AN: crappy grammar. english isn't a first language. weird writing style. get the idea because Crow's hat looks alot like... y' know, that japanese uniform's hat? the one that matched with gakuran?

Gakuran: Japanese male uniform

Open the book, flip the page, a new dawn arises

It is a

Magical B E G I N N I N G


And so, read it like (just another) fairytale.

A fantasical love story


with you and I, –

( –and stepmothers and witches and dragons and unicorns and apples and cliches,)

from once upon a time, –

(–and fairies and daisies and magics and plotholes and ONE true love)

... till forever.


(because never do we part)

(once upon a time, eternally...)




He was trapped on a dead-track, pinned against wall with a pair of strong, big hands gripped his wrists. The gang smelled bad; nasty like rotten fish naked to the air, and deserted by peoples, but hell he wished someone just passing here now, and save him.

Gods, angels , demons, supermans or whatever up there—Save him now. PLEASE.

They were smiling at him creepily, teeth bared and he could see those eyes were glimmering.

Like predator eyeing its prey.

He was their prey.


(Think logical, Seto! Three big, ugly guys VERSUS one scrawny little boy.

Chance for him to survive? 0.00001 percent with a help of Lady Luck—

-(where is she? Dammit))


"Look at this little guy,", one of these guys—the one with red hair and hoodies chirped cheerfully, taking one step closer to examine their hopeless victim. "so cute and petite just like little girl. I wonder if he squeaks like a little girl too?"

"My, my, how should we know if we don't test it?", the other taunted, also making a step closer, while blowing his pink chew gum. Seto shivered.

Man, he didn't deserve it. He was supposed to go home now, all safe and sound and happy and sweet, but instead he found himself picked on by the infamous feared trio on this neighborhood. He didn't do anything wrong so why...?

(because FIRST the way you looks (all small like a little girl, high voice like a little girl, trembling like a little girl—pansies attracts bullies, you know?) SECOND your choice to take this route for going home ( because noone like stranger intruding THEIR teritorry) and THIRD...

it was your luck, be with it and take it as a man)

"Oh no, trembling already? That's no fun, guppy.", the one who gripped him—who, unfortunately, the baddest, biggest, strongest, THE ALMIGHTY LEADER—sneered, mockingly cupped his face and lifted it up. Teary blues met the horrid greens in one eye contact. "We'll have a good time to punch that little face of yours."

"Like a sandbag."

His companions cheered.

"I'll go first.", the leader ordered, raising his knuckles up to the air. Blue eyes closed in reflex, waiting for the impact and pain to come.




But the pain never come. Instead, someone was screaming and he didn't feel pain so what happe—

" –Leave her, big guy."

A pair of blue eyes snapped open.

A... Savior?


Chapter 1

The leader turned around and Seto must cocked his head to get better view. The one with chew gum was jumping around with one leg, obviously he had been kicked right on his other leg. Who did that?

Who saved him?


(lo dan behold! the knight, all in shining armor on a white horse with shiny, mighty—)


–plastic sword on his hand and weird purple outfit. There was so many ornaments attached on himself like makeshift equipments. Big hat, crow broch, yellow scarf, and black stockings. Seto couldn't help but let out a small gasp.

(... torn between relief—I'm savedsavedSAVED—and bewilderment, but he was so glad and willing to give the knight a kiss)

"You ugly scums! Release her.", the boy spat, pointing out his plastic sword, eyes glowing golden in the dark. "I am your opponent."

"What. Are you. Doing. Brat?", the bully hissed beyond his pain. Damn this boy, kicking him so hard that it felt like break. "And this is our teritorry. We can do what we like!"

"Then, it's mine now!"

The leader raised one of his eyebrow with bored look. "I never see a brat like you before."

"I'm moved here.", everyone ooh-ed. "Crow the almighty will wipe these bad guys before they can think to goddamn run."

Seto cringed. That new boy was either too dense to realize the situation, or just plain stupid. These bad guys were glaring at him with murderous aura, and Seto amazed that him—the name was likely Crow, glared back.

Seto realized that the leader had finally released him. It was a chance to run home, now, but he scared to move. His feet felt like jelly, unable to leave the place. So he went in defence state and stiffened against the wall and prayed to somebody up there, hoped for everyone ignoring him as long as possible.

"Guys,", the leader ordered, fixed his hateful glare toward the certain raven-haired brat. "Get 'im."

Seto closed his eyes immediately.

He never, ever, liked horror. Especially the one with gores and bodily fluids and organs.







He waited, waited, and waited with eyes closing, not daring to see what happened, frightened tears running down his cheek. Eventhough he tried to cover his ears, but all of the madness (PUNCHES KICKES LAUGHES HISSESofpain) went through it.

This was... Too much! The new boy could be dead!

What should he do? What should he do?

He did nothing. Just wait wait wait

(— wait wait wait waiting to be saved— )



Snow buried this town. It was twinkling, falling, annoying.

Crow hated snow.

He couldn't open his eyes; it was like something glued them shut (probably blood because his head felt goddamn break). And the falling snow didn't help either. It freezed him and squeezed his consciousness; just like it freezed those flowers into withering death.

That eight-years old boy was lying there in the middle of deserted gang, with [loser] stamped on his forehead. He'd been lost, freezed, and beaten to a pulp. The plastic sword broke into pieces around him, and the hat had been scattered somewhere. He didn't cry—and would never cry in his life, but his body ached like hell and it was damn cold and—

— he hissed on pain, feeling his aching body shifted when someone lifted his head and who the hell did that—

"Hey,", fingers carresed the beaten face while someone sobbing quietly. Crow found himself engulfed in sudden comfort. That person, practically, had lifted his head to one's lap. "... Are you dead?"

Honestly whoever said that was an idiot. Didn't his chest rise up and down from breathings? Stop treating him like some dead lover you stupidstupidstupid—

"Answer me... ", the voice sobbed again, more pathetic than before. "Are you dead...?"

Droplets of warm tears fell to Crow's face, making wet trails down his cheek. Golden eyes finally opened, a bit annoyed with whoever dared to cry on him, but those big, blue irises were so...


(like a clear sky, cosmos, birds of happines, and the ocean in summer—

– this magical feeling.

falling in love for the first time feels nice)


... beautiful.

He didn't know how come that face was beautiful with all of these puffy cheeks and messy brown locks framing a wet face, but it was beautiful indeed.

Realizing the other boy had been woken up, a smile graced upon those petite lips.

"I-I thought you're dead!", the voice was torn between sobbing and laughing. "You're all beaten up and limp so..."

"Where are they?", Crow moaned after finally getting up to sit down on snowy road.


Hiccups filled between them.

"Don't cry".


Teary blue eyes met glowing goldens.

"I-It can't be helped..", Crow wiped away those tears with his yellow scarf.

"Why don't you leave me?"

The other stiffened before smiling softly, "...You s-saved me..."


(like a knight)


"I'm not saving you.", Crow murmured, face darkening. "I hate injustice and want to be hero and all... But I'm just a loser..."

('i'm not a prince for ya; i'm just a low, lowly knight from faraway country who happens to pass here...')

A pair of hands lifted his face up, and their eyes met again.

"... You're not loser."

"I'm beaten up."

"...T-Then... Be strong."



('then... be my prince. for me.')



"I'm lost..."

('i'm a low, low knight and not a prince from faraway kingdom...')

"So be strong.", the other smiled at him, still running down tears. "And beat them."

(' just... be strong.')



Their hands connected.

Crow grinned.

"Yeah, you're right."



"I'll be stronger— "

('i'll be stronger—')

"—the strongest in the world."

('—i'll conquer a kingdom and be the king.')

"You... What's your name?"

('and you're my queen.')


Their lips met in innocent touch.

Crow grinned and the other went red. Truly, deep red.

It was nice, magical feeling of first love.



"W-w-wait... Don't you see I'm wearing... Pants?"

"I don't mind tomboys."

"No! Errr I mean.."


"... Oh shit, curse you and your girly looks!"


(bold, bold red bold text)


(shining, shining neon light)


(timeskip to another trance)


(because ouch! everybody hates details)


A body sent across the road.

"Bastard!", the pathetic figure hollowed with fury, all beaten up and his gakuran tattered. Drops of red dripped from his nose. "It's not over!"

"Then stand up, stupid. You're wasting my time."


(chatters chatters chatters)

A big, grand day for the Ueda school gang— the infamous school gang in this town with tons and tons of people feared on them. The number one. Consisted of: Fighters. A lot of fighters. And gakurans. And fists. And scars were prizes while red was manly.

And love was strictly forbidden.


Today was : THE BIG GRAND BATTLE to decide their new leader.

Ryu the Dragon VERSUS a-new kid-in-school-who-just appeared-today and challenged their leader.

They watched in interest, but not taking any part to help their current leader.

Why? Because it was THE BIG GRAND BATTLE and noone shall interfere.

And it was interesting to watch the fearful, tyrannical leader got beaten up by a freshman.


The foresaid freshman lifted his hat tauntingly, showing a cat-like grin plastered on the lovely face. Soft locks of black hair framing his face, his body all tall and nice built beyond people on his age, his long gakuran fluttered like butterfly's wings.

(First adjective: Handsome. In slank Japanese, translated as 'Bishounen')


"Pathetic.", he smirked. "Truly pathetic. I thought Ryu the Dragon is strong?"

Ryu roared, grabbed his wooden sword and marched forward. His opponent didn't make any movement; just staring at the upcoming attack with uninterested look.

With a loud thunk their wooden swords met.

"You have so many openings."


And so Ryu the Dragon crushed down to the ground for the second time with his sword broke into two. The winner stuck his sword to Ryu's throat, like planning to give the older male an extra respiration hole. "I win. Ueda is mine now."

(second adjective : strong— judo and kendo and aikido and years of training all in one.)


He spat. "Never in million years. Over my dead body."

Golden eyes glinted and the smile widened, showing off his pointy canines. "Fine."


He screamed and screamed when the boy was breaking all of his bones.

(third adjective: merciless. psycho. demon. a failure of moral teachings?)


After finishing off his business, the boy walked over the limp body of the former leader and bellowed with deep voice.

"Now I am leader."

('now i am king')


Everyone bowed. "Yes, Crow-sama."

(Fourth adjective: school gangster leader)



Meet fifteen years old Crow.




A body tripped to the ground, sliding face first.

"Atta, boy...", and his friend— with white hair, school blazer and pleated skirt sighed. Her white locks flew in graceful motion. "Do you have a balance problem or something? No day without you tripping over nothing."

"Shut up, Ren.", the boy groaned while standing up, rubbing his abused nose.

(first adjective: clumsy like typical school gir-! boy.)


"The floor's clean.", she bewildered. "And it's not even slippery. How come you tripped on it?"

"Shut up. Change the topic. You mentioned it three times", he sulked. His lips all pouty, cheeks all puffy, and that little nose was abused red. For some reasons, Ren found it adorable—like those love stuns from little animals. Maybe that was why everyone liked picked on him, mostly her.

(second adjective: heavy dejavu of hamsters, and kittens, and any other little furry things)


They walked on the school corridor, toward their class. Lunch was almost over and they were going back to the living hell. Namely, math class.

"So yeah, after this we're having the infamous do-or-die math exam by Shin-sensei.", she shivered at the thought. "Got prepared?"

But before her friend could say anything, Ren cut it out, friendly sarcasm dripping on her words while smacking her forehead. "Ooops, I forgot that my best friend, Seto, is our first-ranked top student."

(third adjective: brilliantly brilliant brilliance. little Einstein minus the hair.)


"Can you STOP making fun of me?"

She grinned.

"But it's true, right? Even without the fact you're scarily smart... You are Shin-sensei's sweetheart.", Ren flicked her finger toward him. "Betcha, perfect score for ya."

"I hate him, Ren.", the boy hugged himself, shivering on the trauma. "Don't you see his eyes when looking at me? They are glittering and it freaks me out. "

"If you hate him then do something with your looks.", her eyes rolled. "Grow some height and muscles. Be a man."

(fourth adjective: pedo-bait, overly-girly gender-confusing boy)



Meet fifteen years old Seto.



this is a fairytale—

(about the evil king, long-forgotten bride, and raging war)


about gakurans and fists and school gang wars—and a genius boy in the middle of fights.

about first love and troubling love and eternal love

about innocent kiss, bruising touches and unforgotten night.

about everything.


between you and I,

(once upon a time, eternally— )