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Summary: It all started when Natsume Hyuuga was forcibly dragged by his younger brother, Youichi Hyuuga, to see the concert of his favorite singer/actress/model Mikan Sakura. How could possibly one night of meeting changes his life? NxM.

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Sakura Angel

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me
Whenever I fall, you say it best
When you say nothing at all

- Chorus, When you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating.

Chapter 4:

Mikan Sakura slowly opened her chocolate eyes, blinking a few times to clear her blurry vision. She noticed that the room she's currently in is not hers and due to her denseness, she tried to think if she slept on Hotaru's place or some hotel room. But when she felt pain in that part between her thighs, happenings from last night slowly becomes clear in her mind. And so, to prove that everything that happened last night is not a dream, she looked down, only to find herself clad with a red blanket, not completely covering the entire of her chest and thighs. Her eyes widened and she was about to get out of the bed when a manly voice spoke, making her looked at the direction of the voice.

"Don't," Natsume said. "Don't move."

Natsume is only wearing his boxing shorts and his hair a little messier than the usual. He is holding a palette on his left hand, a brush on the right and a painting canvas in front of him. Obviously he's painting. But because of naivety, she still got confused with what he said. Don't move?

"Why?" Mikan asked mutely, still oblivious to the fact that Natsume is making a painting of her.

"Idiot," Natsume muttered, his full concentration is on the canvass but occasionally glancing at her direction. "Obviously, I'm painting you."

Mikan's eyes sparkled with excitement, "Really?"

"Yeah, so don't move or you'll ruin it," Natsume said. "I'm almost finished."

"Alright," she said smiling but suddenly she remembered something. "Eh? Wait! But I'm naked."

"Yes, you are," Natsume said boredly. "So what?"

"Don't tell me you're making a painting of me, naked?" Mikan asked.

"Obviously," Natsume said, putting the palette down. Mikan blushed.

"Don't you think that's a little per-," but she was cut off by Natsume.

"I'm done." Natsume declared.

"Eh? You're done already? That was fast," Mikan said shocked. Natsume nodded his head.

"Yeah, and for your information, I've been doing this for a while already and I'm a professional painter. It's only natural for me to paint fast," Natsume looked at her direction and then gave her a small smile. "Come, don't you want to see the painting? After all, you're the model."

"Ah, you're so full of yourself," Mikan hissed. Nevertheless, Mikan slowly get out of the bed, gripping tightly the blanket so that it won't fall from her body. She walked towards Natsume's direction and was amazed with the masterpiece laid in her very eyes.

It was really her. Her auburn hair is perfectly shade, her big hazel closed orbs are drawn excellently with the perfect shape and spark. The painting portrays innocence and not perverseness. Mikan admit, when Natsume said that he's painting her naked, she thought that it would look something nasty and immoral, something that depicts lust, but Mikan is wrong. Natsume made her look like an innocent angel, a rendition of purity and simplicity, sleeping on his bed with only the blanket wrapped angelically around her body. A painting that can be match up with Michelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam'.

She felt strong arms wrapped around her waist, but she didn't turned around to look at the owner of it. She was awestruck and fascinated with this portrait.

"Do you like it?" She heard Natsume asked.

"It's," Mikan touched the painting, running her fingers through the edges of it, "Magnificent."

"It's yours," Natsume said. "Make sure to take care of it."

"I will," And she turned around pecking his cheeks. "Thank you for this masterpiece."

Natsume just nodded and she sat on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. Natsume encircled his arms around her. He stares at her hazel eyes, while she stares at his crimson ones.

"So, what are we?" Mikan asked, leaning her head on his shoulder. She felt Natsume's arms tighten around her. "Are we still going to be the same?"

Natsume snuggled her neck, inhaling the strawberry-scent that emits in her body. "Do you want to be with me?"

Mikan nodded her head. "Yes."

Natsume looked up then caressed her cheeks. He gave her a small smile. "Then, stay with me forever."

Mikan smiled cheerfully and slammed her lips into his, kissing him passionately. Natsume was caught off guard but he kissed her back. After a few seconds, they broke the kiss and looked at each other. "I will."

"Not like that, you just need to put a small amount of salt. Youichi doesn't like it when the scramble egg is bland or so salty. He won't eat that if you won't get the right taste," Natsume said, hugging Mikan in the back while Mikan tried to put a right amount of salt in the egg she's cooking.

"Is this enough?" Mikan asked after putting a one-fourth teaspoon of salt.

"Yeah," Natsume agreed. Mikan smiled happily then pecked Natsume on the cheeks before turning of the stove.

"Thanks for teaching me how to cook eggs, Natsume. Didn't know that cooking is fun," Mikan uttered smiling.

"Let's just hope that Youichi won't barf with that food you cooked," Natsume joked.

A smack on his chest and he chuckled lightly. He leaned down to captured her lips for a sweet morning kiss. When his lips were about to touch Mikan's, a cough was heard. Well, a fake one.


They both looked at the direction of the cough and found Youichi Hyuuga standing on the door frame with his arms crossed in front of his chest, a disgusted facial expression but even so, with a spark of happiness and excitement in his big innocent teal eyes.

"Hey, don't you think that the two of you needs to get a room?" Youichi joked with a raised eyebrow when he saw his older brother's attempt on kissing his Onee-chan. "I mean, I'm too young for this kind of scenes. It's gross."

They blushed. "How long have you been there, kiddo?" Natsume inquired.

"Just now," Youichi smiled teasingly. "Why? Did I missed something grosser? Especially last night?"

Natsume glared at his little brother who just sip on his milk on the dining table. "What the heck are you saying, you brat?"

"Well," he swallow the milk on his mouth before continuing, "I heard something pounding last night. And muffled scr-"

"How about we eat already? The food will get cold if we continue chatting and ignores the food," Mikan cut off while blushing. She sat in front of Youichi. When Natsume was about to sit also, they heard the doorbell rang. And since Natsume is the one who haven't sit yet, he decided to open it while thinking who the person could be.

When he opened the door, he was totally speechless with the big massive crowd in front of his apartment. They were holding microphones, cameras and flashes. He stared at them for a while in shock, and he even heard them throwing questions that he couldn't fathom because of their synchronized screaming.

He went inside the house as soon as he recuperated from his shock. He leaned on the door and locked before cursing. "Damn, how did those paparazzi found my house?" he asked himself.

"Natsume?" He heard Mikan shouted. "What took you so long? And what's that loud noise I've heard?"

Mikan went out the kitchen door and looked at him curiously. She walked towards him and touch wipe the sweat on his forehead using the back of her hand.

"It's nothing, let's continue eating breakfast," Natsume said, holding the hand which is wiping his sweat.

"Eh? But you're sweating hard. Are you sure you're okay?" Mikan pressed. Natsume nodded, but Mikan's suspicion become stronger when they heard loud banging on the door. "What's that?"

"Don't open it," Natsume stopped Mikan's hand from opening the door. "It's dangerous."

"Eh? Dangerous?" Mikan smiled. "Don't worry, I'll be fine. For me, there's nothing more dangerous than the paparazzi."

She went stiff when she opened the door. She heard camera snapping and flashes pointed at her direction. The crowd started to bombarding her questions like, 'What are you doing in this kind of place?', 'What's your relationship with guy who opened the door earlier?' and many more. And from the looks of it, it seems that the crowd go wilder when they noticed that she's wearing a guy's over-sized shirt. She snapped on her reverie and quickly went inside the house, closing the door with a long 'bang'.

"Oh God! How in hell did they find out that I'm here?" Mikan asked herself. Natsume sighed.

"I told you not to open the door," Natsume hissed but Mikan didn't took notice of what he had said but instead, ran quickly towards the living room where the telephone is located. He followed her and found her talking to someone on the phone.

"Yes Hotaru! Come quickly. The reporters had followed me here. Yes, I'll wait for you. Please do come quick!" Mikan said hysterically on the phone. She hang up and went upstairs not bothering to look at Natsume.

Youichi went to the living room when he heard the tumult. Out of curiosity, he decided to asked his older brother who was standing in the center of the living room, fist clenched. "Big bro, what happened?"

"Nothing," he started walking. "And don't go out until I said so."

Youichi just stared at his older brother while Natsume went upstairs.

"Where are you going?" Natsume probed when he saw Mikan fixing her sandals, already fully-clothed with her own.

"Somewhere far away from this place," Mikan retorted, not bothering to looked at Natsume. "I don't have any idea how they find out where the shit am I, but one thing is for sure, this place is not safe for me to stay."

She stood up, brushing her hair with the her fingers.

"So, you're saying you're not going to show yourself to us anymore? Leave us behind, isn't it? Is that what you're implying?" Natsume exclaimed hardly.

"Yes, if that's the only thing to be out of this mess," Mikan murmured, clenching her fist.

She was shocked when Natsume shoved her on the wall gently, his lean body towering her own. "Are you actually serious with what you said?"

Mikan pushed Natsume hardly in the chest but Natsume on the other hard , also pushed her hard on the wall, not minding the hard push of hers in his chest. "What the hell do you want me to say? I'm serious! I'm leaving! So let me go."

"What about Youichi?" Natsume solicited. "What are you going to say to him?"

"I know he would understand it," Mikan articulated.

"Then what about me? You just said earlier that you would stay with me!" Natsume shrieked angrily.

"I don't know what came into me when I said I will!" Mikan burst out. Her eyes widened when she realized what she had said, but even so, she didn't retracted the words she had said. "Don't make things hard for us. I don't know what the press is thinking about me now living in this small apartment with a simple painter and a kid. But I'm sure that it is something that I wouldn't want to hear."

Natsume gripped on her loosened, his head down. She wanted to touch him, tell him that every hurtful words she said a few seconds ago are all caused by her frustrations with the situation. Tell him that she do love him.

"You planned this all, don't you?" Natsume ridiculed, eyes darkening. "You intend to make us believe that you're willing to stay with us then leave us behind when you already got us under your spell!"

Before she could answer, she heard a limousine's horn. She fixed herself. "I'm leaving. Thanks for everything."

She stopped halfway the door when she heard Natsume spoke. She didn't turned around.

"I'll give you one more chance," Natsume stopped. "Regret what you had said and stay."

Mikan bit her lower lip to suppressed herself from crying, she looked ahead and started walking again but stopped again when Natsume spoke again. "One more step and forget that you know us."

She inhaled and exhaled, stopping the tears that are forming in her eyes. "I'm sorry."

And she ran quickly. When she was about to reached the last step, she saw Youichi sitting on the last step of the stair. Youichi stood up, gone were the happy and cheerful looks instead his eyes are gloomy and sad.

"Onee-chan," Youichi muttered.

Even if she didn't want to, she walk passed him. Her tears flowing on her eyes. She opened the door and saw Hotaru waiting outside with numerous men with lean bodies. Hotaru put her arm around Mikan's shoulder to protect her from the crowd. They went inside the limousine and took off.

It's been 3 weeks since that incident happened. And that 3 weeks, Natsume always finds gossips about him and Mikan, although there isn't a photo of him on those newspapers. It's a good thing that the press wasn't able to snap a photo of him.

He busied himself in work, accepting painting demands from time to time, not caring if he doesn't have anytime to rest. He is also preparing for the opening of his little painting museum. He distanced himself from his problem. He won't even bond with Youichi nor talk to him. He just cooks food then return from his work again, occasionally stopping to eat and visit the bathroom.

He knows that Youichi is being affected with the things happening. He even remembered the time when he accidentally shouted at Youichi when he asked where Mikan is and why isn't she visiting him. That day, Youichi ran away from his room and he could hear his younger brother's sob. Normally, he would ran after him and ceased him from crying then say sorry, but that time he didn't do anything. He was guilty, yes. After that incident, Youichi didn't bother him anymore. He doesn't goes inside his room and call him for dinners and breakfast.

But this time, he decide to straighten every mistakes he had done to Youichi. As soon as he heard the other room's door closed, he knew that Youichi is finally home. Normally, Youichi would come barging on his door, happily narrating to him everything happened to him for the day.

He carefully put down his palette and walked towards Youichi's room. He knocked first before opening the door. He saw Youichi on the bed, staring at a picture frame which he guessed is the picture of him and Youichi during his recognition day last school year.

He felt guiltier when he saw a teardrop roll on Youichi's cheeks. He gulped. "Youichi?"

Youichi looked up and when he saw him, he quickly wiped his tears. "Big bro? What are you doing here? Are you done with your work?"

Natsume walked towards Youichi, sitting on his bed. He sighed and put his arm around his younger brother's arm.

"I'm sorry." Natsume said gently, pulling Youichi closer to him. "I'm sorry for what I did for the past 3 weeks."

Youichi smiled. "It's alright big bro. I understand."

"I'm a bad brother. I promised Mom and Dad that I will take care of you but all I did is to make you sad," Natsume said.

"You're a good brother, for heaven sake's the best. Even though Mom and Dad is not with me, I didn't feel lonely at all. Because for all I know, I have the best brother in the whole universe!" Youichi exaggerated. Natsume chuckled.

"You crazy brat," And he drew Youichi into a tight hug. How he loved his little brother so much.

Youichi hugged back. "Big bro, I'm sorry also."

Natsume pushed Youichi a little and raised his brow towards him. "For what?"

"If I didn't dragged you in Onee-chan's concert, maybe you wouldn't have suffered like this," Youichi muttered, head low. "If only I'm not stubborn, maybe you would have remained ha-" but he wasn't able to finished his sentence because Natsume poked his forehead causing him to winced in pain. "That hurts!"

"Stop being melodramatic, it's giving me the creeps," Natsume joked but he turned serious immediately. "Let's just not think about her. We could still live without her in our lives. Just like the old times."

Youichi just nodded and hugged Natsume. "I miss my big bro!"

"Didn't I say to stop being dramatic?" Natsume said humorously. "I'm going to give you your punishment!"

And Natsume started to tickle Youichi on the bed which made Youichi laughed harmoniously. "Haha! Big bro! Stop it! It tickles!"

"That's for being dramatic, kiddo!" Natsume said, still tickling his younger brother in the bed.

Yes, it is true. They could live without Mikan. Having his younger brother is enough for him.


Natsume carefully hung a painting on the white wall. He is currently inside his newly-built gallery, preparing for his exhibit tomorrow. He was about to grabbed another painting to hang when he heard the door open. He looked back, expecting to see Youichi but it wasn't his younger brother. It was the person he wants to see the least.

Natsume frowned and turned around, hanging the painting he was holding just beside the other. "How did you find this place?" Natsume asked coldly.

Mikan's heart clenched because of the coldness in his voice. She hold her shoulder bag tightly before she answered, "I went to your house but Youichi said that you're not home so I asked him where could you be," She heard Natsume grimaced and whispered something like 'that nosy brat'. "Well, actually I forced him to answer. So please don't get mad at him or anything."

Natsume twitched. "What are you doing here?"

"I...just wanted to see you. How have you been?" Mikan asked tenderly. Natsume turned around and smiled at her bitterly.

"What's with the voice?" Natsume taunted. "And more importantly, why do you care?"

Mikan bit her lips. "I heard that you'll be having an exhibit. Congratulations and good luck," Mikan said, ignoring his last retort.

"You know," Natsume glared at her. "You're not an actress for nothing. You're doing good in pretending."

"Look, Natsume, I didn't come here to argue with you," Mikan said, offended.

"I'm busy. You may leave now," Natsume said turning around but Mikan grabbed his arm to make him look at her. Natsume jerked her hands away and looked at her sharply. "You wouldn't want to be seen with a simple painter like me, do you?"

"Natsume, that's not the reason why I came here!" Mikan shouted.

"But that's the reason you left us behind!" Natsume shouted, his anger taking over his whole-being. Mikan stepped back a little because of the anger in his voice. She recovered her posture and turn her head in the side.

"I'm leaving tomorrow," Mikan declared. Natsume stiffed because of that, he turned around, pretending to wipe the painting that hung on the wall. "Hotaru said that leaving Japan will make the gossip died down."

"Have a safe trip then," Natsume said, his heart clenching from the fact that Mikan is really planning to leave them.

Mikan looked up the ceiling, trying to hold back the tears that are threatening to fall from her hazel eyes. She breathe out, and looked ahead. "I'm sorry, Natsume. I'm sorry for hurting you and Youichi."

Natsume shrugged his shoulder and replied, "It's nothing. We've went through something more painful that what you did. Just leave us alone now."

"I know I've hurt you," Mikan said, her tears flowing already. "But I've only said those words out of frustration and upset. I was shocked when the press finds out where am I. I didn't know what to do. With you stopping me while I want to get away, the words just slipped away."

"Because those words are true," Natsume said. "I didn't know what made me believe that you're actually staying with someone who doesn't belong in your world."

"Natsume, I mean it when I said I'll stay," Mikan admitted. "I love you."

Natsume smirked. "That's bullshit. You are Mikan Sakura, the actress, idolized by everyone, while I," Natsume looked at his paintings which are hanging on the wall of the small room. "Natsume Hyuuga, is just a mere painter who takes care of his younger brother and has deceased parents. Idolized by no one, except by his younger brother."

"I idolize you," Mikan uttered.

"You do?" Natsume taunted. "But that doesn't fit with what you said the last time. You said that you wouldn't want to hear from the press that you're seen in the house of a simple painter and a kid. Are you saying that those are lies?"

"It is lies!" Mikan conceded.

"I don't believe you," Natsume articulated. "Tell me, how long are you planning to make fool of me?"

"I'm not fooling you! I mean everything I said, from the night I gave myself to you up until now!" Mikan bellowed, her tears continuously flowing.

Natsume look away, not liking the idea of her, bringing back those memories. "It doesn't matter anymore. You're leaving tomorrow right? Let's just forget that we know each other. Go now."

"Alright, I'll go now. But," Mikan stated, wiping her tears away. She walked towards Natsume and tiptoed to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and looked at him straight into his eyes. "I want you to kiss me for the last time."

"Wha-" Natsume is caught off guard when Mikan slammed her lips on his, kissing him with longing and intensity. And Natsume went rigid when she felt Mikan pushed her tongue inside his mouth when she saw a small gap on his lips. Soon enough, Natsume lose his will to pushed her away and kissed her back with the same fierceness and severity.

Reality kicked in and they broke the kiss, both gasping for air and blushing. Mikan pulled away and smiled sadly at him. "Goodbye Natsume."

And she ran, leaving him in dazed and reminiscing the sweetness of her lips.

Mikan is preparing for her last press conference in Japan when she heard a knock on the door. She walked towards the door and slowly opened it and found Sonou Kaname with a bouquet of white rose.

"Hi," she heard Kaname said. She gave him a small smile before stepping aside and invite him to come in.

"Hey. Come in," Mikan said. Kaname went inside and handed her the roses. "Thanks."

"I heard that you're leaving," Kaname uttered.

"Yeah, Hotaru decided that we should leave Japan to make the gossips and scandals died down. You know that she's very protective of me," Mikan said, sitting on the sofa inside her dressing room. "What brings you here?"

Kaname smiled gently, sitting beside her. "Nothing, I just wanted to see you."

Mikan chuckled. "How are you? We haven't talk for a while."

"I'm busy with projects. It's a good thing that I got my day off today so that I could see you for the last time," Kaname teased. "It's a bad thing I haven't got the chance to take you out."

"True," Mikan stated. And they laughed, but Kaname could say that Mikan's is a fake one.

"Say Mikan," he turned serious that made Mikan caught off guard. "Are you really leaving because of the gossips or because of that guy?" he asked bluntly.

Mikan went silent for awhile before she smiled sadly. "I don't really care about gossips. I'm used to it. But it do gives me frustrations and suchs," Mikan looked at Kaname. "But I would never give up and just leave because of it. So, I guess you got your answer."

Kaname poured some water in the glass which is placed on the center table. He sipped into it, masking the pain that cross his being. "Do you love him?"

"I do," Mikan admitted straightly.

"Did you tell him?" Kaname asked again.

"I did," Mikan said, her tears forming in her eyes. "but he wouldn't believe me. I couldn't blame him though, I've hurt him. It's just natural for him to act cold and distant. However, I can't help but to be hurt."

"What did he say when you told him that you're leaving?" he inquired.

"Nothing, he didn't care," Mikan said, inhaling. "I've expected it already but I'm still hoping for him to stopped me."

"If he stopped you, will you stay?" he inquired again. This is beginning to be an answer and question portion.

"For him, I will," Mikan answered, wiping the tears on her eyes.

That answer was enough for him. He stood up, fixing his clothes and started walking.

"Where are you going?" he heard Mikan asked. He turned around and smirked, winking at her after answering.

"I got some business to do, see you," he raised his hand for a dismissive wave and walked away, making his way towards the person that made the girl he loves hurt.

"You're exhibit is a blast, Natsume. There are tons of aristocratic people here," Ruka said, wandering at Natsume's painting. He is amazed with his best friend's talent and he wish that he has that kind of talent too.

"Of course, my big bro is the best," Youichi agreed to what Ruka had said. "And just so you know Ruka-nii chan, I'll be a great painter just like him. After all, he is my idol. I'm going to make him proud!"

Ruka chuckled. "Well then, rest assured that we'll support you till the end! Right, Natsume?"

No answer.

"Natsume!" Ruka said, slightly shaking his shoulder. He snapped out of his trance and looked at his blond best friend.

"Huh? What is it?" Natsume asked.

"You're spacing out, big bro. Are you alright?" Youichi asked worriedly. Natsume smiled a little and patted Youichi's head.

"I'm alright, don't worry," he assured.

Suddenly, they heard the door opened and they both turned towards the direction of it. They saw a handsome blond guy walking inside Natsume's little gallery. Natsume's eyes narrowed while Kaname smirked.

Kaname walked towards Natsume, pretending to look around Natsume's paintings.

"Nice paintings," Kaname said, smirking at him. "Didn't know that you're artistic."

"Hey! Don't insult my big bro like that blondie!" Youichi yelled.

"Don't meddle, Youichi," Natsume grimaced. "But brings you here?"

Kaname's facial expression turned serious. "You've hurt her."

"You came here to tell me that?" Natsume teased. "She didn't told you that she had hurt me and my brother, did she?"

"She did," Kaname answered, looking straight at him.

"Well, if she did, why are you still here?" Natsume taunted. "We're quits, no need to be defensive of her."

Kaname clenched his fist, trying to control his anger. "She's leaving."

"I know," Natsume admitted.

"You're not going to stop her?" Kaname asked.

"It's her decision, why would I stop her?" Natsume retorted.

"Because you love her," Natsume clicked his tongue with that.

"That's a very astute observation, Sonou," Natsume pointed out.

"She's waiting for you." Kaname said.

"So?" Natsume pressed

"Stop being an ass, Hyuuga," Kaname declared. "I know you want to stop her. Go and stop being stubborn."

Natsume didn't answer. They glared at each other, until Natsume scowled.

"This would be the first and last time that I'll owe you anything, Sonou," Natsume said. Kaname smirked. "Ruka, stay and look after this exhibit. I'll be back immediately."

"Come on," Kaname said and they ran towards Kaname's car.

"Hey wait! I'm coming also!" Youichi said and hop in the car along with Natsume and Kaname, leaving Ruka behind.

Poor Ruka, stuck with old-aristocratic people.

They arrived at the 'Tokyo Hotel' after 20 minutes of driving. Natsume quickly went out of the car and went inside the hotel. He went straightly to the information desk, catching his breath.

"Where does Mikan Sakura's press conference held?" Natsume asked the girl in the information desk.

"Do you have the press's pass, sir?" The girl said.

Natsume clicked his tongue. "I don't."

"Then, I can't tell you and you can't come in," The girl said. Natsume banged his fist on the desk and shouted.

"What the hell? Why can't-" he was cut off when Kaname spoke.

"Let him in, he is Mikan's friend," Kaname said and the girl paled.

"Oh, I didn't know sir. Just walk straight ahead, the third hall on the right is where the conference is being held," The girl said. Natsume smirked at Kaname, his own way of saying 'Thank you' to Kaname. Kaname nodded and Natsume quickly took off.

When Natsume finally found the door, he hastily opened it making the people near the door turned their head towards his direction. He heard cameras all over and as if on cue, a press personnel raised his hand for a question.

"Does this mean that Mikan Sakura would quit the entertainment world?" The reporter asked. He slowly walked towards the crowd, standing in front. There he saw, Mikan sitting in the center of a long table with a blond-guy on her left side then beside the blond guy is an auburn-woman who looks exactly the same as Mikan. A raven-haired girl is sitting on Mikan's right. He recognized the girl as Mikan's manager.

"No, absolutely not. She'll be continuing her career in America after her one-year leave," Hotaru Imai answered professionally.

Another reporter raised her hand. "Yes, Anna," The guy beside Mikan said.

"Mikan-chan, do you really intend to leave Japan and not come back anymore?" The pink-haired girl.

Mikan went silent. After a few seconds later, she answered. "That would depend, but I won't be closing my doors in coming back to Japan. Maybe when the right time, I'll come back here. After all, this is where I grew up," Mikan answered.

Another hand was raised, this time it was a auburn-haired boy with a goofy smiled on his face. "Mikan, how much longer are you intending to stay in Japan before flying to America?"

"Not long enough, I'll be leaving tonight," Mikan simply said.

"Right, that's why we don't have much time anymore and we still needs to pack things up, so final questions please," Hotaru Imai said.

Another reporter raised his hand, a blond-guy with a glasses. "Mikan-chan, what's your real relationship with Kaname Sonou?"

Natsume looked at Mikan, patiently waiting for her answer. "We're just friends. Nothing romantic between us," Mikan answered. Natsume felt relieved about that.

Another hand raised, this time a guy with a semi-bald head. "Weeks ago, there are photographs taken of you with a young man, who I presume, is also the same man who lives in the small apartment you were once seen. What is your relationship with the guy who was seen with you in a small apartment around Tokyo?"

When Natsume heard the question, he slightly hides himself behind the guy in front of him.

Mikan immediately answered. "We're good friends. And we're still good friends, I guess."

That answer made Natsume sucked the inside of his cheeks.

"Alright," The blond guy said. Natsume hesitantly raised his hand and fortunately, it catches the attention of the man beside Mikan. "Yes, the guy with the red shirt."

The other reporters in front of him, looked at him and then move aside so that Mikan and the others get a good look on him. Natsume looked around, making sure that it was him who was called. Mikan looked up and her eyes slightly widened when she saw him.

"Yeah," Natsume put down his hand. "Ms. Sakura, is there any circumstances that you were more than just good friends?"

The reporters looked at him weirdly but he didn't mind it.

"I hope there would be, but I'm guaranteeing that there is nothing," Mikan said softly, looking straight at him.

Natsume stared at her for awhile. "But what-"

But he was cut off by the man beside Mikan. "Oops, sorry. Just one question,"

"No dad, it's okay," Mikan said, pulling back her hair. She looked at Natsume again and act as if she doesn't know him. "You were saying?"

"Uh, well, I'm just wondering if this man-" he was cut off again by another reporter, much to his annoyance.

"It's Hyuuga," The reporter informed him.

"Thanks," Natsume said without emotion. "I was just wondering if ever Mr. Hyuuga realized his mistake and asked for your forgiveness for being a jerk and all, would you reconsider your decision of flying to America and perhaps stay in Japan, um...yeah...re, re, reconsider," Natsume stuttered in the last sentence, scared that her answer would disappoint him.

Everyone went silent, all patiently waiting for the actress's answer.

Mikan smiled happily. "I'm sure I would."

Natsume breathed out because of relieved. "Right. Even though you too doesn't belong in the same world? I mean, I heard that he's just a mere painter and then you're a famous actress. Are you not embarrassed to be together with someone who are not in the same social status like you?" Natsume carefully asked.

Mikan smiled more widely. "For me, he's not just a mere painter. If I were to asked, I would gladly choose a painter like him to spend the rest of my life with rather than a person like me who is surrounded always by the paparazzi's camera and flashes, after all, a painter can put life and colors into an inanimate objects and such, so I presume that, maybe he could also put colors into my colorless life and world," Mikan asked truthfully.

The other people in the hall started whispering because of her answer.

Natsume smiled a little at her answer. "Well, it's good to hear that, Ms. Sakura," Mikan smiled joyfully towards him. "And I'm now sure that Mr. Hyuuga is already sulking around the cities of Japan, completely regretting everything he had done and for being a stupid ass. Thanks."

The other reporters laughed.

Suddenly, Mikan leaned down to the guy beside her which is by the way is Izumi Yukihara, her father, whispering something to him. Izumi got confused by what she had said.

"Um, alright," Izumi said confused. "Koko, would you mind repeating your question?"

Koko budged and looked at his small notebook in his hand." "Mikan, how much longer are you intending to stay in Japan before flying to America?"

Everyone kept silent. Natsume looked at Mikan, trying to figure out what she has in mind. Mikan's lips turned upward, before looking at him confidently before answering, "I think forever would be enough," Mikan said confidently.

With that answer, the reporters seems to realize who Natsume really was because they started crowding him and taking pictures of him. Natsume is still daze with her answer with a small smile plastered on his lips as she laughed at his lose of cool. The other reporters also surrounds Mikan and take pictures of her. Izumi on the other hand, scratched the back of his head and Hotaru and Yuka Yukihara (the girl beside Izumi) smiled.

Hotaru touched Mikan's hand which is on her lap. Mikan looked at her and Hotaru gave her an encouraging nod. Mikan stood up, slowly made her way down the stage. Her bodyguards started to block the reporters from coming any closer to Mikan as she made her way towards Natsume's place. When she reached him, she smiled.

"You're not maybe an actor, but for me you're my real life leading man," Mikan said. Natsume smirked.

"I'm not an actor, I am a painter and you're my lifetime model," Natsume said. Mikan chuckled.

"And we're just made in heaven," and she jumped into him, giving her a big and tight hug. Natsume hugged her back, burying his nose on her long auburn hair, inhaling the sweet strawberry scent that emits from it.

The crowd cheered for them.

Carefully, they pulled away from each other, leaning towards each other. And when their lips met, a louder cheer came.

Natsume lifted Mikan by her waist while Mikan wrapped her own on his neck, as they kissed each other deeply with the crowd and the national TV cheering at them.

You say it best, when you say nothing at all...


Youichi jumped up and down as he watched the whole scene. Finally, his dreams had come true and he was truly happy because of that. Not only because his dreams came true but also, his big brother finally found his happiness.

"Yahoo!" Youichi shouted.

Kaname on the other hand, smiled a little, masking his pain. He looked at the boy beside him. "Your brother is lucky. Make sure to tell him to take care of Mikan."

Youichi looked at him. "Of course he is! Don't worry, he won't hurt her."

Kaname gave a small nod before returning his attention to the huge crowd in the middle of the hall.

At least Mikan is happy, and that's enough for him.

His thoughts were cut off when Youichi spoke. "I guess you're not that bad," he stopped.

Kaname smirked.

"...blondie..." Youichi continued his last sentence before running quickly towards the kissing couple, disturbing the two in their lovey-dovey moment and leaving him in irritation and full rage.

The nerve of that brat.







"Hey, are you the painter of this masterpiece? Can you tell us about it!"

"What's your inspiration while doing this paintings?"

"Your paintings are nice! Where did you get your ideas!"

"I'm gonna buy this one. Name your price!"

And so for...

Ruka frustratingly run his fingers on his blond hair as he tried to calm down the excited old aristocratic people. Failed to calm their down, he went to his limit as he shouted.

"Damn you, Natsume! Come back already! This people is driving me insane!" Ruka shouted in frustration, trying hard to explained that he is not the painter.

After all, he is a doctor who saves life. Not a painter who put colors into life.

"Painter-san, can you make a painting of me in my bathing suit? I'll pay you, name your price!" Said an old granny who looks like in the age 65 years old.

Poor Ruka.

"NATSUME! Where the heck are you?"


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