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Five Lies Cam Told His Parents


Cameron missed the funerals of all the pilots who had died in Antarctica. On the day of Lieutenant Banks' funeral, his parents sat with him in the hospital.

"You shouldn't blame yourself," Frank said finally.

"I don't."


The scent of burnt steak assaulted his senses; Cam wrinkled his nose as he stared down at the overdone meat terrorizing him from his plate. Barbecuing was one of his father's favorite things to do, and among one of the only things he still enjoyed after his accident, but man, he burned everything. As he slowly worked around the plate, methodically avoiding the steak and for once favoring the vegetables, Cam vowed to himself that at twelve, he was old enough to man the grill and would do so from now on.

Just as Cam predicted, his kid brother finished the meal first and scampered off, their mother following behind to force Andy to wash up. While his father hoisted himself back up on his crutches and went to clean the grill, Cam whistled for Sadie, the loyal golden retriever who always happily ate any food Cameron didn't want. Just as Sadie licked away the remaining evidence, Frank Mitchell returned to the table.

"Well, son, how'd you like your steak?"

"Delicious as always, Dad."


Cam knew his mother wouldn't take the news of his return to active duty in the Air Force well. The subject had been a sore spot in the family for his entire recovery period, so despite his excitement to return, and to a post of his choosing not terribly far from home, he'd announced it to his parents with no small amount of trepidation.

His father of course was proud-congratulated him and beamed so brightly Cam thought he might go blind. His mother tried to hide her disappointment, but Cam read it on her face clear as a sunny summer day.

"Well," she said finally, filling in the awkward pause that had filled the kitchen. "Just don't get yourself killed out there, Cameron."

"I won't," he promised.


"No, Cam, you can't borrow the car tonight."

"But Mom, I asked you earlier and you said it was okay!"

"Oh. Sorry, honey." Lila Mitchell sighed as she handed her son the keys to the family car, silently cursing her age for her lack of memory.


One Sunday during the drive back from town, a truck hit the family car, which veered off the road and overturned. Cam blinked owlishly as awareness returned to him; his vision was hazy and his side hurt. Cam heard his brother moaning painfully next to him, and from the front passenger seat, his father calling out.

"Boys, are you all right?"

His brother just moaned in response. Cam stared at his mother in the driver's seat, unmoving, and he found he didn't care about his own injuries.

"I'm okay, Dad," he answered, forcing a strength into his voice he didn't feel.

Frank discovered this lie later in the hospital waiting room, as he watched his son collapse, helpless to catch him.