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The Prince and the Tyrant

Long ago in a distant land there existed two great kingdoms. One of the kingdoms known as Iaconia was ruled by the kind yet firm King Ultra Magnus who was respected by his people and loved by his children. The other Kingdom known as Kaonol was ruled by the great and terrible Emperor Megatron who was feared by everyone for his cruel nature and lust for combat yet he was respected by a majority of his people. Both kingdoms were rich and great, filled with many different people who looked up to their rulers and were blessed with good land and good homes. King Ultra Magnus lived happily in his great palace with his many brides and his many children. In Iaconia law it did state that the King was allowed to have as many brides as he wanted so that they would bless him with many children. Emperor Megatron enjoyed his rule over his Kingdom as he hunted on the great plains with his comrades and got drunk every night with his friends. He did not yet have a bride but he would soon look for one. For many eons these two Kingdoms had lived together in perfect harmony...until one day.

During a hot yet breezy day an old hunter who lived in the Kingdom of Iaconia, and was a good friend of the King, went out hunting. Without realizing it he had wandered into Kaonol territory and caught a wild petro-boar. He killed it, skinned it and took it back to Iaconia as a gift to the King. He didn't know that the Emperor's watchmen had seen him and they reported it to their Lord. Angered, Emperor Megatron ordered that the hunter be brought to him to be punished for hunting on his land without his permission. Under the cover of the night Kaonol's elite guards infiltrated the Kingdom of Iaconia and broke into the house of the hunter who was taken back to the Kingdom of Kaonol to await his punishment. When King Ultra Magnus heard of this he demanded that the hunter be returned. Emperor Megatron decided to obey the King's wishes and did indeed return the hunter...minus his head.

Angered that his old friend had been brutally killed King Ultra Magnus declared war on the Kingdom of Kaonol for their cruel and unjust way of life and so that Emperor Megatron would pay for his crime. The Emperor found this amusing and decided to accept King Ultra Magnus's challenge and go to war against the Kingdom of Iaconia and claim it for his own. Since that day the two Kingdoms had fighting each other for dominance over each other and neither side were planning on giving up. Their armies grew to gigantic sizes and their battles became great and terrible that they scarred the Earth they fought on. The King refused to back off and the Emperor refused to bow down to him. Both rulers were bent on destroying each other. That was how the Great War was born.

The Great War had lasted for many centuries with each side suffering both loses and fatalities. Even though the war was scarring their land and many brave soldiers were lost, both sides grew incredibly stubborn and refused to give up believing that they were fighting for the right reasons. During one of the great battles the King defeated and took one of the Emperor's most loyal and beloved subjects, Commander Starscream, prisoner. The Commander had killed many soldiers and even tortured them in brutal ways that he had become both feared and hated. Because of his crimes he was publicly executed within the Kingdom of Iaconia. After hearing this Emperor Megatron made a vow to King Ultra Magnus that he will take his most precious treasure and keep it all to himself so that he would never see it again. To this day the vow still haunts the King of Iaconia yet still he fought believing that if he continued fighting he would win.

As the stars twinkled in the night sky and the people in the city below were celebrating a recent victory in the Great War a young Prince laid on his berth as he gazed out the window into the star filled sky. The music from the streets was faint but loud enough for him to hear and the beautiful and calm melodies that entertained the guests in the palace courtyard wandered up and filled his bedroom sweet music. The chatter and laughter of the guests mingled in with the music to create a unique sound and it was somewhat relaxing to listen to. Even though he should be celebrating with them he really wasn't in the mood. It wasn't that he didn't want to...it was mainly because he didn't really support the war. He may be an Iaconia Prince, the son of the King who declared the war but he couldn't stand the violence and the death. Hearing the cries of wives and children crying for their dead husbands and fathers. Smelling the blood that stained the soldiers armour. Seeing more young men being encouraged to join the battle. He was also afraid that every time that his father and older brother would go to fight in a battle he would never see them again. All he wanted was for the war to end.

He sighed as he rolled over trying to get these thoughts out of his mind. He had a habit of thinking too much. He wondered what his younger brothers and sister were up to. His father had many brides and because of that he had a lot of brothers and somehow ended up with only one sister. He suddenly heard giggling and peering out of his window he saw his baby brother, Bumblebee, chasing after his older brother, Blurr. He smiled gently as he watched the two of them play as their laughter filled the garden, glad that they were still too young to understand what was happening in the world around them. They were suddenly interrupted by a young pretty girl, who happened to be the only sister the young Prince had, known as Arcee. She smiled sweetly at her two younger brothers and began to lead them away back to the party. Looking out further into the garden he could see that Rodimus was practicing his archery skills with his younger brother Hot Shot. They were showing off to a small crowd of people who had come to the party and they seemed to be having fun.

He could hear his older brother's laughter and sighed. Sentinel loved to go around these things and brag about how great he was when fighting his battles. He was the eldest child of King Ultra Magnus and therefore the heir to the throne. Since he was going to be the next king and was seen as a war hero by his people he started to develop an annoying habit of going around and telling everyone how great he was. He even picked on his younger brothers, telling him that they were pathetic compared to him. He even made Bumblebee cry once. The young Prince sighed as he recalled that day when he found Sentinel picking on his baby brother. He ended up telling Sentinel off but the arrogant Prince just laughed and called him a cowardly wimp before walking off.

It wasn't that he didn't want to fight he just didn't really see the point of all this bloodshed. This whole war started because the two Kingdom's overreacted over a hunting incident. He did admit that what the Emperor of Kaonol did was incredibly brutal but still...the whole could of been solved diplomatically and without the need for bloodshed. Now it was just battle after battle after battle with no end in sight. He had once pleaded with his father to start negotiating with the Emperor but the King said that Emperor Megatron would not stop until his people were enslaved, his children slaughtered and the Kingdom made his. He had to fight on for their Kingdom's sake.

As he lay there in his berth thinking about many things and listening to the music and mindless chatter of the people enjoying the party there was a knock at the door. Sitting up he answered, saying it was alright for whoever it was to enter. The door opened and in walked the King of Iaconia Ultra Magnus looking as proud and wise as he alsways had. He was carrying the Kingdom's ledgendary hammer and wore a dark blue cloak that hung from his shoulders and trailed to the floor behind him. The clock was fastened around his strong neck with a large gold crest with the Royal Family emblem imprinted on it. Even though he was old in age he was still a handsome warrior King who was loved by his people. Yet he was now bearing a concerned face filled with worry. He looked down at his son and sighed.

'Optimus my child, why are you not celebrating with us? With have won a great victory today meaning we are one step closer to victory.'

The Young Prince sighed as his father stood over him with a worried look.

'I am sorry father but I just don't feel like it. Besides every time I attend one of these parties I end up with a line of suitors behind me.'

It wasn't the main reason wanted to go but it was one of them. Young Prince Optimus was envied by all of his siblings, including Sentinel, for being so charming and beautiful. Even though he was a male he was blessed with perfectly dark thin waist and a nicely shaped aft that was begging to be groped. He had long silver legs and an almost feminine face that made men drool at the sight of it. He had been approached by many suitors in the past for his hand but he turned them all down since he was interested in becoming anyones bride. Once he had been mistaken for a girl and Sentinel had teased him about it for a whole month. He wasn't ashamed with the way he looked, he just wished that they would leave him alone. The old King smiled as Optimus started to complain about why he hated getting approached by perverted suitors.

'I understand my child but I was deeply concerned when I did not see you. Your younger brothers and sister were asking for you.'

Optimus smiled and then hopped off his berth to strech his legs. The King blushed slightly when he saw what his son was wearing. He was wearing a light blue transparent silk cloth than hanged from his hips that was (sort of) hiding his blue under-garment that was wrapped round his hips by a golden ring right below his navel. He also wore a matching silk cloak that was loosley wrapped under his red chest and it was held together with a gold emblem with the Iaconia Insignia imprinted on it. His upper arms were decorated with ribbons along with his thighs and he had silver beads decorating his blue legs and helm. He looked just as noble as any Iaconia Prince and to be perfectly honest compared to what his brothers and sister wore he was just plain looking. Even Senetinel walked around covered in armour and ridiculous gold jewels that covered his body and Rodimus pretty much walked around wearing nothing but strands of ribbons. If young Rodimus was only a few years older it would be him getting all the attention from the suitors...not that he didn't anyway.

The young Prince chuckled when he noticed his father's flushed face. He guessed he still wasn't used to the fact that this was how Iaconian Prince's dressed even though in his younger life he must of been one too. Then again the idea of seeing his father dressed like this even in his younger days made him shudder at the thought. He was just thankful there weren't any pictures of him in his youth around the palace. Once the King had regained his composure he smiled back at his son before taking a seat in a nearby chair.

'Optimus I know you hate the war and believe me I hate it as much as you do. I regretted that day I suddenly declared war on that blasted Tyrant but I was so blinded with rage after the way he killed my dear friend and insulted me in such a way I acted on instinct instead of listening to my mind. I would try to make peace with him but he made it very clear that he would not stop until this Kingdom and everyone in it burns to the ground. I have no choice but to continue fighting until we pushed him into a corner and make him listen to our demands. I only want whats best for the Kingdom and my children.'

The old King sighed as he recalled the vow that the Emperor made to him and looked to his son with worried optics. The young Prince flopped back down on his berth and looked back at his father wondering why he looked so worried. Ultra Magnus tried to force a smile on but ever since he heard what the Emperor of Kaonol promised him on the battlefield he began to worry about all of his children. His children were his most prized treasures and he loved them dearly. They were worth all the gold in both Kingdoms. To keep them safe he ordered an elite guard to watch the child they were assigned to. He loved his children so much it would kill him if he lost one of them. However out of all his children he loved the young Prince Optimus the most. He was the second eldest and unlike his older brother he didn't care about fame and glory. He wanted peace and for the people to live happy lives. He would make a good king but Sentinel was of course next in line for the throne.

Optimus yawned slightly and smiled gently.

'Don't worry about me father. Now go back to the party and have fun. I'll be OK...Ironhide is coming to play a game of chess with me in a bit.'

That made the King feel a little better. Ironhide was the elite guard who was assigned to keep an optic on Prince Optimus and he was one of his strongest warriors. As long as he was around he knew that his most precious son would be safe. He decided to take his son's advice and return to the party. He stood up to leave but before he left he placed a small kiss on his son's blue helm before leaving the young Prince all alone. Optimus smirked as his father left. He could be such a worrywort sometimes but it did show that he cared.

Time passed and at long last Ironhide appeared with the chess set. The music was still playing and the people were still cheering and the young Prince was trying to beat the old warrior at the game of chess he was loosing. The red warrior laughed as he used his black knight to knock over the white bishop and the Prince pouted. He wasn't always this bad but his mind kept wandering off to ponder about the war. How long would it last? How many more soldiers must die before the Emperor of Kaonol was satisfied? What was this Emperor Megatron like? He had heard stories that he was as tall as giant and as monstrous as a beast. His optics were the colour of blood and his body was as silver as the moon. He could slaughter a group of men with one swing of his sword and he sent soldiers running with his terrible war cry. Sentinel was even too afraid to face him in battle and when King Ultra Magnus fought him he almost lost an arm and a leg. The young Prince wondered what he was like. Was he really as big and as terrible as they say?

Ironhide made another small victory cheer when he managed to take out the young Prince's white knight with his queen. Optimus just sighed as yet another one of his chess pieces were taken by the old red warrior and added to his small collection of fallen chess pieces. He didn't normally loose like this but because his mind continued to wander off Ironhide was winning easy. The old red warrior seemed very pleased with himself as he claimed another one of the Prince's pieces. If there was one thing that Ironhide loved it was winning any battle that was thrown at him, even board games. It was then realized that Ironhide used to fight on the battlefields alongside his father. Maybe he had seen Emperor Megatron and knew what he was really like.

'Sir Ironhide? You've fought many battles with my father have you not?'

The old red warrior looked up with a surprised look on his face. He was not used to having the young Prince talk about battles and brawls since he knew too well that Prince Optimus hated violence as much as the Great War. However he saw a spark of curiosity in his bright blue optics and for some reason he could not ignore it. Letting out a tired sigh and forgetting all about the game of chess that he was winning, the old red warrior began to talk about his time on the front lines.

'It's true your Highness. I fought alongside your father against the forces of Kaonol. I remember the good times and the bad times. The cries of our solideirs. The heat of the battle. The desire to destroy our enemy. The need to win. It all felt like second nature to me. But...why do you ask?'

The young Prince sat up slightly and hoped that the old warrior wouldn't be so shocked to hear what he wanted to ask.

'Well...you must have fought against Emperor Megatron, right? What was he like?'

Ironhide's face was suddenly filled with dread as well as horror.

'W-why do want to know what that Tyrant is like?' he asked in a horrified tone.

Optimus sighed for deep down he knew this was how Ironhide would react. Nobody ever liked to talk about the Emperor of Kaonol. All he heard were whispers and gossip. They said he was as tall as a giant. With blood red optics and a body as silver as the moon. He could wipe out a battalion of soldiers with one swing of his blade. His battle cry would make even the bravest of men tremble and he devoured the sparks of his victims. He was a monster. A cannibal. A demon. He had heard all these stories about him but the young Prince wasn't stupid. They were just exaggerating about some powerful warrior who could be the only one with the power to stop the war. He just had to know what he was really like if he wanted any hope that this war could end. He looked up at the old warrior and pleaded with him through his optics.

'Please Sir Ironhide. I just want to know what the Emperor is really like. You've seen him so you must know!'

Ironhide grumbled slightly and scratched his helm. He couldn't say no to those optics that begged him to tell his story about the Tyrant that threatened their Kingdom. It was true that he saw him in battle but there wasn't much to tell.

'You've heard the stories your Highness. He's incredbly tall and as monstorous as a demon. I remember when I first saw him I thought I was looking staright at the king of hell himself. He stood there with gigantic blade and he was surrounded with the corpses of his victims. His optics were the colour of blood and his hands almost looked the talons from a great beast. He could easily kill a group of men that came right for him with one swing of his blade and made it look like nothing. He almost killed me when I tried to face him. I still remember the way he glared at me with those red optics. It was like he was looking into my soul and eating me away bit by bit. His lust for battle is enough to make anyone tremble at the mere mention of his name and-...'

Ironhide suddenly stopped talking and his optics widened with horror. Optimus was confused that the old red warrior suddenly stopped talking. Whenever he was telling an old war story to his friends it was impossible to get him to shut up. It looked like someone had come up to him and slapped him across the face hard. The young Prince looked at him a little concerned as to why Sir Ironhide who always bore a face of pride and honer now looked like it was filled with fear and terror. Did he bring up an old memory that he longed to forget?

'Sir Ironhide? What's wrong?' asked the young Prince sitting up straight.

It was then that the young Prince noticed that a huge shadow was looming over him, almost filling the room with darkness and gave off a nasty feeling that left the young Prince feeling afraid and alone. What was causing that shadow? He was too farid to find out. He suddenly felt a nasty chill creep up along his back as if someone was trailing an icy claw up his back. His whole body began to shiver in unknown fear. The shadow that almost filled the room gave a dark and terrible feeling as if it wasn't a shadow but a monster from hell. It almost felt like he was about to get swallowed up by the darkness that surrounded him. It was then that he also noticed that Sir Ironhide wasn't looking at him but looking right behind him. The young Prince suddenly felt afraid when he realized that someone was standing behind him and whoever it was it was scaring the living Spark out of the old red warrior. Slowly and cautiously turning around he looked up to find what was causing the shadow. The last thing he saw before falling into the darkness was a tall figure, silhouetted by the moonlight and bore blood red optics that almost pierced through his Spark.

The young Prince groaned as he felt himself coming back to the realm of conscious. What had happened? Did he fall asleep after listening to Sir Ironhide's story? It wouldn't be the first time he dozed off after listening to the old warrior's tales. However he could of sworn he saw something that made his spark stop pulsing and his oil lines run cold. A dark shadow that threaten to swallow him whole. Maybe it was nothing more than a minor nightmare that meant nothing at all to him. It just merely startled him that was all. Making sure he was functioning properly he sat up slowly and massaged his helm hoping it would calm the ache in his head. However when he opened his optics to have a look around he noticed that something wasn't right.

For one these weren't his quarters. He was in another room that he did not recognize and lying in someone else's berth. Also the furniture, the decorations, the colour and the smell...it was all foreign to him. He had never seen any of these strange crafts before. A room like this could not have existed in the palace he would of known about it. So if he wasn't in the palace then where was he? He sat up and looked around, he was now fully alert and trying to figure out what was going on. Was Sentinel trying to play another prank on him? But if it was how did he acquire all these strange objects. In fact would Sentinel go that far just to tease him?

His Spark was now pulsing hard and fast within his chassis and he stood up trying to make sense of where he was. This wasn't the palace he knew that and he knew that Sentinel was just to dam lazy to pull off a prank like this on him. So what was going on and where was he? As he continued to gaze around the room he heard the sound of heavy footfalls that were getting louder and closer. Before he could even determined who they belonged to the door to the chamber opened and in walked a pair of guards that the young Prince did not recognize. Their armour was different, their frames were strange and they did not show Optimus any sign of respect. They stood either side of the door way to allow someone else to enter and as he walked into the light young Optimus suddenly felt weak in the knees.

'I see that you are awake my dear little prince.'

The mech that had entered was incredibly tall and quite literally towered over the young prince. His frame was the colour of dull silver and his optics were the colour of bright garnets. He bore a dark red clock that hung over his shoulders and it almost looked like a river of blood flowing from his back.. It was almost like he was in the presence of the devil himself and he had come to devour his very soul. The young Prince staggered backwards as the gigantic mech stood before him. Although he was terrifying and gave off an aura of death Optimus could not help but think that he was so...captivating to look at. He couldn't explain it nor could he take his optics off him. It was like he was looking at a fine piece of artwork and he couldn't look away in fear it would disappear. Who was this mech that was looked so terrifying yet gave him this strange feeling he never felt before?

The tall mech sneered down at the young Prince and stepped forward, cupping his chin and forcing him to look up at him. The sudden action made the young Prince snap out of his trance and he jumped back, slapping the hand that had touched him. The tall silver mech smirked as Optimus glared up at him in anger. The whole thing seemed very amusing to him.

'How dare you touch an Iaconia Prince in such a manner!' he hissed.

Instead of getting an apology the tall mech just laughed and stepped forward invading the young Prince's personal space even more. Optimus was both confused and angry whislt the tall mech just continued to look down at him. Why was this mech treating him in such a manner? Had he no respect for the royal family? Who was he anyway? Before he could even begin demanding answers for his many questions the tall mech suddenly spoke.

'Forgive me my dear little Prince...I was just admiring the beauty of my guest.'

Guest? He was his guest? That did explain the change of scenery but it didn't explain where he was. He didn't even remember leaving the palace. Also the big question he wanted answered was who was this mech who was acting so very rude towards him.

'Stop looking at me in such a disrespectful manner and tell me who you are and where I am!'

The tall silver mech chuckled again and made a another small bow.

'You fainted before I had the chance to introduce myself. I'm sure you've heard of me my dear little Prince. I am Lord Megatron...Emperor of Kaonol.'

The moment he uttered that name and that title Optimus suddenly felt a wave of horror wash over him. At first he thought he was just teasing him just to see him scared but he detected no lie in that sentence. Did he mean that HE was the murderous demon who could kill a wave of soldiers with one swing of his sword? That HE was the terror of Kaonol? The one who showed no mercy to his victims and killed for the sheer pleasure of it? The Warlord of Kaonol? That was who he was? He almost fell over from the shock of hearing the identity of the mech before him. The tall silver mech just continued to smirk as he watched the smaller mech trembled before him.

'What's the matter little Prince? Lost your voice?'

He had indeed lost his voice. Even though his lips were apart he could not utter a single word. This couldn't be real! This can't be real! If this mech was indeed the Warlord Megatron from Kaonol...then...did that mean...? Looking around once more in the room he was in he knew that the furniture and the architecture wasn't that of Iaconia origin. The two guards before him didn't even look like Iaconia's nor did they dress like them...that could only mean that he wasn't in Iaconia...but...could that mean...no...it couldn't...could it?

'W-where...where am I?' he demanded with a small voice.

The tall silver mech let out another chuckle.

'Haven't you already figured it out my dear little Prince? You are within my Kingdom of Kaonol and you are a guest in my palace...you are far away from home my dear Prince.'

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