"Shut up."

Bertie's tousled black and purple hair flicked through the air as she whipped around to face the lazily-grinning elemental, and her main companion on the journey.

"I didn't say anything bad. You really do have a piece of lettuce clinging to your incisor, there."

Bertie fumed inwardly and ran a gloved finger over her teeth. Ariel guffawed.

Mustardseed, Cobweb and Moth smacked each others hands, laughing with him.

"Ariel got Bertie!" they cried joyfully, clasping hands and circling Bertie's quickly reddening face. "So help me, you three- FOUR. I will kick you all off this caravan."

Ariel grinned and leaned towards her, taking his eyes off the rough road. It was funny, to see how much he had affected her, Bertie mused to herself as she drank in his breath. Like winter snow, sprinkled with the dew of the finest pearls.

He smugly took in her reaction and leaned back. "What were you saying, tyrant?"

Bertie blinked, vainly trying to rid herself of the stars clouding her eyes.

"H-huh? Keep your eyes on the road!"

Turning slightly to wink at the boys, Ariel resumed driving.



It had been a solid week since Bertie and Company had left the Theatre Illuminata in search of new worlds and to find Nate. Bertie was torn here. Her loyalty to Nate was excessive, to say the least, but Ariel held a magnetic attraction over her, and she couldn't deny a love since the very beginning.

Turning to glance at him, Ariel's eyes had already been on her. A rueful smile crossed his brilliant face, and his words were carefully non-chalant.

"Internal conflict, again?"

Bertie didn't know how he knew, but she wasn't about to admit it.

"I'm thinking about dinn-"

"DINNER?" Moth's eyes were as wide as plates. Cobweb started to cry.

"It's been HOURS!" Even Peaseblossom grinned.

Ariel pulled the caravan off to the side of the road and descended. "What do we feel like?" He spoke to Bertie, but it was the fairies that answered.







Bertie glanced at the surrounding bushes. "How about berries and roots?" She winced when the barrage of noise hit her ears.

"Some MASTER OF REVELS you are!"

"You promised good food!"

Ariel watched it all, smiling. "May I offer assistance?"

The fairies all turned slowly. Realization dawned first in Cobweb's eyes.


Bertie scowled. "Where were you 2 minutes ago, exactly?"

Ariel's winds coaxed her into his arms. "Be back in ten minutes."

Against her will, Bertie panicked slightly. He would come back. He would.

Ariel felt her heartbeat against his chest. He leaned closer and put his lips to hers.

The internal battle slowly faded and Bertie let his tongue sweep hers.

Pulling back a fraction of an inch, Ariel whispered against her lips, "Bertie, I promise to return."

Another kiss, and he was gone on the winds. An onyx butterfly hovered where he was, before settling in Bertie's own black locks like a glittering hair pin.


Peaseblossom frowned at her.

"Bertie, what about Nate?"

The part of her heart that loved Nate flared up at the words, and Bertie brushed away stubborn tears.

"I WILL find him, Pease. I promise."

Satisfied, Peaseblossom curled back up on her shoulder, watching the butterfly above her.

"HEY!" came the excited shout from the trees. "BERTIE, PEASE! THERES A POND HERE, AND ITS BEAUTIFUL!"

The summoned rose and followed the splashes to a clearing in the deciduous trees.

In a perfect ring of trees, a silver pond glittered like sparkles danced just under the clear surface. Ripples formed as the male fairies tossed smoothed rocks to the center of it. "It's a perfect circle.. in a perfect circle of trees, Bertie," Pease whispered, and a chill went down the back of Bertie's neck.

"Guys... stop, this doesn't feel right."

Mustardseed cocked his head. "Why? It's just a pond!"

The sudden silence brought something else to light. There was NO sound. Not a solitary bird call.

Something grabbed Bertie's waist.


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