Chapter 1

Callie's POV

It always rained on Thursday. Well, maybe I was being a little dramatic, but every time that Thursday evening rolled around, and I started my normal walk to Rainne, the heavens opened up. I guess I kinda liked the feel of it on my skin, because i never ever brought an umbrella. After a week of surgeries at the hospital, it was almost like a cleanse for me. Tonight was no different. This week had been more stressful on me then usual. I had ended my relationship with the woman I thought I was suppose to spend forever and a day with. It was more of a technicality in the end because we both knew for a while that we were going in different directions. Sam was my best friend and as much as we tried to make it work, it was over. She had already taken a new position in Vancouver and I was supposed to be on the flight with her. It was Mark that finally made me see that I couldn't get on that plane.

"Callie" He took my shoudlers with his hands and pulled me into his eyesight.

"This has got to end. I know she's your best friend. But thats it. The fire is gone babe. Your not happy. I can see it in your eyes"

"I know" was all i could say, as the breath I had been holding in for the last few months finally released itself from my lungs.

As hard as it was to look Sam in the eyes and tell her it was over, it was also a relief. I knew I would be okay and so would she, but its never easy starting again. So, for the first time in 6 years I was walking to Rainne alone.

Every Thursday I met up with the regular crowd for drinks there. We debrief, gossip, and drink. And by drink i mean get so drunk that by 1:00am no one remembers what the debriefing and gossip was about. But hey, its tradition, and it gets me through the weeks. Tonight I felt nervous. It was an excited nervous, but nervous none the less.

When I walked in to Rainne, I saw Mark and Lexie at our regular table. I gave them a quick nod and headed to the back of the lounge to the bathroom. I was pretty wet from the walk over and I wanted to make sure I looked half presentable. Luckily for me, I did. But my hair was a little damp and I needed to wipe the remainder of my Thursday evening cleanse off my skin.

Rainne was pretty upscale from our normal choice of bar. Marble floors, marble counter tops, clear glass sinks, frosted glass pane doors. It was all very posh to me. Very different from Joe's. where we carved our names on the wooden bar table. I quickly took a towel from the counter and started to clean myself up. I felt my self shiver as the door opened behind me and a woman walked in. Our eyes locked instantly and I felt my stomach flip. Her eyes were piercing blue and I instantly found myself fixated on them. She walked to the sink next to me and proceded to use a towel to dry herself off as well. I felt myself blush under my dark skin, and quickly looked back to the mirror. Wait, I wasn't breathing. Breathe Callie. I couldn't help but look back at her as I walk toward the door. Flip. Her eyes met mine again. I quickly made my exit.

Arizona's POV

The plane had finally landed an hour behind schedule and as we made our way through the airport to pick up our car, I started to feel nervous. I guess it was more of an anxious feeling then full on bite my nails nervous. I had never been to Seattle before and knew that Dax was excited to show me his old stomping grounds. I had just gotten out of a 6 year relationship with the man I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. But instead of being in New York making wedding plans, I was stepping out into blindly in a foreign city.

"So we'll drop off our bags at the hotel and head down to the bar I was telling you about" I heard Dax say as we put our luggage in the back of a black town car.

"Sure" I replied, trying to focus on the rain, instead of the feeling in my stomach. Dax and I had been friends since we were toddlers. He was probably the main reason I finally broke it off with Liam. I didn't realize how lost I really was till Dax set me down on that Friday afternoon and said the words that changed my life.

"Your not happy Arizona. I can see it in your eyes" his voice was shaky as he held my hand with the strength I needed to finally let go.

"I know." my tears were taking over at that point and I shook for a few minutes as Dax kept hold of my hand and let me take in the first real breath I had taken in 6 years.

This was my starting over. I had taken a leave of absence from the hospital that I had made my home. I ate, slept and breathed medicine and inside the walls of the Peds floor I devored my work with an insane hunger. I loved being a doctor, don't get me wrong, but I had lost Arizona the person. I needed to find myself again.

We made our way throught the lobby of the hotel, after dropping off our bags, and made a quick dash through the rain drops, across the street to the lounge. Anxiety in toe.

"I'll get us a couple of beers Zona" Dax said pointing me in the direction of the bathroom. He knew me so well. I loved the rain, really I did. Back in New York I wouldn't have minded the mess of my blond hair or the water on my chest, but in a new city, I was more self conscious.

"Thanks Dax" I squeezed his shoulder and headed to the back of the lounge. I took notice of the people around me. An extremely handsome looking group were taking up space in the back corner. Their laughter drew me in and made me want to be part of something like that.

I pulled open the door to the washroom and instantly locked eyes with a dark haired woman through the mirror in front of her. Flip. My stomach made its presence known. She was possibly one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I quickly dismissed her eyes and walked to the sink next to her. The anxiety I had brought with me from the airport was now in overdrive as I took a towel and dried off my arms and neck line. I looked up as the Latina woman made her way out and caught here eyes again as she glanced back at me before the frosted glass door closed. Flip. I hated my stomach right now. I took one last look in the mirror before heading back out to find Dax and my much needed alcohol.

end of chpt 1.