Oh, dear... I'm running out of spanish words... So OBVIOUSLY I don't own Dora the Explorer :D

Okay now, where did we leave this? Riiight, Diego violated Boots off-screen and Swiper decided he was gonna steal the magical vine and stuff...

"Do I really have to say this?" Dora complained.

"Do it or else you'll never count anything in Spanish again... unless it's celery!" Swiper threatened deviously.

"Uh, celery?"

"Do it or I keel you."

"Fine... DEIGO! I'M BEING ATTACKED BY A... A... DELICIOUS FURRY!" The words were hard to get out, Diego and furries weren't a good combination. She cringed thinking of his poor victims, but smiled because it reminded her of the situation Boots was in. In seconds, he was there with his magical vine.

"Well hello there, Foxy!" He said in his creepiest voice, "Wanna ride my vine?" Swiper smiled and laughed maniacally, "Oh, do I? Of course!" Dragging Dora along, he hopped on board.

The trio arrived in the tree house, Boots was huddled in the corner, looking pretty scruffy.

"Haha! What's up, Boots?" Dora asked cheerfully!

"O-Okane ga nai..." He replied, confusing Dora, "What the fuck, Boots? That's not even Spanish!"

"I gave it up! I speak Japanese now!"

"OMG Boots! We're already having enough trouble with Kai Lan! Don't you go speaking Japanese too!" She yelled, infuriated.

"Kai Lan speaks CHINESE, you overrated whore! At least she's nice to HER animal friends!"

"THAT'S IT! Swiper, I'm with you, Diego has corrupted Boots! I'm taking back whats mine!"

"Not so fast, Dora. He's mine now. If you weren't such a trashy cousin, he'd be swingin' in banana trees right now instead of being my slave" Diego grabbed a machete and readied to defend himself.

"Ya know, I think I saw an anime a little like this once." Swiper said thoughtfully.

"You! Don't point out references like that! I'll have to remove your tounge if you keep referencing things that I'm doing to you! That's right Foxy, you're next in my line of slaves!"

And so it began. The final battle, I think.

LOL. I do believe this is the worst thing I've ever written. Even so, rereading this kinda makes me laugh. I was suprised to see 2011 comments, so I had to update. I really didn't expect people to like this! Brownie points to those who got the anime reference- though you'd have to be crazy like me to know it ;)


Okane ga nai means "No money" :D

LEAVE ME THE REVIEWS! I LIKE YOUR BRAIN MUSINGS! o_o I just realized this was supposed to be the conclusion... screw that. Four is an even number. Let's have four chapters.