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Prompt 16: Rip

"Holmes! Damn it, Holmes!" Watson stomped into Holmes' quarters angrily, holding the pieces of his favorite shirt in his hands. Holmes was nowhere to be found. Watson yelled again. "Holmes! Where are you?"

A muffled thump came from the bathroom, then a stifled curse. Watson kicked the door open to find Holmes trying to crawl into the cupboard under the sink. Holmes looked at him guiltily, and then attempted nonchalance. "Oh, hello, Doctor. How- How are you?"

"Holmes. What. Did. You. Do. To. My. Shirt?" Watson practically growled at Holmes. Holmes studied the ceiling thoughtfully, screwing his face up.

"I can't seem to recall old boy. So sorry to disappoint. Now, if you please, I have business to attend to; if you would be so kind as to shut the door on your way out I'd be forever indebted."

Watson just stood there, glaring at Holmes. Holmes pretended not to notice and pulled his pipe out of his pocket. He rummaged around for a match, looking everywhere except at Watson. Watson finally had enough and lunged at Holmes.

"Dear God, man!" Holmes shouted as Watson grabbed him by his collar and threw him to the ground. "My Lord, you're like an animal, Watson!" Watson beat Holmes about his head and face with his balled up shirt.

"Down, boy!" Holmes tried to hit him but Watson was having none of it. Grabbing Holmes' hands, Watson pinned him down, splaying himself on top of Holmes. Their chests heaved as they glared at each other.

"Animalistic brute."

"Insufferable bastard."

Holmes pushed Watson off of him easily. "Really, Watson. If you are regularly in the habit of tackling people to the ground and beating them with your torn articles of clothing, you really should never have become a doctor."

Watson leaned against the wall, still catching his breath. "Sod off, Holmes."

"Mm." Holmes got up nimbly, not even breathing hard. "Very well. I'll go." He was almost at the door when he paused. "Oh, Watson. One thing?" Holmes reached down, grasped the collar of Watson's shirt, and wrenched it upwards until it ripped off. He threw it down on Watson's lap and positively fled the room, cackling hysterically.

God damn that man. Watson slammed his head against the wall and closed his eyes. Fucking Holmes.

Not gonna lie, I lol'd when Holmes is calling Watson an animal. I'm like, "Damn right he is, Holmes. DAMN RIGHT." XD

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