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Amu gasped. She knew that voice. But she didn't want to believe it. The figure cackled, seeming to sense what she was thinking, and threw back his hood. Amu stared in horror and distress at the man standing in front of her.


People behind her gasped as they looked at Tadase standing before Amu. Ikuto let out a roar of rage and attempted to reach Amu. Tadase smirked and shot a black light directly at Ikuto. He dodged with expert skill and growled.

"I wouldn't try to stop me."

Ikuto just snarled at the blond man's words. Hikari looked horrified. She stepped a little closer, her eyes completely wide. "You have his powers..."

"That's right, sensei. I gained his powers on that camping trip you carelessly allowed us to go on. However, that was only a taste. I knew to be truly powerful; I would have to kill him." Tadase gave a quick smile to the severed head before tossing it to the ground. "So I did."

Amu trembled lightly. "B-But how?"

"Well it's simple really. I walked into the blackest part of the forest and ripped his head off. He never even saw it coming. What a pathetic excuse for an evil vampire."

Amu felt like crying, though she knew she couldn't. "Why would you want this power?"

Tadase laughed. "Why not? I can take over the world like this. It'll be fantastic new world! Myself as the all powerful ruler, and perhaps you ruling alongside me."

He moved closer to her. Amu said nothing. How could she? She felt betrayed by him. She looked over at Ikuto who was looking at her, desperately wanting to help her. He growled as Tadase moved even closer. "So what do you say? Wanna rule the world with me?

Amu looked Tadase right in the eyes and smile. "Sure. If it means being with you, I'll do anything. I've always loved you the most."

"WHAT?" Ikuto roared behind her.

Amu gave him a side glace, praying he'd understand what she was doing. She returned her attention to a smiling Tadase. "Are you being serious with me? Or are you just fooling around?"

"Of course I'm serious. Who else would I go for? It's always been just you. I only went out with Ikuto to make you jealous."

Tadase smirked. "Well then I suppose I can release you."

Yes! Amu thought as the smoke around her legs disappeared. She walked over to him and kissing him passionately, wrapping her arms around his neck. She could feel his smirk widen as they kissed. His hands went to her hips to hold her in place. Amu could hear Ikuto snarling and she knew Hikari was holding him back. When Tadase pulled away, he moved an arm around her waist and pulled her close. "So, who wants to be our subjects?"

Everyone backed away except for Ikuto, but Hikari pulled him back. Tadase sighed. "What a pity. No one? Well I suppose I will have to just kill you all."

Amu turned swiftly at that moment and kicked him hard in the one place she figured would hurt. Tadase gasped and knelt to the ground. Amu jumped in the air and flew backwards towards Ikuto and Hikari. Hikari grabbed her and held her tight. "You scared us there for a second."

"I know, I'm sorry."

Tadase got off the ground and glared at Amu. "Well I guess I should have expected that, you are the chosen one after all," he sighed, looked away from the trio. "Well I suppose I should just start attacking those pathetic humans. Starting with the ones in Akiyama." He cackled, then disappeared .

"NO!" Amu snapped and shot into the air. She raced towards the town with Miki ahead of her. She could hear the screams start as she entered the town. When she landed she noticed people running around in terror and buildings on fire. She could see black mist but it wasn't stopping anyone.

"The thrill of the chase!" she heard Tadase exclaim gleefully.

Amu's blood boiled. She was so enraged that she ran off in his direction without even thinking up a plan. She got to him in time to see him toss aside the school's vice principal. "STOP!"

Tadase looked at her with is malicious smirk. "Now why would I do that? Human blood is fantastic!"

Amu growled and ran straight at him. Tadase wagged his finger at her and ran away. Amu chased after him until she found where he stopped. He was facing her, the smirk still on his face. But there was something else there too, triumph. Amu took a step closer but Tadase just laughed. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

He moved his cape so Amu could see the person beside him, covered in the black mist. It was Nadeshiko. Amu's eyes widened and she stayed frozen to the spot. Tadase moved aside to show that Rima, Utau, and Yaya were also covered in black mist. Amu could see the terror in their eyes as they looked from her to Tadase.

"Let them go!"

Tadase laughed. "I don't think so. You see these four girls are very special. They have something special in their blood, and once I drain them, I will become invincible. You have that same blood too, but I don't think I can get to you yet. I will though, after I am finished with these girls."

Amu looked to her friends and noticed the tears in their eyes. Amu felt so much pain. She couldn't do anything, nothing at all. The best bet would be to give herself up and hope he didn't hurt her friends' but she knew that he would still kill them. Tadase saw that Amu was torn up so he grabbed Nadeshiko. Amu could hear her muffled screams and she snarled. Tadase laughed and made most of the mist disappear. He licked up Nadeshiko's neck and she shuttered. "Amu!"

It was still a bit muffled, but she heard it. Absolute rage filled Amu to the core. She felt warm, no not warm, hot! Burning hot. She noticed her aura was glowing a bright white. Tadase smirked and pushed Nadeshiko away. "Now this is what I'm talking about! A one on one battle!"

Amu's once honey colored eyes turned a pure white. She held out her hand and shot Tadase with a blast of white light. It hit him dead on and he flew backwards. The building behind him cracked from the impact before he fell to the ground. Amu was now hovering above the ground. She floated over to Tadase just as he got up. She shot another bolt just as he shot a black one at her. They rebounded off each other and hit other buildings. Tadase cackled madly. "That's it! Come on, HIT ME!"

Amu shot another beam that he deflected. He shot one of his own at Amu but she dodged. This went on for a few minutes. Back and forth, back and forth. Once or twice they got hit. Now Amu was feeling faint. She knew she wouldn't be able to last long.

Tadase smirked. "Ah I do believe I am winning. It'll be a shame to destroy you. Really, it will. But it will also be so much fun~! And with you out of the way, I can continue my plans for world domination!"

Amu was panting lightly. "I'm not done yet."

She shot one last beam at him. This time the beam stayed connected to her hands. Tadase shot one at her and their beams collided. They didn't rebound off each other this time. Instead, they were pushing at each other. The black was slowly consuming Amu's light. Amu pushed harder and it levelled out. She began to feel lightheaded. Her vision was blurring and she knew she was almost done. With her last but of strength, she pushed the last of her energy out. She didn't see the outcome of it, due to the fact that she fell face first onto the pavement. In her mind, all was black and silent.

Ikuto flew through the air in search of Amu. Suddenly there was a burst of white light. Hikari flew over to him. "She's there."

He glared at her. "How do you know?"

"Because that's her true power."


He flew off into the direction anyway, Hikari followed. She averted her eyes. "Because...because I purposely made Hoshiko bite her."


Hikari winced at his angered tone. "Please, let me explain. It wasn't my choice. The council made me. They told me to research those girls, and I did, getting no sleep. I learned where they lived, what classes they had and everything. Then I was ordered to have Hoshiko bite Amu, because she was the strongest. I found out she was planning on coming into the forest so I waited for the right opportunity. It's not my fault, really, it's not. But there is apparently something in those girls blood that makes them special. If either of them were bitten by someone good, their powers would be pure. If they were bitten by someone evil, their powers would be dark. Amu was the strongest out of them, and the best candidate to become one of us."

Ikuto remained quiet, focused on the light dimming ahead. When they reached the spot, they saw the remains of Tadase, his cloak and his wallet on a pile of ash. Nadeshiko, Rima, Utau and Yaya were all huddled over something. Ikuto took a closer look and stopped. They were huddled around Amu's unmoving body. Her dress was torn and her hair was a mess. Most of their race breathed because it looked normal, so Ikuto became worried that she wasn't moving.

"How long has she been down?"

The girls jumped and looked at Ikuto. They were taking a protective stance around her but they relaxed when they saw him. Ikuto stepped closer and looked at Nadeshiko for an answer.

"Only a few minutes."

"What happened?"

The girls looked at each other than to Nadeshiko. Nadeshiko looked back at her friend on the pavement. "She saved our lives. She used all her energy and blasted Tadase to ash. Bit of his energy, however, hit her when she was on the ground. I think she might be..."

Hikari watched the scene from a short distance. She could see tears in the girls' eyes as they looked at their friend, hoping she would get up and brush herself off. Hikari sighed. "If she used up all her energy, then I fear you may be right."

"NO!" Ikuto snapped.

He picked her up gently and began to fly. Miki flew beside his head alongside Yoru. He flew to Hikari's house with great speed. Once he was there, he ran up the stairs and located the guest bedroom. He laid her out on the bed and held her hand tightly. "Wake up, please wake up."

He kissed her forehead lightly, and then hugged her limp body. "I'm going to try something, and you better wake up."

He brought his wrist up to his lips. He took a breath in and bit down. He winced a bit, because he didn't think it would be that painful. He knew he only had to make a small wound, enough for some blood to drip out. He opened her mouth and brought his wrist to her lips. The blood dripped slowly, and Ikuto growled in impatience. He knew of another way to get more blood into her. He bit his wrist again, this time sucking his own blood. It hurt him, and he couldn't swallow. When his mouth was full, he leaned down and covered her lips with his. The blood from his mouth poured out into her own.

Truthfully, he didn't want to remove his lips from hers. They were soft and he liked the electric feeling that came when he touched them. But once all the blood had drained into her, he began to pull away reluctantly. Two arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him back. Ikuto was surprised at first, but gave into the kiss quickly. It tasted like his blood, but there was a sweetness too it that didn't come from his blood. When he pulled back, he stared into her honey colored eyes. "You're alive."

Amu smiled and sat up. "Yeah, I am...Well, as alive as a vampira can be."

Ikuto smiled and pulled her into a hug. Amu hugged him back and nestled herself in his lap. "Thank you, Ikuto."

"You're welcome. Everyone thinks you're dead though."

Amu jumped up and looked at him. "I have to call them!"

Hikari leaned against the door frame. "No need~!"

Amu whirled around to find Hikari and her friends standing at the door. Her friends were smiling with tears in their eyes, and Amu smiled back. They ran to her and shared a group hug. "We thought you were dead!"

Amu laughed and hugged them tighter. "Me? Die? And leave you guys here? No way."

The three girls released each other and Hikari suggested they go into the living room. She smiled and closed the door behind her. Now it was just Ikuto and Amu in the room. She looked at him. "I love you."

He looked at her, slightly shocked. "What?"

"I said I love you!"

Ikuto smirked. "Good. This relationship would be horrible if it was one-sided."

Amu smiled and walked over to him sitting on the bed. She leaned down and kissed him gently then pulled away. "Let's go. I need to talk to Hikari."

She took him by the hand and led him down to the living room. The girls were playing on Hikari's Wii but she was just sitting on the couch watching them. Amu cleared her throat. "Hikari, I need to talk to you."

She looked over. "About what?"

"That...power. It was so weird for me. What was that?"

Hikari sighed and explained to Amu what she had explained to Ikuto already. She knew Amu deserved to know the truth, but it was what Amu said after she was done that shocked her. "Okay. I forgive you. It's not a big deal."

Hikari blinked rapidly. "Are you serious?"

"Yep. If it wasn't for me, that monster would be taking over the world right now. It feels good to know that I saved people."

Hikari chuckled and went back to watching the other girls play on the Wii. Amu watched for a while then said something that shocked them all. "I want you all to pretend I'm dead."

Everyone in the gym was silent. There were black banners hanging on the walls, and the people were all mostly dressed in black. Some were crying and others were just morbid. The teachers were all on a bench on the side of the gym. Most were in tears, but some had no expression at all. The principal was standing at the podium in front of students.

"Today, we talk about a loss. A loss to our school and a loss to society. Early this morning, we found Hinamori Amu-san dead in the middle of a street. She was one of the five people that perished in last night's tragedy. Another being our very own vice principal. So let us mourn the loss of these two people, as well as the three others."

A priest stood up and took the principal's spot. He said a prayer for the souls of the five dead. The gym was silent. When the principal was standing in front of them again, the ones at the front could see the tears in his eyes. "You are all excused."

The students filed out of the gym and made their way to their classes. People gave their sympathy to the four girls, as well as Nagihiko and Kukai. They merely nodded and said nothing. The day passed by slowly for the six of them. Yaya was getting restless as they walked home. "When will it be night time!"

"Just relax Yaya."

Nadeshiko and Nagihiko had a new driver that would pick them up at Rima's house. There was no point in standing at the corner near Amu's house anymore. Rima smiled as she walked towards her front door. "See you tonight."

Nadeshiko and Nagihiko nodded and got into the vehicle waiting for them. Nadeshiko closed her eyes and smile. She could still remember last night when Amu had decided to pretend to be dead.

"I want you to pretend I'm dead."

"WHAT!" her friends dropped the remotes, turning to their friend.

"Chill out. It's not like I'm actually dead. It's just now I can live here with Hikari. I think it's best if my parents think I'm dead rather than thinking something is wrong with me."

Her friends were silent. Ikuto wrapped his arms around her waist. "I guess this means I'll have to quit school. It's not as fun without you to tease."

Amu laughed lightly. He smiled and Hikari rolled her eyes. Her friends were still in shock. Hikari spoke up. "I think that's a good idea. You can have that anti-sleeping potion if you choose."

"It is NOT alright!"

Amu, Ikuto, and Hikari looked at Nadeshiko. "Why not?"

"Because we'll miss you! Do you have any idea how hard it will be dealing with people feeling sorry for us? What about your parents, and your sister? They'll be so devastated!"

Amu sighed. "I know, but now they can live their lives free from danger. It's not a big deal. Sure they'll be sad, but I know they'll be okay in time."

Nadeshiko opened her mouth to retort but sighed instead and sat back down. Amu smiled lightly. "Does that mean you'll follow along with it?"

"Yes. As long as we get to see you."

"Of course! I'll be living with Hikari until I've finished my training. Then Hikari can get the mayor to build a house for me a little ways away from here."

Hikari smiled and stood up."Now it's time for some acting. Let's go! Ikuto-kun, I will need some help!"

He nodded and help take Amu and her friends back to the scene. He left to go 'borrow' some blood from the hospital. While he was gone Amu laid down on the ground. She made sure to tell her friends to tell this to Nagihiko and Kukai. When Ikuto came back, he made two puncture wounds on her neck and poured a bit of blood around. He left the girls to do their bit.

They started to cry and Nadeshiko called 911. An ambulance came and took Amu's body away. Hikari dressed up as a coroner and 'examined' the body. She declared her dead like the other four. Since vampira and vampires didn't need to breathe, and they didn't have a pulse, the plan worked perfectly.

They put her in a casket and had a funeral. Her parents came home and of course were devastated by the loss of their daughter. Later that night Ikuto went and dug her out and then reburied the empty coffin. They flew off back to Hikari's place and celebrated their plan working with her friends. She took the potion to stop her from sleeping, and so did Hikari.

Nadeshiko had told her brother everything the moment she got a second alone with him. He understood and was waiting with her sister to be able to leave. When nighttime came, they snuck out of the house and all the way down to the forest edge where their friends were waiting for them. The guard let them in without saying anything, and then they jogged to meet their friend.

They did this for many more years. Amu finished up her training and began to live with Ikuto in her own house further away from Hikari's. Their life was peaceful and as perfect as possible. A year after they started living together, Ikuto proposed, and then a few months later, they were married. It was happily ever after for Amu and Ikuto. Amu only thought they existed in fairytales, but now she knew that some of them were true.

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