A Drip of Paradise

Chapter 4

Zedd ran around in the darkness, a single orb of light as his guide. "Zedd!" A voice yelled for him. Fiona? She was calling for him? It sounded close and he looked around, the darkness parting a little and he could see he was standing on a floor made of bones and broken weapons were scattered about. The human skulls and monster ones alike, crunched under his feet. "Zedd!" He ran forward, along the hall of bones and skeletons, before it suddenly stopped and he skidded to a stop, almost falling off. A few bones and a skull rolled over the edge and down into a bottomless abyss of ink black. Where was she? He looked around and found her on a platform not too far below him but a little farther away from him in distance. About 25 or so feet below him, 10 feet or so away, she was on the ground, wearing a white wedding dress, the skirt surrounding her as she sat on a red and black flower, her face in her hands as she cried. Her skin was so pale it glowed in the darkness, and her hair was tied up with bright, pure white feathers, feathers also tipping her white gloves she wore. They just covered her hands and barely went past her wrists.

"Fiona!" He yelled and she looked up, around, then at him, tears rolling down her face and past bright red lips, and she smiled, "Zedd…" She started crying against and reached for him, as if asking for him to pick her up, and he looked around. He needed some way to get down…but how? He found his staff, lying not too far, and grabbed it, turning it into a snake. Suddenly, a large cobra appeared and hissed, opening its hood which held the image of a black butterfly upon it. The snake turned back into a staff and Zedd stepped back as the Cobra moved to strike him. There was a roar and Zedd looked over, as Serpentra landed next to him and roared at the cobra once more, slashing it in the face. The Cobra shrieked and withdrew, giving Zedd enough time to get into Serpentra, and Serpentra went into action, coiling around the Cobra and digging its fangs into the Cobra's albino hide. Fiona watched with white feathery eyelashes, but on the countless occasions that Zedd thought the Cobra would hit her or land on her, it never did. After a long, bloody battle, Serpentra ripped the cobra in half and the snake's intestines and organs made Zedd a path to Fiona- but only a foot path. Zedd got out of Serpentra and stepped on the newly made path, slipping and landed on his ass, before sliding down the now slide of organs, made slippery by a mixture of the snake's blood and juices. Unable to get any footing what so ever, he flew off the slide and slammed into Fiona, who caught him (somewhat) and they both tumbled to the floor before he landed on top of her.

Zedd blinked, sitting back and pulling her with him, wiping her tears away, "Don't cry, I'm here." He told her and she stiffened, her hands on his shoulders, before she hugged him close,

"Zedd, I was so scared." If he hadn't felt like a hero before, now he did, as she sat in his lap. Something slithered between the both of them, and she struggled as something pulled her out of the comfort of his lap and into the air, two pairs of large blue eyes looked at him, before a pair of jaws opened and swallowed him whole.


Zedd jolted awake from the nightmare and shook his head, looking around. He was in is own bed with Rita beside him. DAMN IT! He got out of bed and thought about how he had gotten home, and looked around his chambers, not finding a trace of her ever existing anywhere. Only Rita and her bullshit. He has already begun to wonder if she had awoken fine. He walked around his palace and wondered if it would be suitable place for her to live. Was it big enough? Bright enough? He wandered and found the Pink Power ranger locked up. What was her name? 'Kimberly'? She was complaining about something…who cares? Zedd stared at her anyways. She was a Power Ranger- untouched by evil, but there was some darkness within her heart. How much was in Fiona's?

Zedd stared at Kimberly in thought, making her shiver and look away. Would she be able to help him? Maybe, since she was a girl, she could give him answers? Zedd sought out the key and opened the door, entered, setting a chair in the room, away from Kimberly, and shut the door, sitting down. "Help me with something."

"I won't help you with anything!" She snarled at him, and he waved her comment off, before electrocuting her- lightly- and she yelled as he did.

"There is a girl who holds my interest," Zedd explained to her, thinking, "She is gorgeous and sweet. I do not know how to get her to like me." Kimberly raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe if you stopped trying to get rid of the Power Rangers?" She offered and Zedd waved her off,

"She knocked you out and brought you to me, and she kills without a thought. I do admire the way she catches each and every one of you though." Zedd mused to himself, "So, do you have any suggestions?"

"Er- is she nice?" Kimberly asked, and Zedd chuckled darkly,

"Sweet as candy!" He replied, and Kimberly looked up,

"Well, maybe you can-"

~O~ Fiona's Place ~O~

"My Lady, you've got a call from the Duke." One of the Twins said, and Fiona didn't move.

"Hang up." Fiona groaned, not in the mood to talk to anyone.

"But we already answered." Damn it.

"Then bring it here- the phone." Fiona ordered and they brought her the phone. She grabbed it and pressed it to her ear, "Hello?" She asked sleepily. "My darling! Where are you? I have come to your home countless times and could not find you." She ran a hand through her hair, groaning into the receiver, "What was that! Is there someone there with you! Why, darling, if you wanted to have an affair, you should have told me!" She withdrew and glared at the receiver, before she exhaled sharply into the receiver and there was a scream, "My face, my beautiful FACE! Locust! They're everywhere!" She smiled sleepily and evilly, "Sweet dreams, Your Lordship." She hissed mockingly, and, instead of handing up, broke the phone. "Now he's occupied and can't call back. Win-win for me." She rolled over and fell back asleep, the Twins taking the shattered phone out of the room and left. Sensei entered, and laid beside her in the empty space, curling up against her back and purring,

"I saw your future, Mistress." He told her and she grunted a 'That's nice'. "You will be very unhappy."

"Sensei let me sleep." She ordered and he fell asleep as did she.


"Rita honey." Zedd purred, and Rita looked at him, "How about I take you down to earth for another shopping spree on my money?" He offered and Rita looked at him oddly, like he was crazy.

"I'm not really in the mood, sorry." Rita said and walked off, and he clenched his fist. Any time he didn't want to go, she spent his money freely, but when he DID want to go, she refused him? What type of bullshit was this!

"Then let's go out to a nice dinner?"

"Why can't we eat in?" Rita countered and mentally ripped her face off and ripped her limb-from-limb.

"Fine then, Rita! I'm going to Earth for some take-out because your cooking sucks! I'm taking the pink Ranger with me!"

"She's staying here!" Rita snarled, "I'm in the middle of torturing her!"

"I don't care! She's coming with me!" Zedd yelled, "I'm having an affair with her, ok! I'M HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH THE PINK RANGER BECAUSE I CAN'T GET A DAMN THING FROM YOU, YOU CRONE!" He roared, and grabbed the pink ranger and left.


"So- will these work?" Zedd asked the Ranger, who had her wrists bound, and was wearing a cloak as he was, and Kimberly groaned,

"How should I know?"

"Well, they are- very colorful?" He offered in response, and then noticed some black flowers, "Or- maybe she will like these- would you like these?"

"I'm more of a Roses and Lilacs girl myself, thank you." Kimberly told him, and Zedd looked at the flowers, looking from tag to tag for 'roses' probably.

"Alright- I would like to get those and some of these." Zedd said, pointing to the bright ones and the dark ones, and the clerk frowned at him uneasily,

"B-But those two don't go well together, Sir." The Clerk said, and he was silent.

"Yes…yes, you're right; they don't go together at all." He said to himself, looking at the Clerk, "Well- put something in there to make them go together." The Clerk nodded and grabbed various handfuls of various flowers, including the ones he desired, wrapped it up, and asked for cash or credit. Zedd paid and left, dragging Kimberly with him. He shoved her into a store and ordered, "Shop."

"With what!" Kimberly asked, "What for?" Zedd handed her a plastic card.

"Anything at all, I don't care." Zedd told her, folding his arms across his chest, "Just shop away."

"What an irresponsible thing to say, that's not even your credit card." They turned and Zedd recognized Sensei standing there, in a pair of bagged Goth pants and a black belly shirt. "You shouldn't force the lady to do anything she doesn't want to."

"You gave her to my wife in the first place! Did you not take into the consideration she wanted a say in your actions?" Zedd countered, and Sensei nodded, walking towards them,

"A valid argument, but I did so because my orders were specific and absolute. Your desire called me here, so what do you want?" Sensei hissed, and Kimberly went over to him and handed him the credit card. "Hm?"

"I want to buy you." She said coyly, and Sensei's eye brow twitched in anger, before Zedd stepped forward.

"Your Mistress, may I see her?" Zedd asked and Sensei looked at him.

"Alright- but the Rangers are not allowed in our home." A small black hole appeared, and Sensei Spartan kicked Kimberly into it, and she yelp, before vanishing through it, the hole vanishing soon after. "Now that the human is gone, we may go." Zedd wondered if the same thing would happen to him, but Sensei grabbed the front of his cloak roughly, and head butted him, staring him in the eyes when he did so.

"ARGH!" Zedd snarled and stabbed Sensei with his staff of 'Z', stumbling backwards and falling on top of something that yipped. He looked up and found himself lying on the Twins, before he got to his feet, "W-what happened?"

"I brought you to our temporary home, is that not what you wanted?" Sensei asked bluntly, before being stabbed relentlessly.

"Sensei? Are you home?" Fiona called and Sensei held Zedd at bay,

"Yes. Would you like me to bring you some soup?" Sensei called back, and shoved Zedd off,

"That would be wonderful." Fiona answered and Sensei went into the kitchen, grabbing a bowl and a ladle and pouring some soup into the bowl from a tall, silver pot, before putting it on a tray with some milk and a spoon, and took it to Fiona's room, Zedd noticing his flowers not to far away. He picked them up and followed into her room and Fiona looked over. "Oh, you brought Lord Zedd?" Zedd peeked at her, "Hello there, Mr. Shy-Guy." She greeted friendly, gesturing him in, and he entered, Fiona sitting in her bed, propped up against her pillows, smiling. Sensei set the breakfast tray over her lap and she smiled, "Thank you, Sensei." Zedd hid the flowers behind his back, entering, and offered them to her, "Hm? What are these for?"

"Um…They're for you…" Zedd murmured, handing them to her, and she smiled, taking the offered flowers. She took a deep breath and sighed with a smile, looking at him happily, "Thank you so much, Lord Zedd. Sensei, go get vase with some water for these- I want them to live." Sensei bowed and left with the flowers. "They're very pretty, thank you Lord Zedd." She thanked him again, and he nodded, "Please- feel free to pull up a chair." Fiona told him, and he did, finally realizing she was a little pale.

"Are you alright?" Zedd asked and she ate some soup, looking at him, and swallowing.

"Oh, I'm fine." She assured him, with a sweet smile, "It takes a lot of energy for me to send people places." She told him, lying against the pillows more and closing her eyes, napping,

"Mistress, please finish your soup." Sensei requested, coming backing with a vase that held the flowers, and she looked at him as he set the vase on a nightstand next to her. "Eat." She sighed and picked up her soup and just drank it all down, her color returning to her features, and then gulped down her milk, before handing the tray back to him. "You'll get sick if you force yourself…"

"I'm fine." She said, "I'll lay here a little longer to let my food can settle." Sensei nodded, agreeing that her 'plan' was a good idea, and left the room to put the dishes in the kitchen sink. "What made you get the flowers, Lord Zedd?" Zedd looked at her, "Or was it on a whim?" He fidgeted.

"I wanted to give you flowers- f-for payment for letting me stay here." He said, trying not to sound like a pussy.

"Oh, you didn't have to get me anything. I'm happy to help, Lord Zedd." She answered, and he felt warm inside. Sensei entered the room with the vase and the flowers inside, and set the vase on the night stand. She ran her fingers through the petals and leaned over, taking a deep breath of the mixed scents, and smiling, before withdrawing. "Thank you for the flowers- they're wonderful." She said once more and withdrew from them. Sensei entered and offered Zedd a glass of water, and Zedd accepted it, and drank it, feeling strangely thirsty. "Is there something you wanted to talk about, Lord Zedd?" Zedd looked at her, thinking of a way to say what he wanted to say, before his vision blurred.

Images of her, dancing in a belly dancer outfit, filled his vision instead, and Arabic music played in his head as she danced erotically. While this was going on in his head, in reality, he was walking around, with his hands randomly grabbing air, occasionally hitting a wall (which was her pushing him into a different scene and she would wear a different outfit and dance differently to him), but, kept walking in some sort of loose pattern. "SENSEI! What did you do!"

"I just slipped some ecstasy into his drink- he's doing pretty well." Sensei observed, and she glared at him, "I will go and get the counter drug." He left and she watched Zedd trip out. He then came over to her,

"You're pretty." He told her, getting on the bed.

"You're high on ecstasy. Please try to stay still." She told him, not moving as he crawled over to her on all fours.

"My wife won't give me kids… I want some from you." Zedd told her, Sensei coming back with a syringe, and Zedd laid down in her lap, and she held Zedd still as Sensei found a vein and injected the counter drug into his system, then wrapped some gauze around where he had used the needle (after sanitizing where he pricked the guy, of course). Zedd groaned and fell asleep in her lap,

"I'll move him." Sensei said, and she shook her head,

"Leave him be, just get a blanket." She told Sensei, who snarled in protest but went and got the blanket anyways. She covered Zedd with it, "Poor Thing."

"He just wants to get in your pants." Sensei said bluntly, and she ignored him, and he left, shutting the door.