A/n: Since I started watching Criminal Minds back during Season One, I've had an OC in my head. She started out as something completely different then, and I wrote a couple fics about her. I wasn't happy with them. Through the seasons, I adjusted, poked, and prodded at said OC until she became a well-rounded character with depth and a history. I've never written about new-OC.

During the time between the season 5 finale and the season 6 premiere, I've decided to fill the time by watching every Criminal Minds episode over again (hence the 114 episodes in 119 days). Instead of just being a pathetic fan and just watching the episodes, I decided to make it mean something. And so, my OC will finally see some light (it gets dark inside my head). Through this fic I'll be re-writing pieces of episodes to give her a chance to win your hearts/get on your nerves. Some episodes will have quite a bit and may require multiple parts (like Extreme Aggressor), while others might just get a filler-scene or two.

Well. Here goes nothing.

Chapter One: Extreme Aggressor, Part I

Nineteen-year-old Lydia Parker stood in front of the heavy glass doors leading into the BAU bullpen. She'd been standing there almost two and a half minutes. And in that time she'd decided she must look like a crazy person. Despite the odd looks and sideways glances she was getting from the older agents who passed, her feet refused point-blank to move. Nothing at the FBI or National Academy had prepared her for this. The mission: to approach the severe-looking man on the other side of the doors and inform him that she was the new transfer.

Simple, right?

Wrong. Lydia couldn't decide what about the man made her feet stick to the floor. Maybe it was the fact that he had glared more in the last two and a half minutes than she had in the last year. Maybe it was the fact that there was absolutely nothing out of place about him, not his hair, his suit, or his tie, while her jet black bun was already frizzing and threatening to go all Mount Vesuvius on her head.

Or maybe it was the fact that this all seemed too easy.

She hadn't always wanted to be a profiler. She'd made a last minute switch from sex crimes to profiling after being told there was "no way a little girl like you could ever make it in the BAU" by an older boy in her hand-to-hand class (after all, doubt only fueled her confidence and ambition). Yet almost right out of the National Academy, after spending only a summer in the New York field office, she'd been called by the Section Chief personally to discuss her transfer. Some people waited years to make the BAU. Yet she'd done it in three months. Chief Strauss had credited it to her outstanding qualifications and recommendations. But Lydia wasn't so sure. Something just seemed off, and as a naturally suspicious person, she was on her guard.

She was snapped from her reverie by a blonde woman approaching her target. She spoke to him briefly, then he called to two other male agents in the bullpen and began to walk away. This was her chance. Reshuffling her transfer papers and taking one last deep breath, she pushed the doors open. Once inside, the bullpen seemed larger and harder to cross and she wasn't sure she'd get to the agent in time. His hand was on the door of the conference room when-

"Agent Hotchner!"

The boldness in her tone took even her by surprise and Hotchner turned to look at her with a puzzled look on his face. She approached the older agent and stuck out her hand in what she hoped portrayed confidence. "Lydia Parker. It's very nice to finally meet you."

Hotchner shook her hand, but the look of confusion remained on his face. "Aaron Hotchner. Can I, um, help you with something?"

Handing him the transfer papers in her left hand, she said, "I'm your new transfer sir. I was informed I'd be starting today."

Casting her one last confused look, Hotchner began to scan the papers. He looked back at Parker. "I didn't approve any new transfers. I wasn't aware we'd be having one at all."

Lydia was taken aback, and this time the puzzled look hit her face. "I, um, I was told by the, uh, the Section Chief directly-"

"Chief Strauss sent you?"

"Yes sir, and if you look at the paper you'll her signature is there and right above it, it says that I'd be reassigned to the BAU on September 22, that's today, and I was to report to Unit Chief Hotchner, that's you, and-"

"I'm sorry, but there must've been some sort of mix up. All transfers go through me and this is the first I'm hearing your name. I'm sorry, Agent Parker, but there must have been a mistake."

"No sir, there wasn't, I'm sure that I was reassigned to this unit, to your team, and that I was supposed to be reporting today. The Section Chief said-"

Agent Hotchner held up his hand. "I don't think you understand."

"No, YOU don't understand!" she barked, then quickly re-centered herself, as yelling at her new superior was going to get her nowhere. "Three weeks ago I flew in from New York to meet with the Section Chief. She told me that it looked to her like I was overqualified for the New York field office and that the BAU would be a better fit for me. She signed these papers, told me to tie up any and all loose ends in New York, give my two weeks notice, and to report to you on September 22."

Hotchner locked his eyes on the young agents, and Lydia forced herself to stare back at him. She did not want to show any signs of weakness, especially now that she may not even have a job. After what seemed like an hour, he finally said, "You worked under Kate Joyner?"

"Yes sir," she said, still not breaking eye contact.

He glanced through the papers again, and then sighed in what seemed like defeat. "I'll call Agent Joyner and ask for a recommendation. I'll call Chief Strauss and ask for clarification and a confirmation that you're a part of the team. Until I have both you will be acting as an intern with my team on a probationary basis. If I get both recommendations and you prove you're qualified and know what you're doing, you can stay. You slip up, the team has absolutely no use for you. Do I make myself clear?"

Lydia half-smiled in triumph. "Completely sir. I belong here. You're not going to regret this."

He opened the door to the conference room. "I had better not." He didn't feel it necessary to add that he already was.

A/n: So there you have it, Extreme Aggressor, Part I. Hate it? Tell me! (just try to avoid flaming) Love it? Tell me! Since I'll be watching an episode almost every day, the updates should be fairly regular. I kept this one shorter as an introduction so that if people absolutely hated it I didn't write too much.

I know JJ wasn't actually in Extreme Aggressor, but she was necessary to the scene.

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