Lunch Time

It was one o'clock in the afternoon. In her house walked in Cuddy. Unlike most people, she ate her lunch at home instead of the cafeteria. She would've stayed to eat in the cafeteria or her office but House would bitch about his latest patient. He would purposely ruin her lunch just to point out what she did wrong and that SHE was responsible for killing his patient.

At last, she was alone. She was just about to go into the kitchen when there was a knock at the door.

Great, she thought. House knows where I live. My lunch is ruined.

She groaned as she went to the door. She opened it and was surprised to see who it was: Cameron. But she didn't dress like she came from work. She was in a tall robe.

"Cameron," Cuddy said, surprised. "Did House send you?"

Cameron bit her lip and smiled. "No."

"Come in." Cuddy invited as Cameron stepped in the house. Cuddy closed the door. "I was just going to eat lunch."

Cameron smiled, naughtily. "Well, why don't you eat…me?" And with that, she took off her robe and revealed her red bra and panties, looking good from head to toe.

Cuddy looked surprised. I heard about Thirteen having sexual fantasies about Cameron, Cuddy thought. I never thought I would be as close to this…delicious doctor. She could be my nurse anytime.

Cameron went to Cuddy and kissed her mouth. Slowly.

She tastes so good. Both doctors thought. I want her.

"Fuck it!" Cuddy shouted. "On the kitchen table!" And with that, Cameron shoved Cuddy on the table and kissed her.

Cameron took off her partner's clothes. She unbuttoned her shirt. Her pants were the next to go.

"I've always dreamed about you." Cameron smiled. "I always wanted to fuck in your office but here is much better."

Cuddy blushed as Cameron kissed her neck. Then she went lower.

"Thirteen should be here," Cuddy said as Cameron licked deeply around her stomach. "She would enjoy this."

Cameron smiled. "I may not be Thirteen but that doesn't mean she didn't teach me a few things."

And with that, Cameron slowly made her ways to Cuddy's legs. There went the panties.

Cuddy wanted to keep her composure but she wanted to howl out loud.

Cameron went kissed her clit, her tongue longing to lick it.

Cuddy could feel her tongue inside her.

"Fuck," Cameron said. "You're so sexy when you wet." She said, seductively.

Cameron's tongue slowly went into her clit.

"Take me, Cameron." Cuddy said.

"You're the boss." Cameron smiled. "But I'm in control."

Cameron's tongue went further into her clit.

"DON'T STOP!" Cuddy was coming. "PLEASE! DON'T!"

At last, Cuddy came.

Cameron went to Cuddy and kissed her.

I never felt this way about a woman before, Cuddy thought. Now I want to return the favor.

Cuddy kissed her partner and took off Cameron's bra.

"I want you." Cuddy whispered as Cameron necked her. Cuddy kissed between her breasts.

She tastes so nice. Cuddy thought, as she removed Cameron's panties. I want more off her.

Cuddy went down on Cameron, which made her sweat. "Cuddy…" she started but she couldn't finish her sentence as she moaned.

Eat me, she thought. Suck me, fuck me, have me.

Cameron came as Cuddy licked her deliciously.

They sat up on the table and kissed each other.

Cameron smiled. "You still want lunch?"

Cuddy shook her head and kissed Cameron on her lips.

No, Cuddy thought. I'm already full.