A Drip of Paradise

OCXLord Zedd

"I hear Lord Zed got married!" "Really? How unusual." "Yeah- but it's a loveless marriage, he doesn't even like her." "Then how did they get married!" "Well, she seduced him and suckered him into it." She raised her eyes from her book, glancing at the gossiping maids, and brought her book closer to her face.

Lord Zed got married, eh?

"She's a complete WITCH too!" "What makes you say that?" "Because she's so mean to him! She acts as if Lord Zed doesn't do a damn thing!" "How horrid!" "Yeah, and she says he's useless, constantly!" "Oh, if I could get my hands on that witch, she's be-ARGH!" "I know, right?" "Oh, the princess isn't in her room." "Where'd she get to now?" the Maids complained about how disobedient their Master was.

A…loveless marriage?

She silently slipped a bookmark into her book and closed it, looking at the cover. She stood and pulled the cloak on tighter, going over to a pair of guards, and they saluted her. "Please, prepare a ship for me."

"You're leaving?" One of the guards asked softly.

"I have something to do, so yes, I am leaving." She responded, "I'll keep in contact with the Blue Queen, so- don't worry about me."

"B-But, the Duke is coming to see you, today!"

"I have no time for a man who will hit me and then beg for me to take him back. Please- I need some time to myself…" The guards looked at one another at her words, and nodded, leaving, and she slipped into her room and packed a bag. She went back to the Guards and they stepped aside, letting her into her ship, and stood at the back, looking sad,

"Can we- come with? Just in case?" They asked in union, and she looked back and smiled, gesturing them in, and they grabbed some things before entering and the door closed. "Where are we going?"

"You'll know when we get there." She answered and the ship lifted and darted off.

~O~ Earth ~O~

"Why are we here?" He demanded, another article of clothing being thrown in his face, and he, as he had before, peeled it off and looked at it. A bra. He hastily chucked it at the ground and kicked it away from his in disgust. "Rita!"

"Oh, shut up, Zedd! I'm getting clothes! My bras don't fit me anymore, and I figured I might as well shop. Then, who better to bring to carry my things and PAY for it than you?" Rita explained somewhat mockingly, toying with her breast in the mirror, turning this way and that, wondering if the bra looked good on her, "Zedd, give me your opinion on this!" She said, coming out abruptly and he quickly covered his eyes with an arm and a hand, looking away from her and groaning.

"You want my opinion! Put on some god-damn clothes, woman!" Zed snarled, "Just pick something! For the love of all evil, GET BACK IN THAT ROOM!" She huffed and slammed the door, making him slowly lower his defenses, and she threw more bras at him and he groaned. He hated her so much. SO. MUCH. HATE. FOR. THAT. BITCH. RITA. He angrily pulled the bras and underwear off his face, ripping them with his sharp fingers, and as he growled in hate, he looked for someone to direct his hatred to- and his hatred and anger vanished.

A woman was looking at lingerie, wearing a flowing, white dress, which was contrast against her long, dark hair. She blinked, and looked over at him- (he looked around to make sure there was no one else she could have been looking at) - and she stared at him blankly. Then, she turned towards him slightly and smiled. Winked at him, and then was pulled away by two Goth-looking girls to the cash register, before being hauled out of the store. Zedd looked at the dressing room, Rita had not come out. He grabbed a handful of random bras and panties, before tossing them over the top and onto of Rita, "Try these on too!" He ordered, and she said something happy or something before he ditched her, the store, and before he left, told the cashier that Rita was planning on shop lifting anything she liked, before leaving and the cashier glared at the dressing room, marching over as Zedd vanished.

"Hey, let go, you guys!" The woman complained and the two shook their heads,

"No time, no time! We need dresses, and we need pants and furniture for our apartment, yes?" One said, "Plus, there's all the decorating we have to do!" she stopped, trying to stand her ground as they tried to drag her into an alley, Zedd hiding behind a pole, as some stupid kids complained it wasn't Halloween yet. "Hey, come on!"

"Stop it, I still need under garments!" "You have enough!" The Goths complained and she hastily pushed down the back of her skirt to not let her panties be revealed, and they took the opportunity to pick her up and run away down the alley. "Oh, stop it, you brutes!" Curiosity for all that was evil made Zedd follow to the alley and saw two large, skeletal creatures harassing the woman. They looked over and saw him- and he saw them- and she was scared out of her mind. What shit would the Power Rangers do, right about now?

"Um…Stay away from her!" Zedd ordered, and they stared at him, the woman getting to her feet and bolting, making them look at her,

"FUCK! She's getting away!" They snarled in union, "I'll get her, sister; you worry about Skeletor over there!" The other nodded and turned on Zedd, as the other ran after the woman. Zedd pulled out his staff and the skeleton hesitated, before being electrocuted and falling, groaning, Zedd running past the subdued monster, the alley having led to a dead end. The Skeleton picked the woman up and jumped over the wall, vanishing. "Hey, Big Guy!" Zedd turned around and everything went black.

"…dd…zedd…ZEDD!" He jolted awake and sat up, Rita sitting on his chest, "Hey you're finally awake! Great!" He stared at her, wondering what happened, "I found you lying in an alley. Are you doing the human's drugs?" He ignored her and wondered what had happened to the woman as she shook him, "Are you listening to me! You got me thrown in the human's jail!"


"Did you hear Lord Zedd? He sounded so- Manly!" Mina chirped and Tina purred, "Oh, I thought he sounded like a blasted Power Ranger!" The guards gossiped on Zedd's 'heroic act' and their Boss was silent, "Hm? Highness?" She frowned sadly,

"W-What was he doing in a lingerie store?" She murmured, looking at them, "AH! W-Was my 'smile' good enough! I worked so hard on it!"

"Your smile was HEAVENLY, my liege!" "Yeah, but with a dark intent!" "Oh, but you looked so beautiful." "The dress complimented your hair." "You should worry more about if he could see your bright underwear under your dress, my liege!" They both said in union, and she blushed heatedly, looking In the mirror, gasping when she could see her own red underwear and covered herself up, sniffing,

"Y-You're both right! What if he did see?" She mused franticly, "Y-You guys almost made me show my underwear too!"

"For the love of the Dark Lord!" The guards gasped, "You're right!" "Next time, we should take extra precaution!" "But- Rita deceived Zedd and they're still together." "Should we kill Rita so the opening for wife is free?" "Wait- what if he believes in polygamy?" "Well, then we'd have to LIVE with Rita and all his goons- that wouldn't be fun at all."

She was working on her smile as the guards schemed and plotted as they pleased, "Um- corner of mouth up, pull face back, show teeth- ARGH!" The Guards went over and pulled her cheeks, making her whimper, "I-It…smiling…hurts."

"Well, you need to do it often, so you need to learn, Highness." One of them said, the other caking on make up, "What does he see in that Rita anyway? Highness's breasts are larger!" She blushed and looked down her shirt, "I'm only a 42DD…" She murmured softly, and the other guard hissed, "That Rita girl cakes on her make up- maybe he doesn't like true colors?" the Guard asked the other, and she looked at her own skin- was her human flesh not an appropriate color? "Oh but She's a bitch." She panicked. Was she too nice! "She's fat too…Maybe he likes them large?"

"I-I'm going to bed." The guards looked at her with concern,

"Please don't let our words get to you; you're as evilly cute as possible!"

"Evil and cute don't mix and 'evilly cute' isn't a word." She said and they looked at one another,

"Humans have a word for you, Highness- It was something with meaning…" "Tyrant?" "No." "Nazi!" "YEAH! Highness, you're a Nazi!"

She blushed and went to her room, shutting the door, looking at herself in the mirror. She picked up the phone and dialed a number waiting, before there was a click, "Hello Blue Queen." "YOU! Where are you, the Duke is here!" "I don't have interest in the duke." "I don't CARE! You get back here and take this pitiful creature back!" She hung up and sighed, dialing another number. "Hello, I'm back in town. Where are you located now?"


Zedd had been dragged to another boutique, as Rita tried on more clothes- more of a dark and gloomy shop. Zedd had taken the liberty of wearing a cloak as to not get harassed by the children of Humanity and their stupid but hurtful words. He looked around, sighing, holding her stuff, and spied the two Goth twins, fighting over a shirt, and he watched with slight interest. "No, I saw it first!" "Don't e a whore, I touched it first!" suddenly, they got over it, "Here, I'll find another in the same size so we can match, yes?" "Oh, ok! Splendid idea!" "Do you think she'll like some of this 'anime' stuff?" "Only if it's cute!" Zedd tried to look as inconspicuous as possible, before being hit by his wife and having the irresistible urge to hit her back- "What if Lord Zedd DOES like large women? What will she do?" "She'll probably try to fatten up- oh but she's so pretty in her normal form that she'll just try to fatten up her human form." "And the make up?" "She doesn't like the make-up very much, but I guess she'll have to get used to it…" Zedd realized they were talking about the woman- (maybe) – so that means they knew her, right?

"I wonder why he married that Rita!" Yep, there were talking about him. "I mean, she used a potion to get his love, and then she doesn't even want to have his offspring! What a horrid girl!" "I wonder what would happen if Lord Zedd had interest in our mistress. Wouldn't that be great?" "But Lord Zedd is such a serious man about villainy- I doubt he'd like her and how nice she is." "But she DID kill her father for being faint-of heart." "True- but that may not be cruel enough. Poor Mistress." "I wonder if Sir Zedd can dance." "I think so- who can't? I'm ecstatic to be dancing beside mistress tonight!" "I keep forgetting the night club name…" "I think its Black Crane- or Black Queen- something weird like that." They picked up some more things and left the store, hand in hand. Lesbians?

"Zedd! ZEDD!" He looked at Rita, who smiled, "What do you think, Zeddy?" She asked, twirling, wearing belts and chains- all black. Humans purred that black made her look so much thinner and was so her color. Zedd could care less. "Sure, yeah, you look- nice." He said absently, his words hollow and empty. He'd have to drug her tea to go out if he wanted to go see that woman.

~O~ Club Black Sun ~O~

Neon search lights spun around and shone in his eyes, deciding he wasn't what they were looking for, and kept searching the dark room, as the music boomed fro the huge speakers, making the floor vibrate, and the night club was abuzz with young people dancing like no tomorrow. Monsters- they were all monsters. They danced strange though- and Zedd didn't know what they were supposed to dance to as foreign words were screamed into a microphone on a small stage in the back of the club, the spot lights on them. Flashing lights, loud music, it was obviously some type of weirdo, human place that young people came to. Zedd looked around and weaved this way and that in the thick crowd. Human girls danced against monsters, hips shaking and the girl's backs to the monsters, hands on the monsters' own hands that were placed in various positions to each dancing pair. The band left and another one came on,

"You were a problem child, grounded your whole life so now you're running wild. Playing with them good girls, but that ain't your style. You think you're hot shit and ooh I love it, I love it, yeah, yeah." the singer sand, and the music got louder, "you're stumbling but yeah you're still looking hella fine; keep doing whatcha doing, I'll make you mine. Well you're a- HOT mess and I'm falling for you and I'm like, hot damn lemme make you beau, because you can shake it, shake it, yeah, you know what to do, you're a- hot mess and I'm falling for you!" Zedd thought the lyrics held some meaning, and paused momentarily. Behind the band, were the Goth Twins, in frilly skirts of light pink, dressed exactly alike, smiling, holding staffs? Behind them was a large wall of shining peacock feathers. It was thick, but there was a shadow of someone lying down, and peeking above the feathers was the top of what seemed to be a 'throne'. The Goth Twins stood on either side of the shadow, nonchalant, as monsters guarded the stage and some stood next to the Goth Twins, but spaced out. One of the Twins went behind the peacock feathers and her shadow could bee seen, before she returned, but the lights had been dim on the back of the stage, making the shadows more blurred than clear. The Twin appeared and the Band finished, they bowed, and left.

Zedd observed the shape of the person's shadow, who took protection behind the curtain of feathers- to figure out their gender. Shadow's leg's, dangled over something not as noticeable as Shadow- maybe the arm of the chair? Up the soft curves, they took an abrupt rise to a smooth but long curve, then another dip, before another soft curve. Soft curves. What would happen- if water ran down them? Would it flow like a river? They shifted, and Shadow's legs no longer dangled off the edge, instead, they seemed to form into one leg now. Zedd looked around- was there a way around the Goth Twins? He maneuvered is way to the side wall, and found curtains- probably to cover the stage- and past them, a back stage. He made his way back stage, caring not to get noticed or stand out. He even crippled over and shuffled like an old man, using his staff as a cane, under his cloak. He was stopped- once.

"Who the hell are you?" Someone snarled, and he glanced up under his hood, and a man with different colored hair stood there, strange piercings on his lips, eyebrows, ears, and a bull ring on his nose. "WELL!"

"I am the replacement." Zedd said, and the punk raised an eyebrow.

"HA! Nice try, everyone is on call." The punk smirked, and Zedd stood up- and punched the guy in the face, before stashing him in the thick, velvety folds of the curtains. Zedd abandoned the punk and made his way through the confusing labyrinth of hallways and doors, and found himself back in the crowd- on the other side of the club. The spot light fell onto the throne and its guards. A pair of musicians played a type of Arabia music and a pair of hands slipped out from behind the curtain of feathers, gold bracelets clinked and jingled on the wrists- a woman's hands and wrists. The nails were long, and the wrists were slender. One of the monsters- big and strong looking- went to the hands, and knelt down, kissing one. The hands cupped his face- before the monster's body fell to the ground and the hands held its head, before tossing it mercilessly aside. Zedd hasn't registered what the hell had just happened. Another brave monster stepped forward- and he watched closely, even from his distance, as the Goth Twins grinned and the monster made another strange gesture- kissing the bracelets.

Wrong move.

The hands cupped his face, and sharply, swiftly, twisted to the left, then the right, snapping their neck first, and then severing it from their spine so that the body fell and the blood from the first victim and the second's drenched the small set of stairs down to the stage. To the guards other than the Goth Twins, this happened to, until they had all died. "And now, we are proud to welcome our Honored Guest to the party-" The feathers slowly rolled down to reveal…

To be Continued…