NAME: Kirk Baldridge


TITLE: Sometimes You Get What You Need

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these characters, names, places, etc. They all belong to Kim Harrison, and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank her for creating them.

FANDOM: The Hollows

PAIRING: Rachel/Ivy


SUMMARY: Several of Rachel's relationships are in jeopardy.

SPOILER: Sequel to You Don't Always Get What You Want and set sometime after Black Magic Sanction. While you don't need to read my previous stories to follow and (hopefully) enjoy this one, it would help.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I feel a little explanation is necessary. My Immortal and its sequel, Through Her Eyes, are a separate timeline from my other four stories, which-if you wanted to read them all-technically belong in this order. You Don't Always Get What You Want, Love and Vampires, Disturbing, and Sometimes You Get What You Need.


Ivy Tamwood awoke with a jolt, ever sense on high alert as she tried to determine what had roused her. The bedroom was quiet so she was pretty sure they were not under attack, but something wasn't right.

Vampiric vision easily piercing the darkness, her vaguely almond-shaped eyes focused on the foot of the bed. Her brown eyes flashed black as she realized there was a shadowy figure standing there.

Baring her fangs she let out a throaty growl. "Who are you?" The stranger did not respond, or move.

In the bed beside her, Rachel Morgan lay entangled in sheets. She stirred, her naked skin rubbing against the living vampire's as she rolled over and moaned, her eyes fluttering open. "Ivy?"

"Someone's here." Ivy glanced worriedly at her lover. "Can you make a circle?"

Rachel blinked. "Sure." She raised her head, and even though it was dark, she could tell there was no one there. "But why?"

"What?" Ivy looked again. "No. Damn it! Rachel, I swear I saw someone."

"You were probably just having a bad dream and woke up in the middle of it." Rachel cupped her lover's cheek. "It's all right. Trust me, I know how freaky that is, but look. We're fine." She smiled. "Okay?" After a few moments, Ivy nodded and lay back down, sighing as Rachel put her arms around her. "So, since both of us are awake now, I was thinking."

Ivy's could smell Rachel's arousal and her incense flowed in response. "About what, as if I have to ask?"

"Page seventy four."

Ivy had memorized Rynn Cormel's book back in high school, and she and Skimmer had perfected nearly half of it, so she knew exactly what Rachel was referring to and leaned in to kiss her witch.