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6. Seize the day

Watson thought it was entirely safe to say that he was drunk. Quite smashed, in fact. And, judging by the way Holmes was weaving in and out of the tables, chairs, and stacks of books he had arranged in some semblance of a city, Holmes was also incredibly drunk.

"Waston. Schwatson. Watson," Holmes finally managed, lips wrapped around the bottle of alcohol dangling from his fingers. "Watson. Imagine this. This city here-" Long fingers gesticulated towards the chaos in the center of the room. "This city here is being ravished by a creature of gargantuan proportions. A giant reptile bent on destruction, releasing hellfire from his scaly jaws and kicking with his monstrous—"

Holmes paused, and hiccuped. His face screwed up like he was trying to remember what he was talking about. "—foot," he finished lamely.

Watson stared at him for a moment. Laughter bubbled up in his chest and he chuckled hysterically. "That beast is ravishing a city? Holmes, ravishing?"

Holmes peered at him unsteadily. "What's— why so condescending? What's wrong with the phrasing I used?"

Watson bent the bottle in his fist towards his mouth, spilling most of it on his chin and cheek. "Holmes, Holmes, Holmes." He struggled to his feet, still chuckling. "It sounds— It sounds like he's is going to make the beast with two backs with the city. I think you mean— meant, mean?— meant ravaged."

They stared at each other.

At the same moment they burst out laughing, Holmes falling sideways onto an unsteady stack of books wobbling dangerously under his weight, Watson pitching forwards onto him and holding Holmes' shoulder for support. Suddenly the stack of books gave way and they tumbled sideways, yelling drunkenly.

Holmes landed on his back, Watson on top of him. Watson distantly noticed how nice the skin of Holmes' throat felt against his lips. "Holmes," he giggled. Dear God, Watson thought. I've actually just giggled. "Holmes, we fell." His lips brushed against Holmes' throat as he spoke, and he felt Holmes shudder and then laugh, trapped under Watson's mouth. "Yes, my dear doctor. We've fallen."

Watson lifted his head up and looked at Holmes, blinking to focus on him blearily. "We've fallen," he repeated seriously. Holmes met his gaze silently, half-smile on his face slowly fading.

Watson studied Holmes' face. He saw the bob of his Adam's apple, the smooth way it slid down underneath his skin almost to the hollow of his throat, and then abruptly flicked back up to where it belonged. He noted the stubble on Holmes' face scratching his own, and he rubbed his cheek against Holmes' like a cat.

Holmes made a surprised noise, but didn't move. Watson brushed his own stubble over Holmes' face, mustache prickling its way up until his lips were right next to Holmes' mouth. Holmes' lips were parted and he was panting slightly. Watson blinked slowly, eyes locked with Holmes'. Watson ran his tongue over his bottom lip and saw Holmes' eyes drop to track the movement.

"Holmes—" Watson started to say, but never finished. Holmes lifted his head and fitted his mouth against Watson's, hands flying to cup Watson's face, trying to pour his soul into him. Watson responded immediately, tongue delving into Holmes' mouth, tracing his teeth and running along Holmes' tongue.

Kissing Holmes was utterly unlike anything Watson had ever experienced. He was all rough and scratchy, jutting hips and hard bones and broad shoulders and ribs, hot hands and bites and nails scratching along his skin, raising the hair on the back of Watson's neck. Holmes was dark lightening on the horizon, sucking Watson down with him on his fiery suicide descent into the hard earth. Holmes pressed his knee between Watson's legs and Watson pulled away, gasping.

"Holmes," Watson whispered, eyes shut tight. "What—"

"Carpe diem, my good doctor. Carpe diem," Holmes whispered back at him, resting his forehead against Watson's.

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