Alright, I am back! I know it's been since like December since I updated...but...uh...I've had stuff going on, like MASSIVE writer's sucks!

As it is, I still have this massive writer's block, but I believe I can start this fic here...since it is after all, based off my book.

Now I few key things I'd like to mention (PLEASE READ THIS! IT IS IMPORTANT!)

For starters, you may notice something are in fact similar to the ever so popular Twilight series...this was not my intention. Like I said before, this is based of MY book. The idea for my book came WAY before Twilight was ever a huge thing, before I READ it, or even HEARD of it. So it is in no such way suppose to be like Twilight, that is not my intention. IF you find something that's like Twilight, just know I didn't put it in there because I'm some obsessed Twilight fan ( which I'm not FYI ), I put it there because that's how it came out in my mind.

( YOU CAN STOP READING THESE THINGS NOW...But I still have more to say)

A few more things to note.

1) The ages have been changed. They're all in high school EXCEPT for Tadase. Lol in this fic, he's like 22. Everyone else is about 16-17.

2) I added an OC, she's important. You'll see what I mean later...

3) THERE ARE NO CHARAS IN THIS FIC! I couldn't find any use for them. I did however take the names of a couple of them, for other uses, which you will see as you read on.

4) I still have to find a way to add Nagihiko, Kukai and Kairi in...and I'll do that somehow...I just don't know how I will.

5) About Tadase being older...well it just works okay. He IS suppose to be hot at this age in my fic, so please don't bash. I don't mind Tadase so much anymore, as long as he keeps his paws off Amu XD. But yeah, he's older for a'll see.

6) My book is called Vampira. No it is not published...I use the term vampira in this fic because I prefer it to vampiress. I just do, sounds cooler to me. Besides, it's just one letter off of vampire.


8) NADESHIKO IS IN THIS FIC! AND YES, SHE'S A DIFFERENT PERSON THEN maybe that's how I can add Nagihiko in, as her twin brother!

I think that's it...Oh, you may notice that my writing style has changed a bit...I've been working on it.

So without further adue, here's my craptastic new fic!


The wind whistled through the trees, making them bend lightly from the force. Streetlights lit up the dark, lonely streets. All was quiet, except for the wind, the occasional dog barking, and a group of girls sneaking towards the forest.

" Why am I doing this again?"

The girl who had spoken was Hinamori Amu. She had bright pink hair and amber eyes. On this particular night, she wore dark blue jeans, a light blue tank top, with a black windbreaker, and white sneakers.

" Because Utau dared you to, and you accepted."

Amu gazed over at her best friend. This girl's name was Fujisaki Nadeshiko. Nadeshiko had dark amber eyes and long dark purple hair, which was up in a ponytail. She was wearing a purple tank top, with a white one underneath, a pink, purple and white sweater, grey jeans and purple sneakers.

There where three other girls with Amu and Nadeshiko. The first was Hoshina Utau. Even though she was a famous pop idol, she still managed to go to school most of the time. She had long blonde hair, and purple eyes. Tonight she was wearing a hot pink ruffle skirt, a black tank top, a purple jacket that was undone, and black knee high boots.

The second girl was Mashiro Rima. Rima was the shortest member of their group. She hand long wavy blonde hair and amber eyes. She was wearing a pink and white long sleeve shirt- which was more like a short dress-, black jeans and light brown boots.

The last girl was Yuiki Yaya. She was the youngest of the group, and acted like it as well. Yaya's hair was light brownish orange hair, done up in pigtails, and her eyes were brown. She was wearing a light pink tank top, a light brown skirt, and brown mid calf boots.

These five girls had been friends for many years. Amu and Nadeshiko had been friends the longest, then Yaya came and quickly became their friend. Utau and Rima had lived elsewhere until they had come to Akiyama. They became friends with each other first and then they became friends with Amu, Nadeshiko, and Yaya.

" Exactly! So hurry up Amu, a bet is a bet and we have to do this before it gets too late, or before we get caught!" Utau was practically bouncing up and down with excitement as she spoke.

Amu sighed but followed her friends towards the edge of the forest. She glanced around unsurely.

" You know, if we do get caught, we're sooo dead."

" Yeah, but that's what makes it fun!"

" You're not scared are you Amu?" Rima smirked in Amu's direction

" N-No!"

" Heh, liar."

" Shut up Rima!"

Rima started to laugh lightly. They still had to be quiet. In this town of Akiyama, the forest was strictly out of bounds, especially at night. There were a ton of stories floating around the town about what was in the forest. The children of Akiyama were told tales of a monster living in the forest that fed on little kids. When the kids got older, the story changed just to 'something dangerous'. Everyone listened to this rule, as no one wanted to risk their lives to check it out. Plus, it was the largest law in the entire town. There were even security guards surrounding the perimeter of the forest as all time. Except for tonight. On Wednesday nights there was no security because most of the town was at the weekly town meeting, and those who weren't were either students who did their homework, or adults who would rather sleep. In any case, the forest was completely unguarded.

The wind picked up slightly and Amu shivered in her windbreaker. It wasn't like she was cold-the night air was warm despite the wind-, she was just nervous. She clutched her bag tighter. Inside the bag was a flashlight, a camera, extra batteries, and a first-aid kit.

Why did I even agree to this stupid dare? Oh yeah, because I'm an idiot. Amu wasn't one to back down from a dare that Utau or Rima issued. They'd tease her until she gave in anyway.

The group got to the edge of the forest and found the path.

" Well here we are."

Amu could feel the joy in Rima's voice. It was almost scary. Amu gazed down the dark path that led into the forest. It was illuminated by the moon, casting freaky shadows along the way. Amu shuttered.

A full moon…GREAAAAAAT!

She looked over at Utau, who was smiling wickedly along with Rima. " Utau, are you sure I have to do this tonight? Can't I do it next Wednesday night? You know, when it's NOT a full moon!"

Utau turned to Amu, seeming to think about it for a second before smiling. " Nope! They say the 'monster' is easiest to see on a full moon."

" But-"

" No buts! See ya! Oh, and don't get eaten!" Utau ran off with Rima and Yaya following behind. Only Nadeshiko stood with Amu now.

" Please be careful Amu-chan. I'd hate to see you get hurt."

" I'll be okay Nadeshiko…I promise."

Nadeshiko gave her a small smile before she jogged off to join the rest of the group. As soon as her friends turned the corner and disappeared, Amu sighed. Truthfully she was terrified of the forests, and whatever sort of dangerous things it could hold. It was even creepier at night, and it was twice as creepy as that when there was a full moon out.

Amu reached into her bag and grabbed her flashlight and the camera. There was a wrist strap on each item, so she secured them onto each wrist. She gazed down the path again.

Well it's now or never I guess. She took one step onto the path. Nothing jumped at her, nothing made noise, nothing happened. Everything was still except for the trees moving due to the wind. This isn't so bad…not really all they creepy.

She kept walking. Nothing came out at all as she walked deeper into the forest. The moon was bright enough that she didn't need to use her flashlight. However, that didn't last long. As she got deeper into the forest, the trees got thicker and thicker, cutting out the moon's light. The light was dimming and dimming until Amu was shrouded in darkness. Okay, NOW it's creepy!

She turned on the flashlight. Something black moved across her beam. She was about to scream but found that her throat was dry, too dry to make any noise except a choking sound. She moved the flashlight all around her but didn't see anything. Must have been my imagination…

As Amu moved along the path, she shone her light everywhere, looking for signs of life. There was nothing. As she went on she found a moth on a tree. That was it. No snakes, not other bugs, just a single moth. In the distance she heard an owl hoot. But after that, it was silent, save for the wind billowing from the trees and the occasional snapping of the twigs under her feet. It was so dark now that the flashlight was the only source of light anywhere around, and the beam was barely cutting through the curtain of darkness. Amu looked up and tried to stare through the thick canopy of leaves. She saw nothing of course, the trees were too think. She glanced at her watch, only to remember she forgot it at home. Damn, I knew I was forgetting something…

Amu frowned but kept walking. She couldn't have been in here for more than half an hour. This was taking longer than she had hoped for, but the path kept going, and part of the bet was to go until there was no more path. This path is taking forever! Where does it even lead? No where probably! Okay, I'll give it a little while longer then I'm turning around.

She smiled to herself. It seemed like a good plan to her. So onward she went. Another hoot, some more snapping and more wind. Other than that, it was peaceful.

Why aren't we allowed to come in here? There is seriously NOTHING dangerous in here. It's barely even scary! A moth flew by her face. Oh, I'm so scared. It's a moth.

Amu laughed a bit and kept going. If the moths were the scariest thing out here then she had nothing to be afraid of. Soon, her feet began to hurt. A large rock was beside a tall tree. Amu couldn't find a better place to sit, so she chose the rock. She leaned against the tree and closed her eyes, listening to the owl and the wind, along with a new sound of crickets chirping.

Amu looked down the path she had been walking on. She heard a rustle and a small grey mouse came out of a bush. It was absolutely adorable. Amu grabbed the camera and turned it on. Shining the light from the flashlight on the mouse, she snapped a picture. The mouse was frozen in fear, gazing up at Amu. Just then an owl swooped down and plucked the mouse up from the ground. The mouse let out a terrified squeak then when limp in the bird's claws. The owl let out a happy hoot then flew off. All Amu could do was stare wide-eyed after the bird.

At that moment, she decided to move on, but only for a little while longer. She slid off the rock and brushed the bit of dirt off her pants. As she started walking again, she began to hear another noise that made her stop. A roar.

From what, she didn't know. All she knew was that she wanted to leave right away. The sound was freaking her out. But as much as her mind was yelling at her to turn around, her body moved her towards the noise. As she got closer to the noise, it got louder. In the distance, there was a light. Did I go around in circles? Am I back near town?

She knew that couldn't be true. The path was completely straight, never turning once. As she kept going, the light got brighter and brighter and the noise got louder and louder. The trees were still thick above her, so the only light was coming from in front of her and from her flashlight.

The roar wasn't an overpowering roar, but it was still loud. Finally, she could see a bit of a clearing where the light was coming from. The light was coming from the moon, but she still didn't know what the roar was from. Was there really a monster in the forest? Could all those stories be true? She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and took the last few steps of the path to stand in the clearing.

And that is where Chapter 1 leaves off. Ikuto won't come in for a long time, so sorry. Hell…no one comes in for the next little while, except my OC. Well I hope you liked it, can't really say much about it.I'll try and add chapters 2 and 3 together. Since they are rather short chapters. I just wanted to get this one out of the way.

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