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I have had the stomach flu for the past 12 days. I can't keep anything I eat down. Now I'm getting really bad headaches too. Big has taken note of that and he's getting concerned. It wasn't such a big deal except now my fingers are swelling up. I can't even wear the ring that he got me, so as a compromise I turned it into a necklace and wore it around my neck. That night as I was getting ready for bed Big and I had the following conversation.

"I'm meeting the girls tomorrow for lunch," I told him

"Yeah okay," he said, "but I want you home after. I have a surprise for you"

"Oh. Can you give me a hint?"


"Will you give me a hint?"


"Come on"

"It's a surprise Carrie," he told me

Little did I know that by the end of the day I would have a surprise for him too. Here I was, sitting in this restaurant and talking with Samantha and Charlotte. Miranda couldn't come because she and Steve had a 'fight' and they were having a 'long discussion' that day.


"Yeah Charlotte?"

"How long have you been feeling sick for?"

"I dunno," I said, "maybe 12 days. Why?"

"I have an appointment with Dr. Citale today. I want you to come with me," she said


"Great. I'm going to call and make an appointment for you"

"What? Charlotte it's just the flu"

"Right. It's just the stomach flu. I'll pretend to believe that"

"What are you talking about?"

"Carrie when was the last time you got your… p e r i o d," Charlotte asked spelling it out so Rose wouldn't start asking questions.

"Are you suggesting I could be p r e g n a n t," I asked her

"Honey all it takes is a p e n i s and a v a g i n a," Samantha said, "and some h o t s e x"


"Well… I mean it's not like I'm saying anything that we don't know Charlotte"

"Yes but I prefer she doesn't know about that right now. She's 3"

"If you only knew what I knew when I was three"

"Yeah you knew everything about coloring," I said eager to break the tension.

Charlotte called the doctor and made an appointment for me. I tried to shrug it off but to be honest I couldn't stop thinking about it. Could Charlotte be right? Was I pregnant? How would Big react? Miranda came in looking very uncomfortable.

"Hey everyone," she said, "What did I miss?"

"Hey sweetheart," Samantha said, "are you okay?"

"I've been better. CDD is working well but this was the first time I was on the receiving end of it and I don't-"

"Okay," Charlotte said, "moving on"

Ever since Steve cheated on Miranda and they got back together they have been using something called CDD, Christian Domestic Discipline which basically gives, normally the husband but in this case both the right to discipline (physically) his or in this case her significant other.

They have rules that need to be adhered to. They have guideline… what the offenses are and what the punishments are. Cheating for example earned Steve a blistering belting for 15 minutes straight. Of course they wait until Brody is out of earshot and eye-shot. They didn't want him exposed to all of that.

"I know what will make you feel better," Samantha told Miranda, "a nice hot soak with mineral oil. Come on. We are going to the spa"

After Samantha and Miranda left we were able to talk easier.

"Charlotte I can't be pregnant"

"Honey if only I had a dime for every time I heard those words," Charlotte teased

Well the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant but it was more then that. Charlotte was pregnant too. I'm about 11 weeks along and Charlotte is in her 4th month. She had been irregular for years so skipping periods was nothing she thought was a big deal. All I knew was one thing. It was going to be a very interesting 9 months… give or take.