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Jeera was beginning to become more and more- strange, as the days went by. Her father started to notice it more as well. She was losing some of her tom-boyishness and was acting like, well, a girl.

He could tell by the way she daydreamed when she thought no one was looking, the way she randomly sighed throughout the days, and the way she dressed; she actually listened to her sister Zaria without arguing or fighting with her. He couldn't help but wonder what was going on with his little girl that would cause her to act so strangely. He decided he would talk to her about it. If it were not for the pressure of the Love Festival's approach, the chief probably would have left it alone. However this was a stressful time. He really needed everyone's support in this and Jeera's inattentiveness worried him.

"Jeera, you've been putting off your duties. I know this is common from you and your sister, but we especially must be focused over the next week. Love Juju is coming, and we must not fail her this year like the other years past! This means that you, Keeko, and Tak can't go around on your little 'adventures' and things… are you listening?"

Jeera snapped out of her daze and nodded, obviously not hearing anything her father had just said. He repeated his last statement, "No Tak and Keeko and adventures, got it?"

The chief noticed her small smile which she failed to hide when he finished. What was she smiling at? He had always thought that Keeko had a funny name, but she had never laughed at it before…

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a strange noise coming from outside the window. At the sound, Jeera immediately jumped up and headed for the door. When she opened it, he immediately saw Tak and Keeko, smiling and waving at her to go somewhere on another crazy adventure thing with them. She smiled as she turned to her father, "I'll be back to do… whatever you said you wanted me to do later 'kay?" She shouted before she exited their home.

"Wait Jeera, no I said NO ADVENTURES!" He shouted before the door slammed shut, but he knew she didn't hear (or care) about what he was saying. He'll just have to say his speech again when she got back from doing- whatever Tak and Keeko did on a daily basis.