Without the inebriation of the arrows in their blood, their first time together had all of the trembling awareness that a real first time would have embodied.

For the longest time, they were more than happy to just lie together in Myka's bed, basking in each other's heat and fairly certain that they wouldn't be disturbed. Unlike before, Myka refused to let Pete spoon her, preferring instead of face him on her side so that she could touch him as she liked. Pete was just fine with that, loving how her hands kept returning to his shoulders, rubbing him gently, wanting to soothe away his pain.

"Feels good," he murmured absently, his eyes closed with the exhaustion of a long day and several emotional train wrecks. Without his arrowed blood, he registered her touch with a razor-sharp clarity. Every minute flick of her nails over his skin gave him shivers. He felt absolutely boneless with pleasure and it was simply due to that fact that he was resting beside her.

But Myka had other ideas.

Slowly, carefully, she moved in closer and dipped her head. Pete inhaled sharply and opened his eyes at the feeling of her soft, uncertain kisses on his chest. "My?"

"Hmmm?" she vibrated against him, her hands sliding from his shoulders and massaging his forearms as she pressed her lips over his nipple.

Pete hissed raggedly, his hands rising instantly to cup her head against him lovingly. "What's up there, buttercup?" he tried to sound playful and not agonized.

"Nothing," she murmured, tonguing him softly. " 'm just kissing you."

He snorted. There's no such thing as you "just" kissing me, he thought to her.

He could already feel his response to her light touch swelling in his boxers. Dammit, he shouldn't be so eager-beaver considering he felt half dead, but lo and behold. Myka brushed her lips on him and already he was at half mast.

She felt his irritation at his own arousal and lifted her eyes to his questioningly. Should I stop? I can stop if you want me to.

Myka couldn't help feeling slightly exposed as she asked him. Sure, they'd kissed like horror movie teenagers once they'd made up, but this was a whole other kettle of fish. In love as they were, carnally aware as they were, pregnant as they were, sex was still something they hadn't had while sober. Suddenly she realized that this was going to be their first time, with all of their fears and insecurities intact. No savage certainties awaited them. No drunken beliefs of true love or soulmates or any of that stuff that Artie had so tastefully deemed "crap".

She should have waited. It was probably something they should discuss first.

But Myka couldn't seem to help herself. Pete looked so adorably happy with his arms around her, snuggling into her bed like he belonged there and sighing the sigh of the righteous. She could feel his serenity curling around her, hugging her just as firmly as his arms did. He wasn't thinking, not really, no more than an ocean put any thought into its waves. He was just feeling. The fact that she was responsible for his current pleasured state made her feel warm and...curious. She wanted to explore him again, to let him lie back and relax while she followed the topography of his shape with her lips. She wondered if he felt different now that her nerves were just as involved as her heart. Or tasted different. Or if he'd growl and grunt as scandalously as he had while under the artifact's influence.

Set a trap for a curious cat, Myka was out exploring.

Pete heard her question. More importantly, he felt her niggling fear of rejection. Angry comfort rose up hotly in his mind, attacking her meek little fear with his enormous heart. She gasped at his heated reaction as he wordlessly flipped to his back and threw his arms out wide beside her.

Lick me, he challenged her, his eyes snapping with playful daring. Kiss me. Bite me. Suck me. Touch me every-fucking-where and don't think for one second that I don't want more. That I haven't always wanted more.

She mewled softly with desire and ran her hands gently down his chest, reveling in its warm breadth. "You're hurt," she argued weakly. "I should let you sl-"

"Fuck me." His voice startled her. They were speaking in their heads so much now that hearing his lust grate the air actually gave her a jolt.

Pete, I-

Myka, he thought louder over her. Please. I want you to touch me. I want you to take your bra and panties off and spread all over me. Any way you want. And I want you to tell me what to do. Tell me how I'm allowed to touch you. "Show me," he said at the same time. "Show me how you want to be loved."

Myka was already over him, her knees between his open legs, her arms supporting her on either side of him as she dragged wet, sucking kisses down his torso. Pete moaned as she lowered to a slight push-up and slid the lace of her bra over his stomach. His erection, now steely and pulsing, poked pleasantly against her belly through his boxers. She altered her voice to it's sexiest pitch, wanting him to hear about bad she wanted him. "You want me to boss you around, Pete? Fine." First, she switched to thinking to him. I want you to watch while I suck your cock.

Pete gasped out loud and Myka moaned into his skin, moving lower, wanting it now already. And since this is our "first" time, you're going to be nice and vocal about how you want it. She raised her memory of Pete's loud praise in the hotel room as she blew him, his words tripping over themselves as they fell from his mouth. He hadn't been shy about directing her then and Pete felt gobsmacked as he felt Myka's desire for him to continue instructing her when she had her mouth on him.

His boxers were already halfway down his legs when her insanely soft tongue took a tentative swipe at him.

"Fuck!" he hissed sharply, his hips bucking up.

"Too hard?" she teased softly.

"You fucking know I love it when you suck me hard!" he cursed adoringly at her, loving that she felt brave enough to play.

"But I've never done this, Pete," she continued in a light tone, stroking his impressive dick with feather-soft fingers and driving him crazy. "I have no idea how the real you likes sex."

"For example," she purred as she licked a small, cruel path from base to tip. "Did I tell you in the hotel that I've never had a man as big as you? Do you want to hear stuff like that?"

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ," he moaned, his head pushing back into her pillow, his eyes rolling back. "Yes, please, baby. Please!"

The same image she'd conjured now sparked to life in his mind. The memory filled her with Pete's ecstasy as she sucked and licked and nibbled him in all the right ways against the hotel wall. They moaned together, both feeling his remembered pleasure.

"Peeete," she called, almost drunk on the memory, and mindlessly lowered her mouth to engulf him completely.

Pete gave a scratchy, barking shout and arched up blindly between her pouty lips. He registered her castaway thoughts about how much of a delicious chore it was to get her mouth around him, how she'd never had that trouble before and wanted that frighteningly exhilarating stretch he gave her every day for the rest of her life. "Fuck, yeah..." he panted. "Oh, fuck me, baby...Christ, you're so hot...like that...yes!...I've wanted those lips around my cock since the day I met you...harder!...give it to me, My...suck me like you wanna kill me."

Myka sobbed around his length, moving faster as instructed, wanting to scream in rapture as she learned that Pete - arrowed or not - was a vocal lover. His shift between praise, instruction and confession left her almost insensible with lust. Tearing madly at her bra, she unhooked it and snatched it off her body, letting him go with a pop, only to rub his glistening cock between her aching breasts.

Pete's mind exploded with pleasure.

"Yessss!" he hissed at her, cupping her face as he thrust between her soft swells. Their eyes clapped together and Pete roared internally. So good so good so good so good...

What else? she questioned ardently, grinding down into his thrusts and burying him deeper in her cleavage. What else do you like?

"Whatever you give me," he answered immediately, fighting his urge to thrust even harder against her. She was pregnant with his tiny baby girl, after all. He needed to remember that, even if her mother was trying like hell to make him lose his mind. "Any way you touch me, I want."

She tsked him for his evasiveness and kissed his navel. "Do you want to touch me?" she asked against him.

He clenched his teeth and continued to writhe rhythmically beneath her. "Yes," he ground out.

How, Pete? Show me how.

"Ah, fuck," he rasped, not wanting to show her for fear of scaring her, but helpless to stop the memories that poured out of him at her request. Myka was overwhelmed as he smacked her with a montage of ways that he'd already touched her and ways he wanted to try. Her hair, her back, her arms, her breasts, her stomach (that one felt especially strong), her legs, and the glory between them. She felt him caressing her with his eyes, his fingers, his tongue, his dick, anywhere he could reach. Then she felt him holding her, his gruff possessiveness taking control as he riveted her to the bed and wouldn't let her leave it. Even if she had to pee, she had to beg him for the forty-five seconds when she wouldn't be in his arms. She felt them wrestling again, and his adoration that finally he was with a woman who was strong enough and silly enough to fight back. She felt herself sitting in his lap. She felt his hand in hers, all sweaty but still not letting go. She felt him hug her for no reason at all. She felt him turn a chaste kiss under the mistletoe into a full-blown smooching grope that won shouts and whistles from the party around them. She felt their little girl, about ten years old, sleeping between them in this very bed as they read her a story. She felt every single way Pete wanted to touch her.

Myka exhaled a shaky breath that she hadn't meant to hold.

"Which one first?" she asked the hesitant man beneath her.

His eyes raked her nearly naked body against his will. His mouth snapped shut, but his mind betrayed him. Your breasts. I want to kiss you there.

Myka wordlessly climbed higher onto his body until her chest aligned with his mouth. "Kiss them," she begged softly. "I want your mouth on me."

Pete's control snapped so violently that it sounded like a thick twig broke in his head. Myka heard it and whimpered with pleasure when he lifted his head and took one of her straining nipples between his teeth and pulled. With one hand supporting her, her other hand clasped the back of his head and cradled him to her as she moaned loudly. "Yes," she breathed. "Pete, more. Please, more?"

He growled and sucked harder, his arms banding tight around her waist as he lifted higher into her. Half-sitting, Pete fed on her as surely as if her skin gave him sustenance. As he switched to her other breast, he sat up fully, pulling her into a straddling position on his lap. His erection locked tightly against her panties and Myka cried out as it crushed against her throbbing clit. Pete only growled louder at her encouraging noises and gripped her like a man possessed.

Yes, she crooned inwardly. I love when you take from me. I love making you crazy.

"So fucking crazy," he agreed at loud, relishing how her pebbled flesh grew even harder under his tongue. "You drive me nuts, baby."

Myka ground herself against him, making no secret of her soaked and desperate condition. Pete felt her wetness through her panties and nearly howled with smug pride.

"If I stick my finger in your tight little pussy, how ready am I going to find you?" he asked lazily as he kissed the plump flesh around her nipples.

The woman in Myka reacted before the feminist did, twitching in his lap as her eyes rolled back with girlish expectation. "Sooo ready. Pete, I need you so bad."

He was already tracing along their frail lace barrier, teasing her with the knowledge that he could tear them to shreds without even trying. "So if I just creep inside..." he drawled.

"Yes," she moaned, pushing into his touch.

Ignoring the obvious pleasure he felt in her mind, he continued to torture her with formalities. "So you like it when I tease you like this? You like getting fingered until you've soaked my hand and you're begging me to replace them with my dick?"

Myka was beyond pride. Beyond embarrassment. Beyond fear. Love and desire burned her up, catapulting her answer into his brain and knocking him flat with its arrow-like intensity. Touch me NOW!

His own intensity answered her. Her panties were ripped aside as Pete slid two fingers knuckle-deep into her trembling depths. "Yes!" she screamed gratefully, gripping his nape and riding his fingers with abandon. Oh god, yes! Love how you touch me, Pete. So deep so hard so strong so sweet yes!

Her thoughts were a river of lust, pouring out in baffling waves of broken sentences and wordless bliss.

"Holy fuck," he breathed lustfully. "So fucking wet, baby."

"Uh-huh," she whimpered, eyes shut tight as she thrust madly against him.

"You always gonna be this wet for me?" More of his smugness filled her head.

"Yes." More of her wanton desire filled his.

"At the dinner table?" he prodded puckishly, gently curling his fingers inward and watching her flail. "In the field? Watching tv?" He tugged her close and bit her earlobe. "You gonna be this wet in your cute little black suits with your hair pulled back while wearing your gun?"

"Yes!" she sobbed, tilting her head back, giving him everything he wanted without thought. Please, Pete! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!

It was exactly what he'd been waiting for. He grabbed her shoulders and roughly pushed her. Falling to her back, Myka cried out with approval when he ripped her panties clean off her and locked himself between her legs. His pain was forgotten, so when she gripped his shoulders and arched into him pleadingly, he felt nothing but delight.

Put me inside you, he begged without shame. When it came right down to it, Pete wanted Myka to be in control. Their "first" time. Their baby. Pete couldn't bear the thought of hurting her. Hurting them. He didn't care if he remembered them having rougher sessions before. This was now, and he was going to learn step-by-sweet-agonizing-step how real Myka wanted to be made love to. Once they'd done it a few hundred times or so, then he'd think about taking the reigns.

But now Myka's graceful hand was encircling him, squeezing him, guiding him eagerly to her center. Once she had him where she wanted him, she shocked him by surging up quickly, embracing all of him in her scalding, soaking body.

Pete groaned as he slid home. Myka sobbed and strained upwards, desperate to keep all of him inside as her pussy stretched and ached around his wonderful invasion. She locked her arms around him and rained dozens of kisses up his chest and neck. "Baby," she whispered to him. "Oh, my god, why did we wait so long for this?"

He gave a strangled chuckle and gently began to move, stunned to feel each thrust felt better than the last. "You wanted time to think, remember?" he grit out jokingly, trying like hell to keep his shit together.

"No," she sighed and shivered underneath him, feeling his pleasure as well as hers and nearly fainting at the increase. "I mean before the arrows. I never should have waited. I should have told you, Pete. I should have begged you to make love to me every day. Begged you. For your love, for your bed, for your baby. Everything."

He stilled his tentative strokes and gazed adoringly into her eyes. Caressing her cheek, he scolded lightly, "The woman I love doesn't beg for anything."

She scoffed softly, her eyes radiating love as she glanced at his still slightly bloodied upper arms. You make me beg, Pete. Without even trying, you make me want to.

He smiled and withdrew gently before sliding back to the hilt, stilling again. Myka gasped and clutched him closer, still amazed and unused to his size. His smile melted into a smirk. Sooooo tight, he thought absently.

He felt her surprise at his thought, her rationale being that being so well-endowed, all women would feel tight to him. He flexed his penis inside her and won another gasp from her. "Believe me, baby. You're the tightest, sweetest, hottest thing I've ever felt in my life."

She undulated under him, relishing his girth before smiling up at him. "Don't change the subject. I should have told you. I'm sorry."

"No," he rasped, resuming his soft, but continuous pace. "Keep your apology, My. I don't want some chippy who begs me for sex and babies. I want my kick-ass Wonder Woman. I want to know I've earned your love, baby. And I know I have. The arrows would never have worked otherwise."

Myka moved with him - strong, languid strokes that stoked their lust higher and higher. Her mind went decidedly scrambled when he hit a sweet spot deep in her womb.

Pete felt it with her and swore, his vocabulary taking a serious hit. "Goddammit, I love fucking you."

"Yes," she agreed breathlessly. "More. Give me more."

His plunges became harder in a flash, pumping swiftly and deeply into her starving body. "Like this?"

She nodded wildly, squeezing her eyes tight against the runaway train of pleasure that was racing right towards her. "You're gonna make me come." It was a cross between an admission and a plea.

Oh, fuck yeah, he thought with seething pride. You come all over me, baby. You scream my name and show me how much you like my dick in you.

Myka would never have imagined Pete as such a profane man in bed, but she adored the way he could startle her into orgasm through the sheer force of his dirty, sexy words. She seized and spasmed violently under him, her arms and legs clenching around him as her pussy gripped him like a vice.

"Peeete!" she screamed aloud, giving him her strained, delirious voice as she dragged him into his own release.

"Oh, fuck, yes! Yes! Jesus, baby, YES!" Pete roared so loudly that the air shook around them, his hips pumping frantically as Myka squeezed him dry. It seemed to go on forever. He couldn't remember any orgasm gripping him this tightly and refusing to let him come down. As he moaned and shuddered violently above her, Myka sobbed and trembled below.

"Love you," she offered weakly, collapsing underneath him, unable to clasp her limbs around him anymore.

"My pretty baby," he grunted hoarsely, letting himself lower into the soft warmth of her. "God, I love you so much."

She found the strength to put her arms around him and was immediately gratified with his internal bliss at her move. The man loved him some hugs, that was for sure.

She nuzzled his shoulder and sighed, well and truly exhausted. "What are we going to do?" she asked quietly.

Pete smiled into her hair, not tensing one bit. "Nap. Have more sex. Go to work. Shelve the arrows. Get another case and close it like rock stars. Watch you grow round and gorgeous with my Button. Have ten more babies after her. And live, My. We'll just live."

Myka grinned at his blithe rundown of their whole lives. "Eleven kids running around the warehouse? Artie will have a heart attack."

He snorted and raised himself up enough to look down at her. "It's his own fault for pairing me with such a stone cold fox. Babies were bound to happen."

Her smile softened as she felt the undercurrent of his love behind his silly words. "Think we'll be okay?"

He nodded, letting his confidence fill her.

"We're gonna be golden."



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