Precursory Obligation on behalf of Kareen2006:

This is a prequel/spinoff of Save the Kittens!

Read the main Save the Kittens! story first to save me, you, and your dog the headache. I will not answer any reviews or PMs I get asking what I mean when something is happening. You should be familiar with the terms and the science happening in the story already. If not, then that's all on you.

This story will contain:

-Gratuitous sex

-Massive angst

-Rape and torture


-Inner mental dialogue

-Blood and gore


-General violence

-Insulting comments that may actually offend real life people

-Grumpy comments

-Humorous antics

-Mushy things disguised as two cranky men bitching at each other

-Yet another made up world with elements from both Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 with a sprinkling of Kingdom Hearts

Good so far? Then you're a fan after my own heart.