I stared morosely out the window. The person who lay on the bed I was sitting on looked very wan. Although her parents were somber, they maintained a level of serenity and left me to talk to her alone. Now I faced Elizabeth and locked eyes with her. She was not articulate, as the illness had rendered her mute, but her vivid gaze spoke volumes. I stared into her emerald green eyes, perplexed, then traversed the room. I looked over the news article from yesterday's paper, and scoffed. Some people just didn't understand the concept of privacy.

Elizabeth fidgeted on the bed and I quickly turned to check if she was okay. But she wasn't there. A pair of cold arms snaked around my waist, and I gasped and froze.

"It's just a piece of propaganda," a voice - which belonged to a female - murmered. It sounded oddly musical and smooth. I rotated on the spot and my breath whooshed out of me in a whisper.

The intelligent green eyes examined my face cautiously. I immediately recognized her face, and my eyes widened in shock. "Elizabeth?" I questioned, my voice barely a whisper.

She looked at me with eyes full of sorrow. "I was at the zenith of my pain," she explained. "That's why I seemed mute."

I stared at her, dumbfounded, knowing she was not human. She was incredibly fast, and her body was cold; much too cold for a human. I shivered. I was wondering what she was, when her eyes took on a measure of resolve and determination. Elizabeth leaned in toward me and, ever so gently and softly, pressed her lips to mine. She moved her mouth to my ear and whispered, "vampire."

hope you liked it! i will add more soon!