Emma hastened as she walked swiftly down the hallway. She needed to primp herself before she went to the school dance at 8:00 PM that night. Her school was extremely secular, so she couldn't wear her favorite pendant with the cross on it. Emma paid homage toward Jesus, the Lord and Creator, and she thought it a misdeed for the school to prohibit religious items of any kind. With an experienced manner, she deftly wove her way through the cliques socializing in the hallway. She avoided a blue locker door being opened, and continued on ot the auditorium/theater/stage, or amphitheater, as everyone called it. Emma saw her friend Rachel, and waved hi. They met up and carried on their way. Little did they know the dance was just a lure to their impending demise.

He paced the length of the office restlessly. He wanted to be rid of the two girls, Emma and Rachel, so that chaos would ensue within their families. Ever since his family had died, thirty years earlier, he had resented them for leaving him alone to face the despair of the world. Daniel, or Danny, as he was earlier known as, had lamented his familys' deaths for a few weeks, then resolved to share his misery with the rest of the world. His methods were medieval - he had gained immortality by ways only known to him. Danal (DANE-ul),as he had named himself, chuckled darkly and waited impatiently, anticipating the conflicts of the night to come.

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