The Floor Is Lava

By: ParamoreXO

A/N: Hey, even teens in High school still play this game. Trust me, I know…

"Ben, please! We have to leave now!" Julie tugged at her stubborn boyfriend's right leg in hopes to get him to Kevin's frantically honking car. He and Gwen had already waited on them for nearly ten minutes and with Kevin's patience matching Ben's short attention span, things could get pretty nasty if they weren't in the car soon.

"I don't wanna go!" The desperate teen whined, reminding Julie of her three-year-old baby cousin. Rolling her eyes, she gave a final, harsh tug at the end of his denim jeans. Ben wouldn't budge, lying on the floor, clinging to the kitchen table as if his life depended on it. "I am not going to let them take us all on a double date after the last one!"

Julie winced, hopelessly dropping Ben's leg. Sure, the last time they all tried a double date things hadn't turned out as she had hoped. Well, Gwen and Kevin had obviously enjoyed it. Their sickly passionate PDA's at the local diner had told her that much. For her and Ben…the whole thing was just horribly awkward. Sure, she really liked Ben, but PDA's were a little uncalled for. Then again, the old fashioned diner they'd eaten at was a common teen hangout; any public display of affection was basically encouraged. Heck, their waiter had simply ignored Gwen and Kevin he was probably so used to it. She just couldn't bring herself to do anything like that with Ben. Not there with everyone watching. The farthest she'd gone that night was a peck on Ben's lips and that was only when she was being dropped off.

Shoulders tensing, Julie tried to push aside the gnawing feeling of panic that Kevin would come bursting through the front door at any moment to rip Ben to shreds like the paper shredder in her dad's office. Thinking quickly, she grinned. Of course! Why hadn't she thought of it five minutes ago?

"BEN! THE FLOOR IS LAVA!" She screamed, giggling at Ben's instant reaction. The brunette boy had sprung straight up, screaming at the top of his lungs, and dove on top of the kitchen's marble counter. "Don't worry, Julie! I'll save you!"

Realizing she was standing on the "lava", Ben snapped into action, transforming into Jetray as he slammed down on his watch. He glided through the air as if swimming through water, swooping down to grab Julie and then flew out the already open door.

Julie looked up, brushing her dark bangs from her eyes. She knew she'd chosen the right guy. Any boyfriend who still played "The Floor Is Lava" was definitely, without a doubt, a keeper.