. She looked sweet and lovely as she walked down the aisle after her brightly coloured flower girl and bridesmaids until she stood beside her handsome groom. Her face was radiantly beautiful as she recited her vows in a sweet, clear voice. Everyone held their breath as Ukyou kissed Konatsu.

Ranma sat beside her husband wearing another Chinese outfit that Shampoo had given her, but this one including a satin top with matching dark blue Capri pants. "We could have gotten married like that" Ryoga observed touching her gold ring.

She brushed his own "I enjoyed eloping" she said giving him a wide grin.

"It's hardly eloping when Kuno flew us and all our friends down to his private island and we got married on the beach" Ryoga objected.

"Tell me the two weeks spent in his guest house for honeymoon weren't divine?" Ranma purred. Ryoga thought about their wedding night...and got a nosebleed. "Gee I wonder what you're thinking about pork butt?" she teased her husband.

She joined the rest of her friends in welcoming the final member of the Nerima Wrecking Crew getting married to her new life. Ranma stood there with her tall husband's arm wrapped around her and watched her former enemies and fiancées. They had changed and become gorgeous men and women; they had found mates for themselves and would have children who might even go on to date each other's. Ranma looked at Shampoo's belly and whispered. "Ryoga what if we can never have children, would you be disappointed?" she asked.

Ryoga gave her a mysterious smile, he hadn't told her about the dream he had the night of their wedding. It was set in a time in the not too distant future where Ranma was in a hospital bed looking beautifully disheveled and exhausted. He stood beside her and both of them examined their new baby son with twin looks of love. He glanced at his new wife's still flat belly and said "I'm sure we'll be fine." She looked at him questioningly, but he was too busy looking into their bright future to notice.


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