Pheenox was at home aspleep when Mayas rushed in and demended Nick to give her a tacoburgre

Pheenox awaked under the biiiiiiig covers and Mayas tried to drags them off but he was asleepy still

"No Mayas go aaway cant you see I am asleeping how did you get inside my house.!"

Preal sneakeded up behind Mayas and said "Nick get up and be lazies on Edgewroths'es time it's burgre time"

"But I wants tacoburgres Preal why arent you at home where is your mother oh she's in jail"

and then Preal ran home crying

Pheenox was a little upset that Mayas was a baka and made Preal cry and run away crieing. He said "Mayas look what you have done move out of my way I ned to find Preal" but he tripped over his bed (a/n he got out of da bed) and fell on his hair.

so because Mayas was mean, Pheenox broke his hair and ended up in the hospital and so Pheenox wanted to sue Mayas for being mean and so PHeenox wrote a letter to Edgewroths with his voice and the cellphone but Edgewroths didn't pick up so Pheenox gave it some time and when Edgewroths called him back "In Da Club" by 50 Cent (a/n I love him) started playing and he picked it up

"I want to sue Mayas in court will you help me"


so the court date was set

and Pheenox took Mayas to court

Preal went home and gathered some evidinces to bring to couryt once Pheenox called her up (a/n he gave her a cell phone duh) so she did that. and then she flew back to Pheenox's area and went to the hospitels he was in. she gave Edgeswroths the evidance and told him everything Mayas had done and he said she should be ready to tell it to the court

nobody visited Mayas in the detensions centar

so the court day came and everyone was excited because Mayas was an evil tyrant that everyone wanted overthrown because she demandsded lots of food from them and extorshioned lots of people because of it. the judge sat down and bang his gavil on da desk and Pheenox was wheeled into the courtroom with a cast on his hair and Edgewroths was sitting beside him

Mayas was stood in the middle of court in shackuls and rottin carrots thrown at her (a/n: I saw that in a movie once) and she cried because she was lonely but nobody wanted to be around her she wanted to change but change obv didn't want her because nobody wanted her not even hamburgres wanted to be in her stomach because it was as mean as her and she was like dinosaurs that were so mean they died

but its okay because she had a defensed atternoy named Jasmine and he was a good attornoy who had a degree from law school in Indians(sp?)

Jasmine was a princess from Indians but he was thrown out of his castle when da King found out he was a boy because his mother was dead and then he ran away to Indians to take Law class and passed with 102% awesome

anyway Edgewroths gave da evidences to the Judge and he stroked his beards with gavil and asked "Mr Edges may I acll you that you seem edgey and it's short and I like it anyway so Mr Edges what is this that you have given me"



and Mayas went to the stand and said she was innocant but Pheenox started crying because Jasmine would win and he remembered Jasmine from the Lawyer Big Rig Ring when he tried to fight him off but Jasmints almost won but his tire was popped and his big rig was busted and Pheenox, won but there, was something else bugging him about Jasmine but he couldn't quire places it.

but Edgewroths pat pheEnox on his hair cast because and he said it would be okay because he wou;ldnt' let some little princess who was a man but a, win. it would be bad for his reputashins.

so Edgeswroths told Preal to get on the stand and testifuy that Mayas was mean to her and Pheenox and she did "judge Mayas was mean she took away my raddish i like raddish and she took it i cried and she took pheenox's burgre coupons and ate them all herself and we didn't get, any"

"Mayas is this true" asked judge

"no she's 5 she's lying"

"Preal are you 5 and lying"

"no im not ffive and im not lying"

"Mayas don't lie in my court I'll have to arrest you"

but Mayas ate through her shackles and tried to escape but Gamshoes was there to stop her and save the day

and Pheenox wheeled his wheelchairs over to her and said "Mayas why did you try to excape you are mean and nobody wants you"

Mayas started to cry and Edgeswroth challenged Jasmine to a duel and the judge allowed it and they were handed swords

Jasmine was no match for Edgewroth and died in a second and Pheenox cheered

Mayas had no defense attournoy and so the jurey said she was guilty and confetti rained down from the ceiling and Mayas cried as she was carried away in new shackles

Pheenox's hair made a full recovery and he moved in with Gamshoes and Edgeswroth and Preal came too because her mom is in jail and Mayas was overthrown

the judge went to chillax in a turtle sandbox

the end