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Summary: It all started when Natsume Hyuuga was forcibly dragged by his younger brother, Youichi Hyuuga, to see the concert of his favorite singer/actress/model Mikan Sakura. How could possibly one night of meeting changes his life? NxM.

Author's note: I actually got the idea while I'm watching the movie "Notting hill." Haha. It's really cute so I thought I can make a fic out of it. Please enjoy and review afterwards!

It's amazing how you can speak
Right to my heart,
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark
Try as I may, I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing

- When you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating.

A man with raven-colored strands and crimson eyes in the age of 24 years old silently sat in front of his painting canvas, trying hard to perfectly draw the beautiful scenery he's seeing. Natsume Hyuuga gracefully and professionally moved the brush onto the canvas, producing different lines using his respectable paints. Painting is always been his passion and this passion of him turns into a business. Though this kind of jobs doesn't gives him a huge amount of money, he still enjoys it anyway. After all, he only support himself and his little brother's lifestyle.

It was peace and quiet not until he heard footsteps coming from the stairs and his little brother, Youichi Hyuuga came barging on the terrace, destroying his peace.

"Brother!" Youichi shouted towards his brother, walking towards to his side and smiling at him. Natsume looked at his only family brother and gave him a small smile.

"Hey, lil' bro. What's up?" He greeted back to his younger brother. Youichi's smile widened. He removed his backpack and scavenge on it, trying to look for something. After he found it, he turned again to his older brother.

"Look, brother! I got A's in my report card! Isn't it great?" Youichi gave him a big toothy smile. Natsume grabbed the report card and smiled proudly towards his brother.

"That's great, Youichi." He patted his head. "You're really my brother." Youichi jumped up and down, happy that he made his big bro proud.

"Yehey!" He shouted.

"Now, go and change then take some rest. I left some snacks in the dining room. Eat it when you're hungry." Natsume said and went back to work, but Youichi didn't moved. By this, Natsume already knows that Youichi wants something as a reward. He sighed. Now, he wondered what idea does his younger brother is thinking now. "Alright Youichi, name what you want." And he looks at him.

Youichi has this very wide grin on his face. He placed a poster in front of his face. His eyes narrowed at the sight of it. It was a concert's poster of Youichi's ultimate idol, Mikan Sakura. Mikan Sakura is a singer/model/actress who has long brunette hair and chocolate orbs. She always have this stupid smile on her face. Or that's what Natsume thinks of her smile.

"I want us to go here, brother!" Youichi said enthusiastically. Natsume cocked his eye brows towards his younger brother.

"No." Natsume said before returning to his canvas. Youichi growled.

"Please brother! I really want to meet her. Who knows? She might be my future sister-in-law!" Youichi said determinedly. Okay, this is one thing that he hates about his younger brother. Youichi thinks that him, Natsume Hyuuga, and Mikan Sakura can be together. And for Pete's sake, they are both from different world. Youichi imagination is so big. How will someone like Mikan Sakura falls in love with a painter like him? That's definitely absurd.

"I said no, Youichi. Just ask anything else but that. I won't go to that stupid concert." Natsume said coldly. Suddenly, he heard a sniff. He looked back at his younger brother and found him teary eyed while clutching the poster in his hand. "Hey! Why are you crying?"

"Because you wouldn't let me meet her!" Youichi shrieked, wiping childishly the snots on his cute little nose. Natsume sighed. If only this child wasn't his brother, he would have strangled him to death.

"Alright, we'll go. Just stop crying, you brat." Natsume said, defeated.

"Yay! You're the best brother!" And Youichi is finally back to his enthusiastic self again. Natsume just shook his head.

What a fanatic his younger brother is.

22 years old, Mikan Sakura, gracefully dance along with the music while holding her personalized microphone on her hands. She was tired yet she endured it. She wouldn't want to disappoint her fans in her major concert right? She sings her composed song while accompanying the song with her dance. She was already sweating hard and it's a good thing that she tied her long brunette hair into a high-ponytail. Suddenly, her manager and best friend, Hotaru Imai, shouted.

"Okay, break for 7 minutes." Hotaru said strictly. Mikan felt relieved. She's really tired and it's a good thing that Hotaru considered to give her a break. Her assistant gave her a cold bottled water which was soon empty in one gulped. She wipes her sweat and walked towards her best friend.

"Hey Hotaru, how's the concert tickets going?" Mikan asked, innocently.

"Sold out." was Hotaru's simple reply, afterall, Hotaru is a woman of few words. Mikan happily smiled and she jumped onto the air.

"Yehey! That's great, Hotaru!" Mikan shouted. Suddenly, Mikan felt a tap on her shoulder and looked back. She smiled fakingly when she saw who it was. "Kaname, what are you doing here?"

Kaname Sonou is a handsome actor who's so persistent to date Mikan. He smiled sweetly towards Mikan and handed her the bouquet of white roses he's holding. They heard the teasing of the other people inside that made Mikan blushed.

Mikan is hesitant to accept the roses but because she doesn't want to embarrass Kaname, she accepted it anyways with an awkward smile on her face. "Um, thanks."

"You're welcome, Mikan." His smile never leave his face. "So, can I take you out for dinner later?"

Mikan faked a smile while Hotaru just shook her head. What a persistent and stupid guy.

"Ano, Kaname-kun. You see, I'm really busy. I really can't accept your invitation." Mikan said awkwardly. Kaname's face fell.

"That's too bad." He looked at Mikan again and forced a smile. "So, I guess I just have to ask you again after your concert. I don't want to be a burden to you after all." He said with a smile. "If that's the case, can I watch your rehearsal instead?" He asked coolly.

Her awkward smile is still plastered in her face. She looked back at Hotaru, trying to asked for help but Hotaru just shrugged her shoulders. Mikan mentally cried waterfall with Hotaru's action. She looked at the persistent guy again.

"Ano, well, since you're here already I guess it's alright. But, don't you have work? I don't want to be a bother." Mikan said.

"That's great! I'm sure I'm going to enjoy watching you!" He said happily. "And don't worry, you're not a bother!" Mikan scratched the back of her head and fake a laugh.

"Alright, go back to the rehearsal now, Mikan. We have no time to waste." Hotaru said, saving her. She happily excused herself and practiced again for the upcoming concert of hers.

"Brother, lend me the remote please!" Youichi Hyuuga, 7 years old, begged his older brother who is currently slacking off in the sofa, watching comfortably his favorite anime has raised his eyebrow towards his younger brother.

"No. I'm watching Youichi." Natsume said. "Just go upstairs and study your lessons."

"No, brother! Mikan-onee chan is on the talk show today! She'll be interviewed about her upcoming concert so please lend me the remote control." Youichi said while throwing his arms in the air hysterically. What the hell? His younger brother is nuts! He's so obsessed with this Mikan Sakura. What did Mikan Sakura made Youichi eat that made him this obsessed. Argh.

"I said no, Youichi. Don't be stubborn." Natsume said hardly.

"Pretty please, brother?" Youichi said, his hands clasped together with his puppy dog eyes that Natsume can't resist. He sighed in defeat and hand the remote to his ever-stubborn younger brother.

"Yay! Thank you!" And Youichi happily looked for the channel where his idol is being interviewed and when he finally foundd it, he quickly jumped on the sofa beside Natsume. He grabbed his older brother's arm and shake him. "Brother, it's Onee-chan! My future-sister-in-law! Kya, I'm so excited for the concert!"

"Youichi, calm down! You're shaking me too much!" He gently grabbed Youichi's hand that's is holding his arm and put it on his younger brother's lap. "And who said she's going to be your onee-chan in the future? For God sake Youichi, we don't even know each other!"

But Youichi just chuckled. "Oh come on, big bro! Don't be a killjoy. Everything is possible about love."

Natsume's crinkled his nose in disgust. "You sounds like gay, Youichi." He said.

"Whatever big bro! She's coming out. She's so pretty, big bro ne?" Youichi said, eying the television in full concentration. Natsume just shook his head on his brother's fanatic being and watch, much to his dismay.

In the television, a brunette girl is being interviewed with her big bright smile on her face and cheerful facade. Alright, she's pretty. Natsume admit that, but Youichi's big imagination is annoying the hell out of him. How could Youichi thinks that this person in the television and him can actually be together? He shook his head. Youichi is really impossible and sometimes stupid. Natsume just sighed. What an idiotic brother he has.

Suddenly, Youichi shouted that made him surprise.

"Who the hell is this Kaname Sonou?" Youichi shouted. "He can't date Mikan-onee chan because she only belongs to my one and only handsome brother, Natsume Hyuuga!"

"Snap out of it Youichi!" Natsume shouted irritably. Right, his brother is really getting on his nerves. "They are more compatible, you know."

"No, no, and NO! You're the only one who can date Mikan-onee chan! That Kaname is a third party who only wants the two of you to break apart and have her for himself. He's greedy!" Youichi said, banging the sofa.

"Youichi, I'm warning you, if you won't shut up we're not going to that stupid concert." Natsume said coldly and that made Youichi stop. But when his younger brother heard the answer of the Mikan Sakura, he went berserk again.

"No, we're just great friends!"

"I told you big bro, she doesn't like him! Because she will only fall in love with you!"

Damn, Youichi is such a fanatic.

Not to mention, delusional.

Mikan Sakura slowly walked towards the set while smiling and waving to the studio audience that keeps shouting and calling her name, holding big banners with them. She sat on the vacant chair, facing the host who's going to interview her for today.

"Good Morning, Ms. Sakura!" Sumire Shouda greeted the biggest star of Japan. Mikan flashed her a very big smile before greeting back.

"Good Morning to you too Sumire-chan! And all the people who's watching this show. It's my pleasure to be your guest in here." Mikan said sincerely making the crowd go wild.

"Alright, Ms. Sakura, how do you feel about your upcoming concert on Saturday?" The host asked.

"Well, honestly, I'm really excited yet nervous at the same time. I'm nervous that I might disappoint the fans that's why, I'm really concentrating on my rehearsals so that when the concert has come, it will be perfect and make sure that the fans will enjoy the concert." Mikan answered smiling.

"Well, I'm sure that it will be perfect! And no matter what happen the fans will always support you until the end." Sumire said.

"Thank you very much!" Mikan said cheerfully.

"Alright, this is another question. Are the rumors true, that you and Kaname Sonou are dating?" And the crowd cheer more. Mikan forced a smile.

Oh, this is her most hated question.

"No, we're just great friends!" Mikan said in full honesty. And the interview went on.

After the interview, she tiredly walked out the set and she spotted Hotaru with a cola can on her hand. She walked towards Hotaru and grabbed the cola can on her hands that made Hotaru raised her brow on her.

"I thought I was going to collapse there. They kept asking me about my relationship with Kaname-kun!" Mikan said hysterically. "And when I told them we're just friends, it seems that they're doubting me!"

"Well who wouldn't?" Hotaru grabbed back the can and sipped on it. "Sonou is so persistent. He's always following you everywhere. No doubt that the whole Japan thinks that you and Sonou has a relationship because they always seen you two together."

"Well, we're not a couple!" Mikan shouted. "They should tattooed that on their heads!"

"This is showbiz, Mikan." Hotaru started. "Every move you do, there is always a corresponding double meaning to them." Hotaru finished.

"I hate it, Hotaru." Mikan said and sighed. "If I were to choose, I would want a simple guy and not a guy who is always surrounded by the paparazzi's camera's and light."

"Someday, you'll meet that guy." Hotaru said with a small smile.

And Mikan wished for it to happen.


Natsume Hyuuga's eyebrows are meeting while he sat quietly with Youichi beside him. They were sitting in the front row and it really caused a bomb, but what can he do? This is for his brother's happiness. He sighed. His brother is so noisy and for God's sake, he was irritated that Youichi actually dragged him in this stupid concert. He hates noisy place and he was getting irritated with the girls who are stealing glances at him while giggling. Tsk, if not because of Youichi, he wouldn't come here!

"Hey brother! Are you excited? Because me, I am so excited! Thank you for bringing me here!" Youichi said happily, with a popcorn in his hands. Youichi seems to be enthusiastic about this concert because he really prepared for this night. He even dressed himself in a very cute sailor suit that made him so adorable.

"Shut up, Youichi. I'm having a headache because of the noise." Natsume said, massaging his temple. Youichi just shrugged.

A few minutes later, the MC has spoke and announced that the concert will soon start. And when the lights were already off, everyone cheered loudly including Youichi who even stood up in his chair and holds a banner with him. And soon, the star of the night came out with her sexy outfit that made the boys drool over him. The crowd cheered louder when Mikan Sakura started to sing and dance provocatively.

Natsume just watched at her in amusement. If she's pretty in the TV, well she's fucking prettier in person and damn, she has curves all over her body that made Natsume's hormones goes insane. But of course, he didn't let his younger brother notice it because he will surely teased him.

Suddenly, his perverted thoughts were cut off when Youichi shouted.

"Waaa! Mikan-Onee chan, be my big bro's girlfriend!" Youichi shouted, holding the banner up high. And a vein popped on his head. He grabbed his noisy brother and comfortably place him on his chair.

"Youichi! What the hell are you saying? It's embarrassing!" Natsume shouted blushing and it's a good thing that the lights are off because if not, his blush would be visible. But Youichi stood up again.

"Oh come on brother, don't be a denial king! I know you fancy her, you're looking at her as if she's not wearing any clothes on. Do you think I didn't notice it?" Damn, Youichi saw it.

"Whatever Youichi!" Natsume said, looking at the other side while Youichi smirked.

"Don't worry big bro, you'll meet her later!" Youichi said teasingly and started cheering again. Natsume becomes confused. What does Youichi mean that I will meet her later? His brother is really nuts.

He once again glanced at the star in the stage. She was smiling while dancing and singing, and with the sight of her smile in personal made his heartbeat go faster. He inhaled and exhaled, trying to calm down his heartbeat, but when accidentally Mikan glanced at their direction, she flashed a smile at him which made his heartbeat go faster. Was the smile for him or is he hallucinating? Damn, he's being delusional as well. He glanced at Youichi and found him smiling widely at him. He twitched.

"What?" He asked while blushing.

"Nothing, brother. I dunno if my eyes are defected but, did I just saw Mikan-Onee chan smiled at you?" Youichi said teasingly. He snorted.

"Of course not, you're hallucinating Youichi." He said, looking away.

"Whatever you say, brother." Youichi said and cheered again but then again, there is one thing that filled his mind.

'I guess my wish will come true!' Youichi said. And he's now ready to play cupid.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

"Where are you taking me, Youichi?" Natsume shouted at his younger brother, who doesn't seem to be affected by the tone he used. His younger brother just kept on dragging him on God-knows-where.

"Brother, stop asking question!" Youichi said, still dragging his older brother. "I'll take you to Mikan-Onee chan."

And with that retort, Natsume pulled his arm from Youichi's gripped. "What do you mean, Youichi? You can't go inside the backstage!"

"Of course, I do. After all, I have a backstage pass for two brother." Youichi said proudly, waving the two tickets in his hand in front of his older brother. "So, you're coming with me, brother."

"Where did you get that?" Natsume said, narrowing his eyes at the brat in front of him.

"Well, without you knowing, I joined a contest I saw on the TV. And the prize is a backstage pass in Mikan-Onee chan's concert! So I grabbed the chance and fortunately for me, I won!" Youichi said and grabbed his arm again. "Come on, brother. No time to waste! You're princess is waiting for you!"

Natsume shook his head. His brother is bossy. He'll make sure that he's going to teach this little brat a lesson once they got home.

Mikan tiredly slumped on the sofa on her dressing room. She was damn tired but nevertheless, she felt happy that the concert is a success. She drank the glass of water in the center table and she felt relaxed. Just then, she remembered the guy on the concert who caught her attention with his tantalizing crimson eyes. She giggled at herself. She hope to see him again. She wants to see his tantalizing orbs again.

Her thoughts were cut off when she heard a knock on her door.

"Come in." Mikan said. His trusted bodyguard, Narumi L. Anjo came in.

"Ah! Mikan-chan! You have 2 fans outside. A young man and a very cute kid! They won a backstage pass. They came here to see you!" Narumi said enthusiastically. Mikan smiled cheerfully.

"Really? Let them in, Narumi-san!" Mikan said happily and Narumi walked out the door. She slowly walked on her dressing table and checked her appearance. When she heard the door creaked open, she looked at her visitors with a big smile on her face.

"Hello!" Mikan said. And she become silent when she saw her visitor. It was the guy from the concert with tantalizing crimson orbs! And she wondered who the kid is? Is he his son? Mikan doesn't know why but she felt her chest clenched with the thought of it.

Youichi smiled widely when he finally came face to face with his idol. He ran towards her and hugged her waist, much to Mikan's surprise and Natsume's embarrassment.

"Onee-chan!" Youichi said. Mikan smiled at the way the kid called her. She knelt down and pat the kid's head and smiled widely at him.

"Hello. How are you?" She said sweetly at the young boy, trying hard not to be awkward with the presence of the raven-haired guy. "What's your name?"

"My name is Youichi Hyuuga! And that guy there," Youichi pointed at Natsume. "is Natsume Hyuuga, my brother! Isn't he handsome onee-chan?" Youichi asked happily. Brother. She felt relieved to know that he isn't his son. Why? She doesn't know either.

"Youichi! Stop asking those kind of questions!" Natsume said, slightly blushing. Mikan felt a different happiness when she heard his voice, she wanted to giggle but did otherwise. She smiled wider.

"It's okay, Natsume-san." She flashed a smile towards the raven haired boy who in return, looked away. She turned her attention towards the kid. "And you're right Youichi, he's handsome." And that retort made Youichi jumped in happiness.

"Yay! By the way onee-chan," Youichi took his backpack and get something inside it. "Can you please signed this for me and my big brother?"

Mikan nodded and took the poster that Youichi handed her before walking towards her dressing table to signed it. "There." She handed back to Youichi the now-autographed-poster.

"Thank you, Onee-chan!" Youichi said, putting it back on his backpack before looking at Mikan again. "Can I use the bathroom for a while onee-chan?"

"Of course." She pointed at one of the doors inside her dressing room. "That's the bathroom." And Youichi ran towards the door, leaving her and Natsume alone.

It was dead silent, no one dared to talk and Mikan is never used with this kind of ambiance so she decided to break the ice. "You have a great brother, Natsume-san. He's so cute also." Mikan said smiling. Natsume shrugged.

"Maybe. That kid is a pain in the ass sometimes." Natsume said, finally glancing at her when he made sure that he's not blushing anymore. Mikan chuckled. Oh, her laugh is like music to Natsume's ears and he tried his best not to blush again.

"That's not the right way to talk about your brother, Natsume-san!" Mikan said cheerfully that made Natsume smiled a little. With his smile, Mikan felt her cheeks getting hot.

"But it's the truth. He's bossy at times but he's a good lil' bro anyways." Natsume said.

"I see." Mikan smiled. "So, how do you find the concert then, Natsume-san?"

"Not bad." Natsume muttered. "Somehow, I enjoyed it." And Mikan laughed again.

They chatted while waiting for Youichi but unbeknown to them, Youichi is just behind the bathroom door, watching and inspecting their every move. Youichi was smiling in triumph as he looked at the two adult happily chatting with each other. He's so excited to play cupid!

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