The Amazing Road Trip

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Yessiree, I got in the mood for doing something like this. Nothing like a long road trip for a grand adventure around the countryside... and with random moments occurring in and around the car. Yes, these strange, bizarre, and most of the time hilarious antics make the long road trip all worth it as it truly signifies the entire trip, making it an excellent memory. And considering these four characters have never been used for something like this, well, I'm going to be the first. And yes, I placed it very well in the Super Smash Brothers section for a reason. So ladies and gentlemen, with nothing else to say or offer, enjoy this hilarious, wacky road tripping adventure! Smell ya later, mah boi! I can't stick around here all night!

Added Author's Notes: Decided to bring this back because the various changes made to this site were for the better. And because it's a good excuse to bring a 'classic' like this back from the dead.

Disclaimer: Everything in this belongs to Nintendo. Silver The Hedgehog and anything related to Sonic The Hedgehog belongs to Sega. And anything else belong to their respective owners, in which case, for Smash Bros, would be Konami, Capcom, and Bandai Namco.

"You know, I wonder how Wally is doing," Toadette stated to Dry Bowser and Petey Piranha as all three of them were having a relaxing time at the volcanic Grumble Volcano, with all of them on the crater of the Grumble Volcano itself, looking at the entirety of the race course's outer layout.

"Something stupid, I'm sure." Dry Bowser remarked, sipping some lemonade as he adjusted his sunglasses. "Probably best to not bother with them."

"Well I do. I like Wally! He's like Wario, but less gross and more compassionate!" Toadette stated as she pulled a black warp portal out of her pink mushroom cap and jumped in, with the portal disappearing.

"Should we go after her?" Petey asked as he glanced at Dry Bowser, who shook his head in response. Petey shrugged, wrapping his big green leaves around the back of his enormous red head.

Waluigi stretched his arms as he placed his hands on his hips, looking northbound as the sun brightly reflected its yellowish rays on the green, smooth grass. Waluigi grinned as he headed to the back of his house, of which was amongst the many random cottages that he managed to obtain from all the money he made off his various businesses, being at the western outskirts of the Animal Crossing town of Smashville used for various Smash Bros. battles, opening up the garage door as he pulled out a silver-colored car, of which had four seats inside, the roof being partly removed. He rubbed his hands together as Toadette appeared next to him, stretching her stubby little arms.

"Hey Waluigi, this is a nice looking car you got here!" Toadette chimed as she giggled, placing her hands together under her chin as she cooed cutely, "Can I have a go in it?"

Waluigi heartily laughed as he placed his left hand on his shoulder, bending down and patting Toadette's pinkish head. "Oh Toadette, I'm going for a nice road trip around this land mass! Care to join me!"

Toadette squealed with delight as she jumped up and down, tightly hugging Waluigi. "Oh, yes! I would love to come with you, Waluigi!" She jumped right into the front passenger's seat, giggling as she patted the driver's seat. "Come on in and let's get this baby driving!"

Waluigi rubbed his hands together as he was about to sit in the driver's seat, when a green-colored, spiky shell impaled him from the back of his head, causing him to fall flat on his face in the grass. Out of the spiky shell popped out Bowser Junior, who laughed at Waluigi as he placed his hands on his yellow scaled reptilian hips.

"Heh heh heh! So you're going on an open road trip, huh?" He asked as he pointed at Waluigi, smugly smirking, "Well then, I'm coming with you. Can't pass on a fun experience!"

Waluigi grumbled as he dusted his arms, folding them as he glared at Bowser Jr. "How did you know that-"

"Nevermind!" Bowser Jr. interrupted as he jumped into the passenger's seat, being behind Toadette as he pointed at the driving wheel, "Just sit down, shut up, and drive!"

Waluigi grumbled as he got into the car, closing the door as he firmly grabbed the driving wheel. Starting up the car, Waluigi headed out of the garage, quickly exiting the car and closing the garage door as Waluigi headed back into the driver's seat, heading westward as the car headed right into a rainbow-colored warp portal, the portal disappearing the moment the car went fully in. Waluigi, Toadette, and Bowser Jr. all screamed in unison as Waluigi hung on tightly to the steering wheel as they exited the portal, landing on a dirt-paved path in the middle of a different meadow, heading westward.

"All right, that will be seventeen dollars and fifteen cents," Silver The Hedgehog stated as he handed over the three pizza boxes to the random Noki stranger, who handed the humanoid albino hedgehog seventeen green dollar bills and fifteen silver coins as he dashed off to the east. Silver smiled as he placed the money away in his red shirt's pockets, folding his arms as he stated to himself, "Another job well done. I guess I can head back home..."

Silver trailed off as he closed his eyes, before remembering that he was dropped off. "Wait a minute! I'm stuck here!" He exclaimed in horror as he screamed, placing both of his hands on his face as he quickly paced around, wondering how he would get home. "What do I do what do I do what do I do-"

He was accidentally hit by Waluigi's car, of which Waluigi was simply following the road and being unable to see Silver. However, Toadette's loud shriek prompted Waluigi to stop as he got out of the car, looking at the car's roof, to see a somewhat injured Silver sitting on the roof.

"Ohhh... Silver?' Waluigi observed as he helped Silver off of the car, dusting him off as he apologized. "You okay there, buddy? You don't seem well."

Silver groaned as he held his head with his right head, feeling somewhat dizzy. "Oww... my aching head..."

Toadette gasped as she clasped her two hands together, worried about Silver. "Oh, Silver! Waluigi did not mean to crash into you, honest!"

Bowser Jr. scoffed as he rolled his eyes, placing both of his arms behind the back of his head as he leaned back in his comfortable seat. "Peh. Wally was obviously too focused on simply driving and not taking a good look in front of him."

Waluigi snarled back at Bowser Jr. as he helped Silver into the car, putting the wounded humanoid albino hedgehog in the passenger seat behind the driver's seat. "Maybe a little car ride will help you feel better... is that all right?"

Silver rubbed his right arm as he looked up at Waluigi, smiling. "Oh, thank you, Waluigi. I'm actually in need of a ride, you see. I was accidentally left behind, and I don't have anyway else I could get home."

Waluigi rubbed his chin curiously as he wondered what to do, snapping his fingers as he pointed at Silver. "Wait a minute! What if you come along for this car ride? Me and Toadette-" He received a quick angry glare from Bowser Jr., "And the reptile in the back with you are going for a nice, long soothing car ride, and maybe it would make your wounds heal faster."

Silver thought about it as he briefly looked down, looking up as he nodded, smiling widely. "Well, okay, Waluigi. You've convinced me."

Waluigi and Toadette cheered as Bowser Jr. chuckled, with Silver nestling himself in his seat. With the gang of four characters set up, Waluigi sat back into the driver's seat, strapping on his passenger belt as he regained control of the steering wheel, stepping on the gas as he headed back on the road, tilting around the wide left bend.