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Yukimura and Usui were heading to the gym lockers to get Yukimura's gym clothes. Why didn't Misaki think of this? Oh well, she might be still thinking about that stupid kiss with Hinata. Darn it, I've been trying to forget it, but so far, it's no use.


"I better get to Misaki soon, or else she'll be mad at me for being late." I said to myself as I headed down towards the Student Council Room. It was very late, and we were probably the only students left in the whole school.

As I approached the Student Council Room, I hid in the shadows as I heard muffled voices. As I recognized one was Misaki's , I quickly glanced from the open door as I saw a heart breaking scene.

Misaki was kissing Shintani Hinata.

The moment I saw that passionate kiss, my mind went blank and all I could do was hide behind a wall and listen to them talk.

" Shintani! Why the hell did you kiss me?" Misaki said, breathless at the courage Hinata was showing.

" I know you have a relation with Usui-san, but that doesn't mean that I will give you up over that guy! I have been waiting years to finally kiss you passionately like that Misaki-chan, it's been a dream come true. I hope that you do realize my sincere feelings for you…" he said as he looked into her eyes with a look of hope that she does love him back.

It made Misaki's heart break, as she finally feels something for Hinata.

The only thing she could say was:

" I'll think about it."

At those words, my heart froze.

I'll think about it.

Didn't she love me? At first I was so certain, but now I'm not so sure.

I'll think about it.

Now that I thought about it, me meeting with Misaki was really cutting into her time. She finished a pile of work she could finish in one sitting in over 2 days. She was always tired balancing studies and social stuff lately.

I'll think about it.

My heart bled as I ran across the school towards the entrance leaving Hinata and Misaki alone. I was certain that if Misaki would see me right now, she wouldn't recognize me at all .

I'll think about it.

These simple words ran across my mind. As I hurried to my apartment, I quickly shoved the key into the lock and slammed the door. I couldn't believe that Misaki would actually say them when Shintani confessed to her.

I'll think about it.

I didn't even bother to change out of my buttoned shirt. Though I did unbutton them at first, I quickly became frustrated and buttoned them in the wrong places.

I'll think about it.

I quickly lay down on the couch and stared at the ceiling.

I'll think about it.

" What the hell did I do wrong?"

His head quickly snapped out of confusion as Yukimura was staring at him while he walked as if he was hypnotized.

" Usui-san! Are you okay?" Yukimura said, his face full of concern.

"I'm okay Yukimura. Here are your gym clothes, now take that maid costume off and leave it on this bench while I go to the bathroom.

" Okay Usui-san!"

A few minutes after Yukimura threw the maid outfit behind him while he changed…

Usui was heading towards the gym lockers when he heard what sounded like a girl's scream.

He quickly looked inside the gym locker room to see if Yukimura was hurt. There were two answers to his curiosity:

1. It was Yukimura screaming with a mortified expression on his face.

2. He was screaming because the maid outfit had gone missing.

~ ! ~

" How the hell did you lose it?"

" I was looking away from the maid outfit while I changed!"

" What kind of person doesn't look behind him when he changes?"

" In any case we have to tell Misaki right away!"

Back at the supply closet …

" Ugh, my head hurts! It's so cold today, I better get my blazer. Oh right, I left it in my classroom. I should get outside right away." she said.

When she stepped outside, she saw her reflection on a window.

She was wearing her maid uniform.

" What? How did this thing get on me?" she said with shocked eyes.

She heard the bell ring and she immediately ran to her classroom to get her blazer. One student unfortunately saw a glimpse of her while she ran.

" Is that President?"

" What are you babbling about?"

" Oh, nothing. I think I just saw Kaichou wearing some kind of cosplay costume."

" You must be hallucinating!"

While Misaki ran, she bumped into Usui and Yukimura.

" Misa-chan! And the maid outfit?" Usui said, confused at the sudden turn of events.

" This, this, THIS THING GOT ON ME WITHOUT ME KNOWING ABOUT IT!" Misaki said, tired from running from the students going out of their classrooms. She obviously had an expression which cannot be fully described with words. Well, sorta. She had eyes that were about to cry, her whole body was trembling, and she looked pretty helpless and defenseless all in all.

Usui was not used to seeing her like this. He wasn't seeing the independent, strong-willed, cute pet maid of his anymore. Right now, she needed his help more than ever.

While Usui's eyes grew wide, Yukimura's did too. He suddenly got nervous and backed away. With the current state of Misaki, he knew that school would fall in chaos.

Usui quickly noticed that the voices of students were getting louder. They heard someone yell, " Kaichou! I need to run some projects with you."

Usui grabbed Misaki and Yukimura's wrists and ran while mumbling, " That's our cue."

A person in the shadows eyes grew wide as she scribbled on her notepad filled with Kuuga's pictures and schedules of concerts.

At the end of lunch…

They were in the room where the shirtless dude was locked in episode 2.

" Usui, can you try to look for my uniform?"

" It would be dangerous for people to see me carrying a girl's uniform around the school. And, I don't even know where your uniform is."

" It's in the supply closet."

" So… you didn't wear that yourself?

" I woke up wearing this."

" So… someone saw you naked?" Usui answered while chuckling with a dark aura building up.

But Misaki's demon aura was far too powerful, so it developed faster.

" How, how, HOW CAN YOU TALK LIKE THAT IN A SITUATION LIKE THIS PERVERTED OUTER-SPACE ALIEN?" Misaki said, hair curling upwards and a demonic aura pushing open the door.

" Misa-chan, stop it, you're opening the door…." Usui said, trying to save the situation as there were students who were playing basketball outside.

" Hey, I think I hear something inside the room over there!" Ikkun said as the 2 other idiots approach the room where Usui and Misaki are.

" Damn it!" she hissed as she tried to keep the door closed as the three idiots were pulling it.

But, they managed to open it by themselves. They took a peek inside as they saw Usui trying to cover up something. As he saw that it was just them three, he put his hands down and showed Misaki wearing the maid outfit looking scared with wide eyes.

" Misa-chan?" they said simultaneously.

Their eyes grew wide as they realized the situation. They weren't THAT idiotic to know that Misaki wouldn't wear it on purpose. They started shooing away their team mates saying that they were reporting some misplaced equipment to the President.

" Misa-chan. How did this happen?" they said in awe as Misaki stood up brushing some cobwebs off her shoulder.

" Long story. Hey, would you mind helping me?"

" Not all all Misaki!"

" Go to the supply closet near the Student Council Room and get me my uniform."

" Of course!"

After they left, Usui went out to check if the coast is clear. He signaled Misaki that it's okay to go out already. Or so he thought.

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