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This may contain spoilers for chapter 4, and I think Episode 5

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" DAMN YOU USUI!" Misaki shouted as she choked Usui by the neck.

" Pres… can't….. breathe… let…go!" Usui said as he struggled to get Misaki's hand off.

Even he couldn't face the president while she's in true demon form.

" Why did you show everyone my maid-outfit on Yukimura!"


Misaki had just left work when Usui approached her. " Hey Ayuzawa, wanna head to my place? You look dead as a beet." Usui offered. Misaki, who was tired because of all the training Aoi gave her, absentmindedly said yes.

Once they arrived, Usui made some coffee and had a chat with her. " So, how's it going with the training Aoi is giving you for the Super Special Maid Day?" Usui asked her while she lay sprawled on the couch ( note: Usui is still finishing up the coffee).

( Super Special Maid Day: A day when all maids need to gear up for the mounds of people coming. This time the customers will pay more because the maids will be moving quicker, are allowed to chat with them, and if they're lucky, they get to have a pictorial, a hug, and a kiss on the cheek to be won from a draw every hour. * for boys* )

" Not good, seems like I can't keep up with the others anymore. I'm so confused, why am I like this? It's not like anything interesting happened recently" Misaki answered while Usui sat on the couch and handed her coffee.

And that's when it hit her.

Her childhood friend Shintani just kissed her a few days ago, saying that he'll do whatever it takes to win her heart. ( a kiss on the lips, like the time Usui did on the rooftop….)

She realized the kiss had the same effect on her when Usui first kissed her. She suddenly blushed and accidentally dropped the coffee mug on the floor.

" Hey Pres, you alright? You've acting strangely for quite a time already" Usui said, although he already knew Shintani's kiss with her, because he was headed her way when Shintani suddenly sprung out of nowhere and kissed her.

Misaki, who suddenly came to her senses, saw that she spilled the coffee on the floor, and that Usui was already heading to the bathroom to get cleaning supplies.

" Usui… I'm sorry, I'll go clean it up right a-" Misaki said only to be interrupted by Usui. " No, you're obviously too tired to focus. Let me clean it up. You can head home now, it's getting late already."

" Yeah sure, bye Usui…" she said while yawning a bit. And in all the confusion, she left her bag near his couch – with her maid outfit in it.


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