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Chapter One - Night Song

"Sing solace to the silent moon…"

The eerie sound of a lone wolf howling was all that could be heard on the clear night, the haunting cry seemingly issued directly to the full moon that hung overhead. Illuminating the landscape just as well as the sun that had preceded it. To the inhabitants of a small village nestled at the base of a cliff this wasn't exactly a welcome sound. They had already been plagued by the arrival of monsters, hideous creatures who seemed bent on destroying their town and taking the lives of everyone who called this place home. And as though that hadn't been bad enough now the howls of a wolf rent the air.

"This is a bad omen," one of the village elders whispered from the spot where a large group of people were huddled together. The ones who had survived the initial attack had sought shelter in one of the few remaining buildings that had yet to be destroyed and now they were simply waiting to find out what their fate would be.

"I know that this is the right place…" one of the creatures snarled as the collective group continued their destruction of the village. The people that they came across were killed without hesitation, completely meaningless in their eyes. The only thing that mattered was the object that they sought. "Lord Millennium can't have been wrong… Destroy everything in this place until we have the Innocence!"

"Found them…"

With a vicious snarl a wolf as white as newly fallen snow leapt from the cliff below which the village was nestled, seemingly flying through the air before landing mere feet from the creatures. The wolf bared it's fangs, bending low and assuming a fighting stance as it fearlessly faced the creatures. Any humans who saw the wolf would assume that it was merely an ordinary wild animal from the forest but the creatures knew different. They could tell, by the strange energy that radiated from the wolf, that it was anything but ordinary.

"Exorcist…" the leader of the group snarled, glaring at the snowy wolf through eyes that were filled with the purest hatred.

"So you actually figured it out," the wolf said in a decidedly feminine voice, gazing at the group through clear blue eyes. The tone of her voice was more than a little patronizing, making it clear that the she-wolf didn't think much of the assembled group. "And here I was thinking that you were too stupid."

"I'll show you…"

Not giving the creature time to finish with the threat that she knew he was preparing to make the wolf rushed forward, ripping out the beast's throat before he even managed to finish his sentence. The creature's startled cry came out as only a gurgle as blood quickly filled his throat. Blood splattered the wolf's white pelt but she paid it no heed as she whirled around and rushed toward the remainder of the group. An explosion illuminated the air behind her as she dashed from creature to creature, taking them out in a matter of seconds.

"You've saved us…"

The she-wolf turned as she heard this voice and her blue eyed gaze fell upon a rather haggard looking group of villagers. It was obvious that they had been hiding from the creatures that were ransacking their village and the wolf inclined her head to them before turning to leave. Now that the demons had been defeated they would be safe, which meant that as far as they were concerned her presence here was no longer required.

"You could have waited for me you know…" a male voice panted, catching the wolf's attention. Turning her head she watched as a tall man in a brown coat walked toward her, a rather bored expression on her face.

"And what would you have done had you been here Andre?" the wolf questioned, continuing on her way as the man fell into step beside her. Her paws hit the ground silently as she padded along, sniffing the air every so often.

"Um… probably nothing," the man named Andre was forced to admit. After all he wasn't an Exorcist so there wasn't really a lot that he could do in a battle but never the less it was his duty to accompany her on this mission. Orders were orders but the white wolf had a habit of making them difficult to follow owing to her penchant for always doing things on her own. "I mean I realize that I can't fight the Akuma like you can Yuki but… but I can still be useful. We are on the same team y'know."

"You're right," Yuki said, sparing him a glance over her shoulder. "You can be useful… so close your mouth and help me find the Innocence. That will be useful."


Since Yuki had taken care of the Akuma, fairly effortlessly for that matter, the only task remaining was to locate the shard of Innocence that had drawn them to the village in the first place. Swishing her bushy tail from side to side Yuki made her way through the village… or to be more precise what remained of it. The Akuma had done a number on the place, leaving only a few buildings standing. Rubble littered the area and the scent of smoke was thick in the air.

And it was interfering with Yuki's delicate sense of smell.

Shaking her head in annoyance Yuki decided that this would be much easier in her other form. Taking a breath she shifted, the white wolf disappearing to be replaced by a young woman. Long white hair framed her face while the same piercing blue eyes gazed around with interest. Her white pelt had been replaced by creamy white skin and she wore a rather plain pair of black pants and a hooded black and white coat with a rather unusual cross decorating the left chest.

"Y'know," Andre commented as he gazed at Yuki. "No matter how many times I see you do that it always manages to freak me out."

Yuki merely shrugged. As one of the few remaining wolf/human hybrids she was accustomed to strange looks and people being uneasy around her. It was a fact of life and not a matter that really concerned the she-wolf since she maintained her distance from people, both physically and emotionally. Her upbringing had instilled in her the fact that trust should always be limited, no matter how well you knew the person to whom it was being given.

Her senses were somewhat dulled in this form but that made the stench of burning debris far more bearable, which had been the effect that she was seeking. Now she could completely focus her attention on the search for Innocence.

It seemed that if the Innocence were located directly in the village then the Akuma would have discovered it by now so Yuki decided to focus her search in the large field just outside the village. After all the Akuma had assembled in the village as well as the field and surrounding forest so obviously they didn't know the exact location of the Innocence.

"I can't believe my luck!"

Instantly on the alert Yuki's gaze shifted toward the source of this new and excited voice. Her gaze fell upon a rather large man with gray skin, his forehead decorated with a pattern of cross shaped scars. This new arrival practically radiated danger and Yuki felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she locked gazes with him. "Andre," Yuki said in a commanding tone, turning to her companion. Ever fiber of her being was screaming that this new arrival was dangerous and she didn't want the Finder to be caught up in the battle that was about to ensue. After all he was worse than useless in a battle. "Get out of here."

"But I can't…"

"Now!" the she-wolf snarled, glaring at him with an almost feral look in her blue eyes. "This is not a request!" She needed to impart upon him the fact that he needed to get as far away as humanly possible because she simply didn't have time for his stupidity right now. If he didn't hurry up and get away then the chances were good that he would be caught up in the fight. And if that happened the chances that she would be able to save him would drastically diminish.

Andre hesitated for a second longer before turning tail and running away. Despite his reluctance to leave Yuki to deal with this newcomer alone the fact remained that the man was scared.

"That was very brave Exorcist," the man said, dashing toward Yuki with blinding speed. Before the she-wolf could react the man had thrown a punch that caught her square in the stomach. Yuki wheezed as the breath was knocked from her body, her hands going to her stomach as she fought hard to draw air into her now burning lungs. "Very stupid but brave none the less."

"You… bastard…" Yuki gasped, glaring at the man through narrowed blue eyes. It had been a long time since she'd faced such a strong opponent and she had to admit that she didn't like to be on the receiving end of blows. It brought back less than pleasant memories.

"That wasn't very nice," the man sneered, a slightly sadistic light shining in his eerie golden eyes. Not giving her time to recover from his initial attack the man threw a few more punches, each leaving its mark on the Exorcist.

Yuki desperately wanted to shift into her wolf form, which was much better suited for battle and would keep this fight from being so one sided, but the man was keeping her constantly on the defensive. Which of course made the transformation next to impossible. Growling low in her throat she blocked one of his punches before throwing one of her own, catching him squarely in the nose. Roaring in anger the man backhanded the young woman, knocking her to the ground and causing flashes of light to explode before her eyes.

Kneeling on the ground Yuki glared up at her attacker with as much hatred as she could muster, her mind frantically trying to come up with a way to get out of this situation. It was fairly obvious, by the ease with which he had beaten her, that she was no match for the man. And yet she couldn't resign herself to death either.

"Shall I kill you now or let you suffer?" The smug look that was plastered all over the bastard's face only served to further infuriate Yuki and she did the first thing that came to mind.

She spat in the man's face.

Roaring in anger the man seized her by the neck, his grip constricting her airway as he pulled her upward. "Damn Exorcist!"

Through the haze in her brain caused by lack of oxygen Yuki could swear that she heard the sound of music. The faint melody reminded her vaguely of a lullaby and she briefly wondered if this was due to the fact that she was about to die. Was the song meant to comfort her at the end of her life?

"Drop her Adrian."

The command was given in a calm and even tone and, despite the fact that he didn't really want to, the large man obeyed it immediately. Releasing his grip on the woman he literally dropped her as he whirled around to face the new arrival. "Damn it 14th!" the man exclaimed, not even attempting to hide his displeasure over the interruption. He was irritated and didn't care if the other Noah did know it. "Can't you see that I'm killing an Exorcist here?"

The man's voice had a whining quality to it that made him sound almost like a kicked puppy… and one that was completely unbefitting a grown man. He didn't want to follow the man's orders but fully realized that he didn't have a choice in the matter. The Musician was second only to Road in the Earl's eyes so disregarding his orders would be a bad decision.

And even though he realized this fact that didn't make it any easier to live with.

"I can see that," the mahogany haired man said, his gray eyes focused on Adrian. He appeared bored with the entire situation as he continued, as though he couldn't be bothered to care exactly what the man was doing or about anything else for that matter. "But I'll take the pleasure in finishing her off. Why don't you return to the Ark? Lord Millennium may have mentioned something about a mission."

"Does it have to do with more Exorcists?" Adrian asked, his gaze focused on his 'sibling'.

The 14th shrugged noncommittally. "Perhaps."

Appearing excited about the prospect of a mission, despite the lack of information, Adrian nodded, turning toward the door that had been conveniently left open. Once the man had disappeared the Musician turned his attention to the woman, striding toward the spot where she was still kneeling on the ground. "And as for you…"

"Die!" Leaping up with a speed unrivaled by most humans Yuki was on her feet, a fist directed toward the smug looking man's jaw. Fully intent upon knocking the smug look from his face she put all of her remaining strength behind the blow. With a sigh the Musician easily caught her hand, twisting her arm behind her back and moving to stand behind her. "Bastard," the Exorcist snarled, the tiniest hint of frustration audible in her voice.

She wasn't accustomed to being on the losing end of a battle… at least not since her days in training with the pack.

"Now that wasn't a very ladylike thing to say," the Musician commented with a chuckle, the irritating smugness still present in not only his expression but also his tone.

Fighting against the hold that the man had on her arm Yuki almost succeeded in pulling free from his grasp. Growing annoyed with her struggles for freedom the Musician captured her other arm, pinning it behind her back and holding her securely against his body.

"I'm not going to hurt you." The mahogany haired man's voice was serious this time, not even the hint of a joke. Yuki tensed at this unexpected declaration, turning her head so that she could gaze at him over her shoulder. And for some reason the look in his eyes told her that he was telling the truth. Even her instincts had ceased screaming at her to fight tooth and nail for her escape. Relaxing just the tiniest bit she momentarily ceased her struggles for freedom. "Thank you." He lessened his grip enough so that she shouldn't be too uncomfortable but wasn't foolish enough to let her go completely.

Not until he had ascertained a few things.

A/N - End of the first chapter! Once again this is a prequel for the fic 'Gray Silence' by PeanutAngel and in recognition for her permission to write this I dedicate the story to her. Thanks again Cat! Hope that I didn't disappoint.